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It was a bittersweet surprise this past week when Amazon experienced a glitch in their system and (as I understand it) a number of departments suffered delays--no one seems certain what caused the issue, but our scheduled launch date was August 23. Now that said...

It released the same day that Hurricane Harvey came ashore down in the Gulf.
And with a title like HURRICANE SEASON--it's a trifle hard to be too excited or expect other to.

However... it IS really a great book and very poignant, passionate and if you like a bit of the supernatural with your romance-this , too fits the bill!!

First and foremost..I’d like to send thoughts and prayers out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and a shout out to those who are helping in any way they can as first responders, Red Cross, and neighbor to neighbor. As we are all in this together, I encourage your support of the American Red Cross to help with the victims of this natural disaster. Click here to donate even the smallest amount you can. Thank you!

AMERICAN RED CROSS  http://rdcrss.org/2xA7G11

I’m excited to be writing again for this world! You all met Texas architect, Nash Walker and Scottish Parapsychologist, Dr Somersby Ingler in my first Hell Yeah! Kindle World. I was fascinated by Sables portrayal of the rich, Louisiana traditions, her characters, history, the supernatural and most definitely by Evermore plantation! 

Here is a sneak peek of THUNDERSTRUCK (My first book for Hell Yeah! KW))

Texas born, Nash Walker hasn’t met a challenge yet that his southern charm, and cowboy diligence couldn’t tackle. From graduating top of his class to creating a world-class team of historical restoration specialists, or the recent purchase of a neglected grand dame plantation deep in Louisiana Bayou country.

But when the tenacious and beautiful, Scottish-born parapsychologist, Dr Somer Ingler crosses his path in the throes of investigating his new home for paranormal activity, she brings a whole host of challenges from her strange ghostly friends to the powerful whirlwind she creates inside of him.

Determined to resolve the plantations mysterious past, they find themselves mirroring the passion of past lovers, caught in a raging storm of desire and deceit, leaving them in the end...thunderstruck!


RETURN TO EVERMORE plantation and your favorite Texas architect, Nash Walker and (now) his wife, Dr. Somer Ingler, Auntie Iris, and your Hell Yeah! favs--Patrick and Savannah O’Rourke. Introducing Dr. Gavin Beauregard and Caroline Richardson--characters who are crossing over from my Last Hope Ranch and Kinnison Legacy series!

Dr. Gavin has recently moved to a woodsy cabin outside of Billings where he has taken the position of head of the Pediatric unit at Billings General. A transplant from New Orleans, he seeks a fresh start for him and his teen-age daughters, but he must first let go of the guilt he carries before he can truly move on with his life.

Caroline Richardson is in the throes of watching her baby brother get married and after hitting the dating pool has just about resigned herself to thinking she will be married to her work forever. But an opportunity to attend a fundraising event at a historical plantation with her best friend places her in a vortex of passion driven by fate and the supernatural legend that has been kept at bay until a perfect storm arrives at the plantation.

Excerpt from HURRICANE SEASON...

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain. Just want to let you know that we’re expecting clear sailing out of Chicago tonight on our way to New Orleans. There have been reports of a little tropical disturbance building up in the Gulf. But we’ll keep you apprised of any changes. For now, sit back and relax. Your attendant will be stopping by shortly.”

Caroline Richardson inspiration
She glanced out the window, noting the sherbet-colored hues of a beautiful August sunset. She didn’t mind flying and certainly she’d experienced turbulence before. Still, a gin and tonic and her playlist couldn’t hurt any in helping her to relax. Finding her best of Norah Jones, she popped in her earbuds, snuggled into her neck pillow, and closed her eyes. The music was balm to her weary soul after the intense week of meetings and deadlines at work. “Come away with me,” she followed the artist’s song softly, surrendering to her last-minute adventure.

Aware that she might be singing too loud, she opened her eyes and looking up slammed into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. One of the passengers caught behind the attendant helping a guest, stood looking down at her. A grin curled the corner of his mouth that looked as though it hadn’t seen a razor in a day or two.

Dr. Gavin Beauregard inspiration
Come away with me, the singer crooned in her ear as she silently held the stranger’s gaze—interested gaze, at that. Holy Cow. She took in his rugged jaw, graced by that shadowy beard, the dark head of hair, with a glint of silver at the temple. Aged to perfection, the thought. The pièce de résistance were the studious round spectacles magnifying those amazing eyes.

She tried hard not to stare, but she couldn’t help musing what kind of body filled out that old grey college T-shirt and worn blue jeans. From a pure fashion standpoint, it was clear the man would look good in any type of clothing—or nothing at all.
He held her gaze as though aware of the affect he had on her. Her cheeks warmed at the fleeting thought of whether the “mile high club” was actually a thing.

As though reading her thoughts, his smile went full-blown sexy and Caroline tingles invaded parts long overdue in the use department. Fearful her longing gaze might give away her lustful thoughts, she glanced away. How ridiculous. She couldn’t think of a man—much less a stranger—who’d ever had such a powerful effect on her.


I'm sending prayers for those folks affected by the weather down south and ask you do the same.

Until next time~

Amanda McIntyre


  1. Fabulous excerpt, Amanda. Wow, I can't wait to read this story! Timing is ironic, isn't it? Thanks for putting the link up there to the American Red Cross. Whether we're far away or close, we can all help in some way.

  2. Sending prayers to the people in Texas.