USA Today bestselling author, HEATHER LONG, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime.

From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family.

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Bravo Team Wolf, Book One

It's can't miss military romance shifter style! When Danger Bites introduces the wolves of Bravo Team and to Kaitlyn Amador, the corporal suddenly assigned to their team. Who are these wolves? Where do they come from? Each wolf is a volunteer, sent by his pack, to serve for a term of three to seven years. Their work protects the packs, and the country they share. This isn't the first Bravo Team WOLF, but they are the best...

Meet the Captain of Bravo Team WOLF!

Captain Jasper “Jax” Raymond - Rocky Mountain Pack - Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska - Alpha Dominic - The captain of the unit, Jax is an easy-going wolf who enjoys the camaraderie he’s developed with the team. While not all their packs get alone, they put aside pack animosities to rely on each other. Though they are also Marines, they choose their captain among themselves in a battle of dominance—so that makes Jax their biggest badass.


Lieutenant Kurt Marquet   Lieutenant - Palisades Pack - California, Oregon, Washington, Alpha Edison – Kurt’s a bit of a pickle. He’s tough, and willing to face off against Jax when needed, but he’s also Jax’s best friend. Kurt has a few secrets of his own, including a female from home he keeps avoiding.

Lance Corporal Troy Norton - Granite Pack - Montana, Wyoming, ND, SD - Alpha Brenna – Troy’s a down-to-earth guy.. Like most wolves, he dislikes change. Unlike his team mates he doesn’t adapt as swiftly or as easily as they manage.

Private Patterson - Great Lakes Pack - Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana – Patterson’s an enigma. He likes to go with the flow, avoiding conflict unless the team has a target.
Private Jeremiah Benning - Everglades Pack – Florida – Southern to his roots, Jeremiah likes to kill folks with kindness. Don’t be fooled by his manner, this is a wolf who hunts alligators for survival.

Sergeant Carlos “Cage” Castillo - Guadalupe Pack - Texas/Mexico - Alpha Reuben – Cage has a tough relationship with his alpha father. He wants to be the best and judges his successes and failures far more harshly than anyone else.

Sergeant Stephen "Silver" Lance - Cumberland Pack - Tennessee, Kentucky – Silver’s charm is more than an psychological technique. Once he’s decided on something, he doesn’t back down. He’s the perfect ally to have in your corner.

Private Butler Garrison - Silvertip Pack – Canada – Butler’s a tough wolf, but he’s also a polite one. Maybe its his Canadian background, but he’s just as likely to apologize while ripping someone’s arm off as he is to be efficient as possible with dispatching their enemies.

They’re Bravo Team WOLF – Weapons of lethal force, they tackle the impossible missions and go where they are needed most!

Need a few more reasons to read military romance with a shifter bite?

How about:

·         Wolf military heroes are not your average hero – some characteristics come with uniform like insane sexiness, honor, respect, and dedication. Add a wolf to the mix and you get a kind of ferocious loyalty and wildness intrinsic to pack dynamics. The physical fitness you expect with the uniform turns into a primal perfection with a wolf.
·         These heroes and heroines train to save the day – from obstacle courses to forced marches to suspending from helicopters, these Marines train how to track, achieve, and kill if necessary. The wolf aspect gives them an edge, but they still have to work together.  They will put everything on the line to serve their country, and their packs. Just imagine what they will do to save the one they love?
·         The intensity of the conflicts – wartime or peace, you know a strong military and shifter romance hinge on the conflicts they must survive at home and in the field. Separation. Loss. Adjustment to civilian life. Measuring their more primitive pack response against the rules and laws of the military. It can leave these heroes and heroines between a rock and a hard place.
·         Complicated emotions are at the heart of every story – Whether you heard about PTSD and survivor’s guilt, these characters live with it. Every day, and it informs their relationships from family to friends to teammates and of course, their lovers. No is more demanding on themselves than these guys and gals.

·         Hot bodies are a given and it wouldn’t be a romance without them. This doesn’t mean they are perfect—because they are also flawed. Some may have emotional scars while others physical scars. They are all weapons—and none more so than the shifters. They can use a knife, their gun, their muscles or their claws—whatever gets the job done.

Are you ready for When Danger Bites?


First in the series

Wolves of Willow Bend, 12


Going Royal #1

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HEATHER wants to know:
Whether you love shifters or military romance, Bravo Team WOLF embraces all of the above.  What do you love about military romances or shifters? Or in this case, both? 


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