THROUGH MY LENS: Sint Martin Hike

Last year's vacation was on the island of Saint Marten in the Caribbean. Half Dutch Netherlands and half French...one road through the middle and basically one road round the edge with a giant hill in the middle. Of course my husband wanted to climb...he always does. Me? I wanted to lay under an umbrella on the beach. LOL

The video of a couple of minutes of the drive up to this trail. It should be a major clue of what the trail was like.

At the end of the road...  Yes, someone lived there.
Here's our hike --JUST AFTER THE RAIN-- where you can literally see both sides of the island...

 SAILBOAT...yes, that's the good camera.

We were faster on than this guy. Passed him twice.

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  1. I look forward to the pics every week as we don;t get out our car just isn;t acting right so i go out through your pics. Just love them ,.

  2. I've seen Saint Marten on HGTV, it is beautiful.

    My dream vacation would be a week at the beach.