Find your wild in Wolf, Interrupted.

   Lots to talk about with the release of Wolf, Interrupted and more news in the way of the series that follows, Wolf Lords of London. Romance fans who read my work know that I have a thing for setting romance adventures in London—a la The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard. And that I also enjoy writing about mysterious creatures and weird science—just ask any character in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Detective series (also set in London).

   Now while the first two series were historicals set in the late Victorian era, the new Wolf Lords of London series is contemporary. Even so, it will have it's fair share of London's dark secrets, dank
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tubes and tunnels, mysterious creatures, and yes, weird science.

Book #1 in the series is titled Wolf, Interrupted.

   Elle Hathaway has spent most of her young life in fear of herself. At least the part of her that grows fangs and claws. With the help of a lycanthrope suppressant, she’s made it through puberty, university, even her first job without so much as a shift. Then one night, deep in the tunnels of the Underground, her life changes forever.
   Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant is investigating the lethal mauling of an unknown victim in the Covent Garden tube station, and Ms. Elle Hathaway is a person of interest. Sensing her wolf nature, he is mystified by the lovely young woman, and when Elle is abducted by a rival pack, Abelseth realizes he is being pulled back into London’s wolfen underworld.

Chapter One
Ms. Elle Hathaway weeds the poison garden.


   The scariest sights happened in the corner of her eye. Fleeting shadows that flickered at the edge of her peripheral vision. Most often, she was a second too late to catch a glimpse of the underworld. But occasionally—startlingly—she spied a monster.
   A tall man wearing a long coat stood in the middle of the culinary garden. He appeared to be lost, or looking for someone. Longish, unruly hair fell over an upturned collar. And he wore his man-scarf well.
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Quite the romantic figure, as if he emerged from another time. The intriguing man approached a volunteer guide escorting a group of school children. Elle strained to hear the conversation
   Typical of mornings in the middle of March, a blustery wind swept off the Thames, crisp and cold. Elle shivered, and passed the hand rake to Julian.
   “I believe he asked for Tom.” He offered with a wink.
   She adjusted her kneepads and returned to a large clump of unruly plants. Tom Wells was the director of Chelsea Physic Garden. A good-natured gentleman, who ruled over the three-hundred-year-old medicinal garden with a meticulous, obsessive-compulsive spirit that infected the entire staff.
   Julian’s grin turned devilish. “Tall, dark and mysterious. Just your type, Elle.”
   She worked the soil deeper. “Are you referring to the fabulous bed head with the upturned collar?”
   “Ms. Luella Hathaway?” The disembodied voice came from behind and above.
   She checked in with Julian, whose fluttery eye roll signaled a silent alert: Hot-man-standing-right-behind-you.
   She sat back on her heels. “I’m Elle, short for Luella.”
   “Detective Inspector Durant, CID.”
   She ignored the queasy, tingly feeling and dared to look up. Stern and masculine, with a somewhat dangerous air about him. She noted strong, even features and a lovely wide mouth.
   “Sorry.” She stood up. “You caught me in the middle of spring mulching.” She hoped her apology came off as self-consciously cute and not too flirty.
   “I must look a fright.” She pushed the goggles back on her head, and blew a lock of hair out of her face.
   Stray strands fell back in her eyes.
   “Please, don’t let me disturb your work.” His glance moved briefly to Julian. “I’m here about the
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mauling in the Underground last night. I’d like to discuss the report you gave to an officer at Ebury Square station. Is there somewhere we might go to talk? I’ve a few questions that require privacy.”
   His accent was on the posh side for a detective.
Elle tossed the same errant lock of hair back. Covered in rubber gloves up to her elbows, she lifted both hands. “As you may have noticed, I’m dressed for the poison garden.” Stubborn strands returned to obscure her vision.
   The inspector reached out. “If you would…allow me.” Gently, he swept the unruly wisps off her cheek, anchoring them behind her ear.
   Never mind her too flirty worries. This encounter had suddenly become wonderfully awkward. “Thank you.”
   She started to look away, but got caught up in his completely unnerving gaze. Sapphire blue eyes flecked with silvery light. They were the most unusual blue eyes she’d ever seen—crystalline yet piercing.
   She literally had to catch her breath. “Will this take long? I’ve got several beds to finish, as well as the glass house.”
   The inspector held out his card.
   “Better not.” Elle wiggled her fingers. “I’ve been rummaging about in wolfsbane.” She shot a wink across the bed to Julian. “We may not look it, but we’re both covered in noxious particulates.”
   “Perhaps I could return around tea time.” The inspector’s answer floated over plant beds from a distance away. The disembodied voice prickled up and down her spine.
   Elle spun around.
   A quick scan of the grounds found him standing more than twenty feet away. The oddest feeling welled up inside her and she gasped for breath. It was as if all the air had been sucked out of the garden. “There’s a cafe at the north end of the property,” she stammered. “It’s never crowded in the late afternoon.”

 She checked in with Julian, who appeared pale and confused.
   “Four o’clock in the cafe, Ms. Hathaway.” The detective turned down a tree-lined path and disappeared behind a curtain of green lace.
   Julian’s voice brought her back. “A police report about a mauling in a tube station. What the hell is going on, Elle?”
   “I hardly know where to begin.” She sighed. “Did you see that?”
   “See what?” Julian had returned to weeding.
   “One second he was here…and the next…there.” She pointed her trowel here and there.

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