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When all else fails, try seduction.

Ross Hardt must marry a proper lady to reclaim his inheritance. Among the few remaining prospects is a beautiful, sassy widow who has tantalized him from the day they first met--the same day she slapped his face.

Susannah Braddock journeyed west on The Bride Train in search of a good father for her young son, but on the lawless frontier few candidates meet her requirements, least of all the arrogant, demanding, unfeeling railroad agent.

As Fate—and Ross’s scheming—draws them closer, Susannah glimpses unexpected tenderness beneath his harsh exterior, and she’s tempted by the fiery passion that flares between them. But when a secret comes out that threatens to destroy their budding relationship, passion isn’t enough. Only love can weather the oncoming storm.

Here's an excerpt:

Ross stood to stretch his legs. Needing to move, he crossed to the large picture window, which had been shipped in by railroad for a dress shop that had failed to materialize. The previous land agent used the glass for the land office instead. Ross enjoyed being able to see outside. He hated to be cooped up in a dark room.
A petite woman walking briskly from the corner arrested his gaze.
Susannah Braddock.
He’d recognize her curvaceous form anywhere—or his body would, at any rate. Inconvenient, this strong attraction he had to a woman who despised him.
Talk about first impressions. She’d made a hell of an impression the day she’d arrived in town, smacked his face so hard his ears rang. Granted, he had it coming after losing his patience and embarrassing her. Since then, he’d tried to find the right time and place to apologize, even stooping so low as to seek her out at church and sit beside her, hoping to speak to her afterwards. She’d shooed him away in front of the entire congregation. He ought to call it a draw and let her be, but he couldn’t.
“Ross, there’s something I need to tell you.” Val’s solemn tone drew Ross’s attention. Why the look of concern?
“Is Mrs. Valentine ill?”
“No, she’s very well, thank you. She’s shopping. Rose won’t have time to stop by, but she sends her regards.” Val didn’t bat an eye or indicate he still struggled with jealousy.
Ross had a slight bump on the bridge of his nose as a reminder. “Give her my regards in return, and tell her thank you.”
“For what?”
“For not coming by to see me and tempting you to punch me in the nose again.” Ross’s smile faded when his friend didn’t respond to the dig. He’d never been interested in Rose Muldoon beyond a sort of brotherly affection. Surely Val realized that by now. “What’s the trouble? You appear concerned.”
“I am concerned. For you.”
Ross released a laugh that sounded rusty. He hadn’t found many things amusing lately, but this was a good joke. Val must’ve looked out the window and seen the feisty widow approaching, and couldn’t resist returning a jab. He’d been witness to the face-slapping incident. “Aside from being a bantam, I don’t believe she’s dangerous.”
“Mrs. Braddock?” Val rose from his chair and joined Ross at the window. “Ah. I disagree. A determined woman can be very dangerous."

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Books in The Bride Train series
Four women answer a railroad advertisement seeking single young ladies as brides for settlers on the Western frontier. The Bride Train takes them to a land plagued by violence and unrest, a place where passion rules and only a woman's touch can tame it into love.

Seducing Susannah introduces the founders of the Double H Ranch. Their descendants are featured in the series Texas Hardts. Out now is Book 1, Maybe Baby.

If you were to go back in time, would you become a mail-order bride? What kind of groom would you be looking for?

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  1. I do enjoy reading Mail Order Bride stories.

    1. I hope you'll give the Bride Train a try! Thanks for stopping by, Mary.

  2. Will there be a book after "Maybe Baby"?

    1. Yes ma'am. Four more books are planned for the series. The next one will come out later this year.

  3. I liked the excerpt, thank you.

    1. Thank you Rita, I hope you'll give the book a try. It's only 99 cents this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. EE I loved both of these books. Can't wait for your next one???? Love you Sweet Lady.

  5. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. If I was to go back I wouldn't be a mail order bride, marrying a total stranger is not my cup of tea!

  6. I love the mail order brides sometimes that is how i feel. I heard about my husband for many many years from his ex mother in law and well one year i flew from Ca to Ia to meeet him well it was love at first site. He was loving so nice and was willing to take me even thought i had a bad nerve disease and it only was going to get worse. We then long disance dated and it didn't work and i was flying back and forth and i missed my granddaughter growing up which to this day i regret. He got a bride who could do almost everything and i met his kids they liked me as they knew me . Now 15 years later their mom is still alive and they not like me so much but that is their problem I wish they would call more but they don';t so it is ok with me as my kids call all the time.