Need a holiday rush? Try CHAMPAGNE & COWBOYS!

Before you say "NO WAY!!  EEEEEWWWW!"
May we suggest an alternative "holiday rush?"
One that you can savor when the chilly weather arrives and you need some heat?
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors Donna Michaels and Hildie McQueen are joined by bestselling and award-winning authors Amanda McIntyre, Tori Scott, Gem Sivad, Kathleen Ball, Rhonda Lee Carver, and Victoria Vane to bring you eight sexy cowboys in this holiday collection that will warm you from the inside out.
Donna Michaels - Wine and Her New Year Cowboy (Book 4/Citizen Soldier Series) A Going no male resolution excludes cowboys.

Kathleen Ball – A Kiss at Midnight - Will Anora accept Maverick’s Heart? Only a long awaited New Year’s kiss at midnight will tell him.

Rhonda Lee Carver- A New Year's Cowboy- Charlie has suffered tragedy, but a Christmas package offers hope and a cowboy.

Amanda McIntyre - Lost & Found (and End of the Line novella) Fate gives first love a second chance.

Hildie McQueen- New Year with You- A modern Cinderella type story with a humorous twist.

Tori Scott- Cowboy Masquerade - A New Year's Eve masquerade party reveals more than anyone expects.

Gem Sivad- Cowboy Burn- She slides down an icy road and lands in the arms of love.

Victoria Vane – A Cowboy’s Midnight Kiss – He never dreamed his soul mate would stumble into his life in stiletto-heeled boots.
There are not too many heroes that capture the heart like the boot-swaggering cowboy. They live by  a certain creed...a conduct, a code. It's the foundation of many a romance writer's basis for their heroes, no matter what era or sub-genre. We love us some cowboy attitude!
When asked what inspired these stories, the authors broke it down themselves--let's get to know each of them!!

 Donna Michaels is addicted to cowboys and military heroes. A New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction, she writes hot, humorous, and heartwarming books as an indie, but also through Entangled Publications, AmazonEncore, Kindle Worlds, The Wild Rose Press, and Whimsical Publications. With a husband recently retired from the military, a household of six, and several rescued cats, she never runs out of material to write.
What inspired me was my desire to create another link between my Harland County Series (set in Texas) and Citizen Soldier Series (set in the Poconos of PA). I already had a heroine from the Poconos living down in Texas, so I thought it was time to bring a cowboy up north, and throw a few kinks in his Texas armor.

USA Today Bestselling author Hildie McQueen loves unusual situations and getting into interesting adventures. Romance Author of Highland historical, Western Historical and contemporary, she writes something every reader can enjoy.

What inspired me to write New Year with You

In New Year with You, interior decorator, Sunny Stilton shows up at a well-known ranch attire company owner’s house while he is in the middle of a fight with a woman.  Although Bryce Forrester is obviously a player, Sunny can’t keep from falling for the good-looking man.  Soon she discovers the real man might just be nicer than she expects and that he might be the one.
I wrote this story intending it to be a light weekend read and one that will make the reader smile, while the two characters go through the challenge of an unexpected romance.  It’s witty, sexy and definitely not a story to be taken overly serious.  I wanted to write a romantic comedy and I think this one fits the bill.

Amanda McIntyre’s passion is telling character-driven stories with a penchant for placing ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations. A bestselling author, her work is published internationally in print, E-book, and audio. She writes sizzling contemporary and hot historical romance and believes no matter what, love will find a way.
The inspiration for LOSAT & FOUND came as a result of what I love to write about in romance--second chances. It is also been rewritten to include a surprise twist which now connects it to my fictional small town (and NEW series) to END OF THE LINE, MONTANA--the small mountain town first introduced in the bestselling Kinnison Legacy series! I love Cole and Anna's story and how even years later...love truly finds a way!
Tori Scott is a former Golden Heart finalist, a two-time Rone Award nominee, a finalist in the International Digital Awards, and a semi-finalist in the Best Indie Books of 2012. She lists several publications among her accomplishments, including a featured Christmas story--The Christmas Wish--in Woman's World magazine. Tori was born in West Texas,and she loves to use it as a setting for her cowboy books because the people who were born and raised there have a code of ethics that makes for great heroes and heroines. 
I wrote Cowboy Masquerade as the final story in the Lone Star Cowboys series. The opportunity to join some great authors in a holiday-themed box set gave me the idea for the story, centered around a surprise reveal at a masquerade party on New Year's Eve. It was fun to bring back all of the characters from the series for a celebration and reunion.

Hi. I’m Gem Sivad. Nice to meet you. I live in the southern part of an enchanted kingdom where I enjoy the slow pace of life, study the world, and tell stories about incredible things. Whether I’m writing in a nineteenth century setting or in a  paranormal world of witches and shifters, my heroines are always resilient, resourceful, and smart, and my heroes are wickedly dangerous and seriously hot.
Hi. I’m Gem Sivad. Nice to meet you. I live in the southern
part of an enchanted kingdom where I enjoy the slow pace of life, study the world, and tell stories about incredible things. Whether I’m writing in a nineteenth century setting or in a  paranormal world of witches and shifters, my heroines are always resilient, resourceful, and smart, and my heroes are wickedly dangerous and seriously hot.
Sexy Cowboys and the Women Who Love Them...
Winner of the LEAR Award
Finalist in the 2012 and 2015 RONE Awards.
Top Pick, Five Star Series from the Romance Review.
Kathleen Ball writes contemporary and historical western romance with great emotion and 
memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists.
I wrote A Kiss At Midnight firstly to be included in the boxed set with these amazing authors. My inspiration was due to the weather. I often wonder what happens to people down on their luck with no place to go. Shelters fill up fast but in small towns do they have shelters or would someone be willing to offer a helping hand especially during the holidays. In this book, Anora gets thrown out of her house and the owner of the local diner calls Maverick a rough tough cowboy to help.

Rhonda Lee Carver is a bestselling author of romance. She’s emotional, fun-loving, known to be witty (sometimes at the wrong times), cries during touching commercials, and values a good love story...and a hero who loves to get his hands dirty.
What inspired me to write A New Year’s Cowboy were the sad Hallmark commercials. I thought of all those who have lost a loved one and deserved a miracle for the holidays.

Victoria Vane is a bestselling, award-winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her books have received more than twenty awards and nominations to include the 2015 Red Carpet Award for JEWEL OF THE EAST, 2014 RONE Award for TREACHEROUS TEMPTATIONS, and 2012 Library Journal Best E-Book romance for THE DEVIL DEVERE series. Victoria also has a passion for historical fashion and lives in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina with her husband, two sons, a little black dog, and an Arabian horse.
What inspired you to write this book?
I have always wanted to write a holiday novella and I've always believed that opposites attract. What better way to show this than through a cowboy and a city girl? A COWBOY'S MIDNIGHT KISS, set at Christmas time in Jackson Wyoming, is very much centered on misconceptions based on first impressions. Griff and Cassidy are both much more than they appear. They also discover to their surprise, that they have much more in common than they ever would have thought.  I think readers of all kinds will enjoy this hot and heart-warming holiday romance.
How about a little holiday/cowboy trivia??
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1) What singer made the 1965 song "Holly Jolly Christmas" famous? *hint: was featured in a beloved holiday animated feature shown annually.
2) What famous cowboy singer is best known to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
3) What renown TV personality began the tradition of hosting the dropping of ball in Times Square on New Years Eve?
4) On the eleventh day of Christmas what did my true love send to me?
5)What kind of "bird" has gone away in Winter Wonderland?



  1. Burl Ives,Gene Autry,Dick Clark,pipers piping,blue bird ptclayton2@aol.com

  2. 1. Burl Ives
    2. Gene Autry
    3. Dick Clark
    4. Pipers piping
    5. blue bird
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  3. 1) Burl Ives
    2) Gene Autry
    3) Dick Clark
    4) 11 pipers piping
    5) bluebird

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  4. 1. Burl Ives
    2. Gene Autry
    3. Dick Clark
    4. pipers piping
    5. blue bird


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