Favorite Holiday Must Sees

What's a must see to kick off the holidays? See if the Crew picked any of your favorites!
Have a safe Thanksgiving...
and to our international friends, we hope you kick off your holiday season with laughter!

Thanksgiving is annually when I watch MEET ME IN ST LOUIS. 

This Victorian set family tale really encompasses all four seasons, with music that is iconic. I love how close-knit the family is--the warmth, camaraderie, humor and respect between them--through thick and thin. Coming from a small town, I appreciate the simple era where people knew their neighbors, parties were held in each other’s homes. Entertainment was playing piano and singing. And families sat down and ate supper together. Seriously, I think that may have influenced that rule with my kids as my kids grew up. I love Judy Garland and the beautiful city of St Louis right here in the Midwest. Little known fact: I once attempted to bake the enormous cake baked at Halloween by the cook. 

I love all of the cartoons. 

I remember watching many of them as a kid myself (Rudolf, Frosty, etc.) so they've been around for a while.  Then, later watching them with my kids, now grandkids.  

Movies have come and gone over time, but my favorite holiday movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  That movie is always good for a groan and many laughs.

Christmas in Connecticut!!

I love this movie because it takes a city girl who can't cook to the country where she is expected to be miss perfect housewife who makes a great Thanksgiving dinner. Only she can't cook and she isn't married. Which, all things considered, is a good thing because there's this handsome soldier...

Lots of favorites!

My favorite Holiday rerun is watching all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  My favorite song really is the Vince Guaraldi Trio Christmas Time Is Here.  The movie I will be watching this weekend…well the two movies are Miracle on 34th Street—the Natalie Wood version and Love Actually. 

My favorite...

My favorite song is the Gwen Stefani version of  Santa Baby.

It has to be... 
...the fantastic White Christmas. 

Hands down -- White Christmas! It fulfills all my childhood dreams. (I was going to be a musical theater star!) And the dancing is incredible. Here's a sample-- Danny Kaye and the incredible Vera Ellen. I'll be putting up trees this weekend and White Christmas will be playing. ~Nan


...BUT my favorite Thanksgiving rerun is the Friends episode called, "Rachel's "Traditional" English Trifle-pie

Traditionally, this always kicks it off!

Every year, where ever we are, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE kicks off our holiday movie watching. But the list is long... I try to watch one every day (or something from the Hallmark Channel LOL).  Of course I watch Die Hard & Lethal Weapon since those both set during Christmas. Family Man, Miracle on 34th Street (both versions), White Christmas (on Christmas Eve) and ...well, I'm out of space. 

I love Christmas Carols and after Thanksgiving, I definitely listen and listen and listen.
Here's one of my favorites to get you into the mood.

75th Anniversary

What's you favorite holiday rerun, cartoon, song or movie? 

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  1. Mine is It's a Wonderful Life I think it is so good. I just got done listening to Gwen on the Thanksgiving Parade she is so good with her Christmas Music. To everyone at GLIAS Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!