Thirty Days Hath September

Disclaimer: I have no new release at present. The one on the way is under wraps at present until the big reveal coming up soon. Sorry. Sworn to secrecy. So, let me share a bit with you about what I've been doing beyond Monday through Friday watching my new grandson and having such fun with him. 

Then I looked at my day planner and its September 29th already! 

Maybe its simply the pace I've been keeping lately that makes it feel like time is flying past me at an alarming rate! After thirty years in the same house, raising four kids, two cats, three dogs and a bevy of Chinese hamsters...our lives are about to turn the page to the next chapter...downsizing and moving closer to our kids and our new grandson.

Now, for those of you who are sitting there thinking, "Yeah, one of these days I should clean out that attic. Or maybe that room tucked away in your basement. Maybe its simply those closets you can't stuff anything into anymore. I heartily recommend you tackle it while you have your health and energy.

Do not wait. Don't leave it for your children to have to do, when you're so old and obstinate about going into assisted living. My daughter said to me today as we're going through yet another box of Christmas ornaments, " I'm glad we're doing this now, because you know all the stories behind everything and I get to hear them." 

It is the story of the life my dh and I built in a small rural town in the Midwest--along with the village of family, friends, church family, co-workers, teachers, employers, and neighbors.

Here is the recipe for downsizing, while preparing to move to the townhouse that isn't going to be ready until end of December.

*Take one storage unit--no, better make that two in case  you have to move the furniture if the house sells faster than expected.
*Add a brilliant husband who secures a roll off unit.
*Sprinkle in time and help from amazing adult children and friends who rally on the weekends to take on one floor at a time-sorting, purging, packing, and staging.
*Mix in warm memories, a few tears, some back-breaking determination, and laughter gathered around a dining room table that has seated so many over the years.
*And top with a simple prayer that it's all good and secure in the Good Lord's hands.

It's hugely nostalgic--a major transition of life. (yes, and btw--where did THAT go?) And yet it is the wisdom of one of my sons (who is my most clinical of  the four) in response to his sister who was concerned that he wasn't showing a bit more emotion about this transition. " It's a place. A great place, but its not the house. The memories, the love, the support--that wasn't ever the house. That's always been mom and dad--our family. We'll always have that wherever we are."

Wow. So, true.

I'm ready and excited to see what the next chapter brings!

COMING SOON: A super book project that I am so excited to be a part of. More to come. Stay tuned!

Have you ever had to move from one place to another? How'd you deal with the transition?

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Until next time, #kindnessmatters


  1. My big move was from the bay area in Ca where I had lived for 49 years, the last house for 19 years to the midwest and all had to fit in a small storage trailer that was coming. I had already given the 2 adult kids their things that i had when they were a child baby book, pics,etc and so i had all of the other things that I collected. What a sad move once we put the 2 cats and my 1 pup in I cried as the house was where I raised my kids so much went on they went to school across the street and then down the street. I had a big vegi garden and a beautiful rose garden all of which couldn't come. Well once the pups went in I said a prayer I looked up at the sky and asked the lord if I shouldn't marry this wonderful man from Iowa that I met only 8 mo before but was good friends with his ex mother in law and for 25 years heard nothing but bad things to give me a sign. Well I stalled so long we had to let the pup out again to pee. Well she did and then back in she went then a sign did come it was my son saying something just horrible to me yelling it from across the street. I knew I had to get away from that abuse and I jumped in and said "OK ready to go". Well I have been living here in eastern Iowa for 15 years and I love it but I miss those kids so much plus my grandkids. That house well I sold to some wonderful people that had small kids and they are growing up in the house they made some repairs to the house and it looks so good. I still pray several times a day and then read my bible daily then go to church and we have our own house we built now I have 2 small girls and they bark and love me and so does my husband as being wonderful I found he has his moments and he has no patience with me but he knew I had a disease that I wouldn't be around to long as it is progressing badly but every day I get up and fight the pain plus tell the lord I love living here. I know in time you will feel the same about your move but your son says it is a house but deep down he knows he feels the same as you but he is being your rock for you. So happy they are wonderful kids don't know where I went wrong I think scheduling my life around them and giving them everything they wanted. I wish you much love in your new house and to say daily prayers all will be fine.

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  3. I have moved, but I usually did so around family... it made things a lot easier for me... just had to deal with the chaos of packing and unpacking... greenshamrock atcox dotnet :)

  4. I've only moved once in my life and I was really young when my parents moved our family to Canada. I don't remember much of the move but it was sad to leave our extended family behind. Looking back on it, I would say it's definitely easier to deal with a move when you're young since kids are able to adapt to new environment much quicker and there's less to worry about when you're the child and not the parents!

  5. I am not on Facebook... would you be kind enough to announce the winner here?