Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy with Angi Morgan

Today marks the annual National Day of the Cowboy. All over America, folks are celebrating cowboys. We've been celebrating all week with six bestselling authors who ADORE cowboys so much they write stories about them! Today, Angi Morgan wraps things up with her special brand of Texas-style romantic suspense.  ~E.E.

What a week of awesome books and blog posts !!
We've had singing cowboys and the toughest cowboys. Cowboys from the past and modern-day. My favorite quote of the week was from Linda Broday: A real cowboy ain’t the man who gets on a bull to show off for a bunch of girls. It’s a man who is out in the snow at 10 below, caring for his herd before anything else.

I tell readers that I write Texans in Texas. Some of them happen to be cowboys and ride horses. All of them are cowboys at heart ... where it matters, living by the Cowboy Code.

I hope you've enjoyed our week featuring cowboy heroes. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter for the great prizes!

ANGI'S GIVEAWAY: I decided to feature one of my favorite stories: THE CATTLEMAN. It's actually book two in my West Texas Watchmen series. "Cattleman versus DEA Agent. Country boy versus city girl. Horse lover versus terrified of animals. Two complete opposites working toward one goal. Can they find happiness along the way?"

Nick is one of my real cowboy heroes who suffers from PTSD. That's right...a civilian, a rancher, a cattleman in West Texas. (love this guy!)
Steve McQueen

E.E.: Describe in your own words what makes a “cowboy” a cowboy?
ANGI: Well...real cowboys work cows (and horses). For me as a writer, the essence of a cowboy heart is honesty, being a man of your word, having honor, and being heroic in pretty much every way.

E.E.: Why do you think the “cowboy culture” remains so appealing?
ANGI: They are the modern day Knights in Shining Armor. And of course, they all look good in jeans. 

E.E.: What is it about cowboys that you find attractive, and/or inspiring? (Basically, why do you write stories featuring cowboy lore or American West historical or contemporary culture?)
ANGI: Seriously, have you seen these guys in jeans? I have been after my husband to buy a pair of western boots for years... years.  It just wasn't his style. Finally, I drove him to the store and he walked away with a pair. He stands taller and straighter. He's different.  When it comes to cowboys,  the jeans, boots and hats help...but there's just something about their honesty and honor that gets to me.

E.E.: Who are some of your favorite cowboys (in history, literature, films, television, real life, whatever)? 
ANGI: Real cowboys Jet & Cord McCoy. "Oh my good gravy!" I fell in love with these champion bull & bronc riders when they appeared on the Amazing Race.

I was raised on John Wayne and my dad would tan my hide if I didn't mention the Duke. But basically, I enjoy almost all western movies and cowboys. I'm mesmerized by the courage of the men riding the rodeo circuit. 

Here are my Texans:
a four book series coming in December 2017
Murder, serial killers, hiding from the mob and kidnapping.
This four book series has it all.
Three women with problems
Three men with solutions

(Protecting Their Child is also based in Marfa.)
Identical twin brothers with completely different problems

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Who's your favorite cowboy? 

Do they all need to ride horses?


  1. Angi, what a great week we've had! The interviews have been some of the best, and I love how everyone has shared such insightful remarks about what makes a cowboy a cowboy. Today is the official "day" of the cowboy. Of course, for us, everyday is that day because we write about men we call "cowboys." A real cowboy needs to know how to ride a horse. Seriously. He might be a "cowboy" kind of guy if he doesn't ride, but he's not going to be a real cowboy if he can't mount up. As for favorites, I can't pick one! There are so many love out there. At present, my favorite fictional cowboy is Houston Legend (from Linda Broday's newest book, The Heart of a Texas Cowboy). Recently, I've met several real cowboys who've become my favorites -- Gene Raymond is a lifelong cattleman who teaches other ranchers at the Graham School for Cattlemen (and women). Gene epitomizes all the traits that make a cowboy a cowboy. Mike Heald, a former bullrider and now a stock contractor, is a true cowboy with a heart of gold. He's featured in an article on my website. Former bull rider Kirk Allmon walked me through the Texas Museum honoring rodeo cowboys, and there were pictures all over the walls of heroic cowboys and cowgirls. I've been inspired this week by everyone's favorites (I agree with all of them!). We've had such a rich history interwoven with cowboys and the code they carried with them in their hearts. If the founding fathers formed the soul of our nation, the brave "cowboys" are its heart. No wonder we are so in love with them and we want to write about them and keep this heart beating.

  2. I love cowboys, but no fav actually stands out... in books it changes with every new cowboy I meet! Have been enjoying all of the posts this week! :)

  3. I like Sam Elliot and he doesn't usually ride but he is just so charming!

  4. I Chose Sam because I've seen of and heard of him more
    Thanks and Congrats to the winners :)