I'm so happy to welcome back Lark Brennan to GET LOST IN A STORY! In her first interview she talked about IRRESISTIBLY YOURS, Book 1 in the Durand Chronicles. (CLICK HERE to check out her first interview.)  We're lucky to have her back to tell us about Book 3 RECKLESSLY YOURS. (I love your titles!) 

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Lark's love of reading, writing and travel has led her to a string of colorful jobs and a well-worn passport - as well as a few years spent sailing and diving in the Virgin Islands. Her travels have inspired her stories--romantic adventures set in some of her favorite destinations around the world.

When not traveling, she lives in Texas with her brilliant husband and two adorable canine "children.

Let's talk about RECKLESSLY YOURS.

What would you do if your life depended on a man who hates you?

When a mysterious artifact is discovered on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, Chantal Durand and Tanner Hays are ordered to investigate. Unfortunately, the last thing they want is to ever work together again.

Chantal and Tanner were close until the night his best friend was killed on a mission and Tanner blamed Chantal. Grief-stricken, Tanner froze her out and they haven't spoken since.

Now, using their combined psychic abilities, Chantal and Tanner learn the artifact is a piece of a powerful, ancient relic hidden in the wilderness—and they’re not the only ones looking for it.  A telepathic murderer also wants the relic, and he’s hot on their heels. Finding the treasure is just the beginning of a cat-and-mouse game that will test the limits of their survival training—and their hearts.
Nan: Oooh - sounds wonderful!

Dusk had fallen and night wasn’t far behind. Chantal Durand tucked into the doorway of the locked hangar out of the wind to wait for her brother. Soon a pair of headlights appeared in the distance heading her way. Relief washed over her. Gathering up her bags, she began walking toward the oncoming vehicle. It was moving fast over the rough road, its headlights bouncing as it took the ruts. The hair on the back of her neck prickled. This wasn’t her brother’s white Macan.
She dropped her duffle, drew her Glock from inside her jacket and slipped it into the right-hand pocket of her coat.
A dark-colored Tahoe ground to a halt twenty feet in front of her, blinding her in its high beams. She shielded her eyes and waited for Victor to get out. Several seconds passed and nothing. Something was very wrong. Using her psychic ability and Protector training, she scanned the vehicle and detected a shielded mind, which meant another psychic. Great. The driver was either on her side or she had a fight on her hands. With no cover. In high-heeled Chanel boots, damn it.
She slipped her hand into her pocket and closed her fingers around the handle of the Glock. If the driver was a Dissembler, she’d know the moment she caught the scent of dark majik.
The truck door opened and a man got out. Every muscle in her body tensed for action, as she tasted the air. No noxious stench of the enemy. Still, something wasn’t right. Her heart pounded and she cocked the pistol as he stepped from behind the door.
“Are you getting in or not?” His voice was deep, American-accented, and irritated.
Her hand clenched the handle of the Glock. “Who are you? Where’s Victor?”
His chuckle startled her. “That son of a bitch didn’t tell you.”
The stranger stepped into the light. Chantal gasped. Her brain reeled. No. Anyone but him. He’d changed in seven years, filled out and hardened. But it was him all right. Tanner Hays. The last time she’d seen him, he’d accused her of killing his best friend and walked away.
“Get in the truck,” he said. “We have work to do tonight.”
She didn’t move. “Why did you agree to this assignment?”
“You knew you’d be working with me?”
“Yeah. Now get in the damn truck.”
Heat rushed through her body and her hands trembled. How could Mark do this to her? She glanced around. They were alone with nothing but black wilderness in sight. She had no choice but to go with him.

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NAN: How often do you get lost in a story?
LARK: Way too often! I sometimes lose whole days reading, most recently immersed in an ARC of Joanna Shupe’s October 31 release, A DARING ARRANGEMENT. Loved it!!
Nan: You are so lucky! I have to wait until release day!
NAN: What was the first story you remember writing? 
LARK: Right out of college I wrote a sci-fi romance about the survivors of a terrible plague who lived in a society that was a combination of a hippie commune and traditional Native American village. Even then I couldn’t resist mystical themes and hunky heroes.
Nan: So dystopian of you!!

NAN:  What are your favorite traits of your hero and heroine in RECKLESSLY YOURS?
LARK: Tanner is a brilliant archeologist but also a rugged outdoorsman—he has a can-do determination even in the face of insurmountable odds that I love. Chantal’s a fearless risk-taker and daredevil which I admire, but Tanner sees as recklessness—thus the book’s title.
Nan: I love that the female is the reckless one!

NAN: How did you come up with the idea for RECKLESSLY YOURS?
LARK: I had this vague idea of a RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK kind of story set in the American West. I also knew Chantal and Tanner have psychic abilities and hate each other.  From there the story developed from asking myself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen next?” and following Christina Dodd’s advice to “Torture your hero early and often.” 
Nan: Love your high concept! Really fun.

NAN: Who's your celebrity crush and why?
LARK: My perennial crush is Chris Hemsworth who is the physical inspiration for Mark Durand. That said, other crushes come and go based on what I’ve been watching or seeing online--like Jon Snow/Kit Harrington from GoT. I just binge watched season 7 and he is just too hot and brooding.
Nan: Love Kit Harrington! And of course GoT!

NAN'S GOTTA ASK: High Heels or Hiking Boots?
LARK'S GOTTA ANSWER: High heels, the higher the better. In fact, my collection of stilettos is somewhat legendary. People are always tagging me on shoe posts on Facebook. The best were a pair that looked like roaring dragons!  
Nan: These shoes are amazing!

I’m finishing up DESPERATELY YOURS, Book 4 of the Durand Chronicles which is set in New Orleans while also working on the last book in the series, FATALLY YOURS. Hopefully they will release in January and June.
Nan: Can't wait.

Contact: lark@larkbrennan.com
Website: www.larkbrennan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LarkBrennan/ 
Twitter: @larkh
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/larkh/

Nan: Thanks for joining the crew today! It was great to have you back and learn more about you!

LARK WANTS TO KNOW:    Each book of the Durand Chronicles is set in one of my favorite places. If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Lark is giving away copies of DANGEROUSLY YOURS and IRRESISTIBLY YOURS in paperback or the Boxed Set of the first 3 books in the series e-books. Paperbacks mailed to North America only.


  1. I would always go back to Paris because it's Paris. Congratulations on your newest release, Lark and I can't wait to read the next books in the series!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Good choice! Paris is my favorite city in the world! It never gets old, does it? <3

  2. I think Lark would go with you, Sharon! :)

    I, of course, would go to Tuscany.

    Love the interview and hey- I never knew your first writing endeavor was a sci-fi...so I learned something new after 12 years!

    1. Of course, Tuscany, Sarah. That would have been my first guess.

      Someday I'll tell you about that sci-fi romance over a bottle (or 2) of wine.

      Stay safe in the storm!

  3. Thanks for stopping in today, Lark! I think I would explore more of England--maybe by taking a tour on their canals!

    1. Thanks for having me, Nan.

      LOVE England! My husband and I rented a barge at Stratford-Upon-Avon one February and had a great time in spite of having to stay tied up at the dock. We've talked about going back in the summer and doing the canals but haven't managed it yet. Let me know if you go and how you like it.

  4. Fiji - haven't been

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Lark -
    Excited for your next book! I think if I had to choose, I would go Ireland and Scotland. There is something magical about those two places. Maybe I would get an idea for a book, like you have for your series!

    1. Thanks, AE. Both Ireland and Scotland are fabulous! You'll love the places and the people. The last Durand book will be set in Scotland--can't wait to get into that one! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Lark! It's fun to see all your real life adventures turn into your books. You have a gift for weaving personal experience and great imagination together into great cant-put-it-down reads. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Terri! I appreciate you stopping by. Hope you didn't have too much damage from Harvey. We were thinking about you and the Oertlings.

  7. Those shoes are scary, LOL! If I could go to one place... I would choose Ireland... I want to see it with my own eyes... hear that lovely accent in person... :) Thanks for sharing! greenshamrock atcox dotnet

    1. Go, Colleen! It's one of my favorite places--beautiful, and the people are so warm and friendly. You'll love it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Oh, and I don't own those shoes--someone posted them on FB and tagged me. Aren't they...startling?

  9. Fun interview, Lark! I love beach locations, so maybe Bali.

    1. A luxury hut over the water? I'm so there!

      Thanks for stopping by, Gail!

  10. Great interview and congrats on your latest release, Lark!!! I LOVE traveling like my next breath, and have been lucky to do a lot of it. I literally just returned from Maine (Mt. Desert Island to be exact) which was on my bucket list. All that unspoiled beauty managed to exceed even my wildest dreams! And don't get me started on the magnificent seafood!!! But if money were no object, I'd hop the next flight to Croatia. :)

  11. Hi, Darcy!
    Maine is so awesome. Glad you had a good time. I've thought about Croatia and it looks great! So any dream trips, so little time! ❤️

  12. And another great cover, Lark! My dream trips are to go to Scotland and Ireland.

    1. Ireland and Scotland seem to be favorites. I love them both and am always up to return. Hmmm. A writers' retreat in a castle could be an excuse.....

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. wow! You are too cool, sister! Love your Mother of Dragon shoes, your mantra “Torture your hero early and often.” AND of course, Chris and Jon. I've always wanted to go to Italy and am determined to do so soon. Another great interview, Nan! Enjoyed it Lark!

    1. Go, Amy! Don't miss Venice. Such an amazing city!!!

      Thanks for stopping by! <3

  14. I would go to the wharf in San fran as see all of my family that would be wonderful. A trip to ca to see my daughter in Sf as i need to set her straight then i need to see my son in Modesto he is having his 1st baby and now on our side that is the 4th and can't wait but will have to yell at him also, Then my grandson would meet me at the wharf as he knows that is my go to place I just love it there and love him and he would meet his sister whom they haven't seen each other for 10 years and they haven;t seen the baby she pumped out recently !peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. Sounds like a fun and busy trip, Peggy! Hope you get there soon!

  15. Hey, Lark. Congrats on Recklessly Yours! I loved it. Have enjoyed the entire series. My dream trip is Ireland and Scotland. Ireland, land of green and the Little People, magic, and a rich stew and frothy beer at the pub with folks. And my mother's maiden name was O'Neill. And Scotland - for the lovely people & a wee dram. I am a single malt whisky girl!

  16. Good choices, Jo Anne! We've rented houses in both places--it's so much fun to be a local for a week or two. And of course we made friends at the neighborhood pub. You'll love both!