Tales Full of Tingles: Blame It On Fate

A Romance Anthology

Six stories about love, passion, and the role Fate plays in the lives of lovers. Six couples must decide whether to accept Fate or fight against it. Have your soul touched and your heart set afire. You won't be able to put this anthology down.

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Undeniable Fate by Mia London

“Lily.” His finger lifted her chin, his thumb brushed her lower lip. “I’m not lying. I mean every word. Your body is perfect.”

My story is about a project manager, Lily Bennett, who makes a business trip to Rome and meets Brandon Morgan along the way. There’s a bizarre twist of fate when the hotel double-booked the room and Brandon enters her room by mistake. In the four days
they have together, he slowly breaks down her insecurities and she dares to hope for more.

As CEO, Brandon is responsible for his company’s latest acquisition, one that will prove he can handle anything thrown his way. He just hadn’t planned on the encounter of a lifetime with Lily. But as a classic Type-A driver, a relationship is absolutely out of the question.
I enjoyed seeing how these characters transformed before me. And I knew my readers would fall in love with them. In fact, I was nearly 80% done when I realized the readers would want more of Lily and Brandon. So, this is in fact book 1 of a 2-book series. But don’t worry. There are no cliffhangers.

Temptations of Christmas Future by Lexi Post

She thought she could stop him. Save him.
He didn’t need saving. He needed—her.

Temptations of Christmas Future is the 3rd in the Christmas Carol Series, but definitely not the last. It’s the story of two Spirits of Christmas Future who are helping a young widow move on with her life. Usually, spirits aren’t paired, but this is a tough case. So tough that I’ll have to write the fourth book for next Christmas, but don’t worry, this IS NOT a cliff hanger.

Malcolm is from Scotland in the future and he has a very pessimistic attitude about, well, everything, including women, but he has good reasons. Joy is from present day America, the Southwest to be exact. She is the ultimate optimist despite being a hospice nurse while still among the living. Of course, opposites attract and she is so attracted to Malcolm that she even dreams about him, and who wouldn’t? The man is walking sensuality. I may have had a couple dreams about him myself. Just sayin.

Sadly, the pressure of this particular assignment will break them both down, which will have them turning to each other for comfort and some hot bedroom, and non-bedroom, experiences. Still, comfort is one thing and success another. Unfortunately, the two may not be compatible, in which case, someone will have to pay the price for failure. Who? I can’t say as that would spoil it, but I promise there will be a happily ever after.

Highland Oath by C.A. Szarek

He’d never had a lover like his little healer. She was so free, so receptive and reactive to his touch, his kiss. Would that she felt the same way about his heart.

Highland Oath is Angus' story, for those of you are familiar with my Highlanders. If you're not, that's okay! His book is the first of a "spin-off" series and it was a long time in coming. It's special to me because Angus is 9 years old in the first book of my first trilogy (Highland Secrets), and then he's a 92 year old grandfather in Highlander's Portrait. I revisited him with his parents' story in The Princess and The Laird, (series prequel) so he's been with me for a long time. His story was AWESOME to write, so it was great to see him meet his very own HEA, Lila.

Claiming Emerson by Heather Miles

“By day, I charmed wealthy benefactors into gifting the art world with their money and time. By night, I was the gift and my time didn’t come cheap.”
Claiming Emerson is book one in a new series by Heather Miles. It’s the beginning of Emerson Anee’s story. How she became the youngest curator to ever grace the floors of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, at the same time as being one of the most exclusive escorts in New York City. By day, she charms wealthy benefactors into gifting the art world with their money and time, but by night, she was the gift and her time didn’t come cheap. She lived a double life, conservative in one world, daring and risky in the other. It was a shell game. The art of illusion wasn’t just something she’d become proficient at, she lived it.  This is the story of what molded her into the woman she became and the men who tried to claim her as theirs.

A Twist on Fate by Jillian Stone

They say that you don’t meet people by accident, that you cross paths with strangers for a reason. But then memes about fate are for morons, right? Thing is—after what just happened—I’m not so sure anymore…

Jenn Fenstermaker should be grateful––no––thrilled to be an assistant producer for Storyville Pictures. But the script is in rewrite, and the last thing her flagging film industry career needs is another box office mega bomb. Chronically late to work, she cuts off a BMW on the freeway.

Gabriel Tobias Grant feels terrible about the damage to Jenn’s car. He’s also attracted to the bold, beautiful young woman. Gabe is a San Francisco chef/entrepreneur and as a way of making amends, he offers to cook dinner. Both Jenn and Gabe are in for an amazing night of orgasmic appetizers, à la his sensuous grilled scallops, but neither one is prepared to deal with what happens next—an unwelcome intrusion by a stranger.

On A Whim by J.M. Walker

“You, my sweet girl, are a brat and I’m going 
to have fun showing you exactly what I do to them.”

On A Whim is about Kiki Smith and Bo Layden. Both of them work in the book world. Kiki’s a graphic designer and falls into her work after getting stood up at the altar. Bo on the other hand, gets screwed out of thousands of dollars by people he thought he could trust and is on a hunt for a new designer. When he contacts Kiki under his author name, B. Vesper, she doesn’t realize that they are actually the same guy. Cue dramatic music. This story was fun because Kiki was something fresh and Bo was my typical dark Alpha male…with a J.M. Walker twist.

I'm so excited to be a part of the BLAME IT ON FATE anthology and to share each of the author's brief comments about their stories with our readers—on release day!

This box set is all about the role fate often plays in the lives of lovers. Think about it: Chance meetings…handsome strangers…secret lives…exotic travel…holiday spirits…heroes in kilts…this anthology has got it all. Many of these stories are full length novels so be prepared for hours of reading pleasure.

Commenters: Fate plays a role in almost every romance—what's your favorite chance encounter? Perhaps you have a real life romantic run-in you'd like to share. (Oh yes, please—they're my favorites!) Post your comments below for a chance to win an ebook copy of the BLAME IT ON FATE anthology. Good luck romance readers!  xo—Jillian Stone 


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