It's my Book Birthday!!


What has been almost a year in the making finally came to fruition this past week. Starting on December 1, the first of twelve books by twelve talented authors in an unprecedented historical series was released. The Twelve Days of Christmas Mail- Order Brides series was the brainchild of historical author; Caroline Lee and it has been a journey that has been one of the most productive and inspirational in my writing career.

My book is THE PIPER; the Eleventh Day. And it tells the story of one of my favorite tropes—second chances.

Mrs. Genevieve Walters widowed at a young age by the War between the States, had been in an arranged marriage to a man whose mistress was the battlefield. Passion had not been part of their union. Nonetheless, Genevieve remained faithful, writing each day to her husband. 

Little did she know that the letters she wrote had been read aloud to her husband by a young soldier serving as his captain’s aid. Nor did she realize the impact her letters would have on the life of that young soldier…not until the unthinkable happens and, keeping true to the promise made to his captain he must deliver the news personally to his captain’s wife and return both the letters and a watch she’d given her husband on their wedding day.

But what if the  then, young soldier fell in love with the woman, even before meeting her? What happens if the attraction between them would turn out to be so strong that they'd succumb to a passionate, but forbidden kiss? Only to part ways out of guilt. 

It will be a dozen years before they face each other again—but their circumstances, their lives are now vastly different!

Genevieve has since moved to Denver where she becomes involved in the Benevolent Order of Lost Lambs, a church affiliated group started to help women in need, placing them through careful correspondence as mail-order brides in the new frontier!
Little does she know that he matchmaking journey will challenge her to examine her own happiness or that what fate has in store in the crystal blue eyes of a stranger may give her a second chance at the passion she once felt in the arms of a young soldier by the name of Christian Ezekiel Kinnison!

It is no coincidence that I've brought to my story a relative of the Kinnison Legacy stories in End of the Line, Montana! It's long been a dream of mine, to utilize the rough and tumble stories of the little historical Montana mining town and give further roots to the folks that live there!

To celebrate the union of history to the present, I am offering a FREE gift of my book featuring a young contemporary Kinnison Holiday story--

***ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS  from 12/11-12/15/2017***

I hope your holidays are merry & bright, blessed with good health, family , laughter, and friends~

And I hope you'll pick up each of the stories in this amazing 12 book series!!

Get them all HERE:AMAZON  http://amzn.to/2ibnG7S

The Partridge: Day 1 by Kit Morgan
The Dove: Day 2 by Shanna Hatfield
The French Hens: Day 3 by Merry Farmer
The Calling Birds: by Jacqui Nelson
The Ring: Day 5 by Caroline Lee
The Geese: Day 6 by Peggy Henderson
The Swan: Day 7 by Piper Hugely
The Maid: Day 8 by Rachel Wesson
The Dancing Lady: Day 9 by Mimi Milan
The Lord: Day 10: by Danica Favorite
The Piper: Day 11 by Amanda McIntyre
The Drum: Day 12 by E.E. Burke

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  1. congrats on it being your book birthday i wish more people would take advantage of the wonderful prize you are giving them. i can't do ebooks etc as disabled good luck with the piper that also truly sounds so good!

  2. Happy Book Birthday, my dear friend and writing buddy! I'm so excited for the release of THE PIPER. I love second chance love stories, and this is such a good one! Good luck today! I can't believe the series wraps up tomorrow.