E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Meet the Remington Sisters

Look out world! The Remington Sisters are about to become Mail-Order Brides...

Brought up in the wealth and comfort of Eastern “old money” in staid and proper Philadelphia, the Remington sisters are forced to scatter to the four winds and become mail-order brides. In order to gain a fortune, their sinister step-father, Josiah Bloodworth, has made plans to marry them off in loveless marriages. Time is running out, and no matter what lies ahead in their uncertain futures, it has to be better than the evil they’re running from…

LIZZY by Livia J. Washburn
Elizabeth Remington’s world is turned upside down when she is forced to become a mail-order bride. With her cat, Fulton, Lizzy flees to Alaska—only to discover the man she’s to marry is not who she thought he was! Now, she must protect herself from the biggest danger of all—her own heart. Handsome Flint McKinnon has signed his soul away to her step-father, hasn’t he? He’s chased Lizzy across the continent, but can she believe him when he says he loves her?

BELLE by Jacquie Rogers
Belle Remington must marry someone before the dangerous Neville Fenster catches up with her. She hightails it out of Philadelphia to the wilds of Idaho Territory to become a bootmaker's bride, but when she arrives in Oreana, she discovers her groom has been murdered! Now, handsome, inebriated rancher Cord Callahan insists on fulfilling the marriage contract himself. Belle is beautiful and smart as a whip. But she has a secret. When Fenster shows up, can Cord protect the woman he wants to love forever?

SABRINA by Cheryl Pierson
Impulsive Sabrina Remington, the youngest, weds a man she knows her family would disapprove of. Though Cameron Fraser’s family owns a ranch in lawless Indian Territory, he’s made his way in the world with a gun, living barely on the right side of the law. With everything on the line as Bloodworth and his henchmen close in, will Cam be able to protect Sabrina from the desperate man who means to kidnap her for his own wicked purposes?

LOLA by Celia Yeary
Sensible Lola Remington, the eldest of the four sisters, must be certain the others are on their way to safety before she can think of fleeing Philadelphia herself. With the help of a local bridal agency, Lola finds the perfect husband for herself—in the wild countryside of Texas. Jack Rains owns a ranch and he’s in need of a bride—and children, of course! But just when Lola starts to believe there might be a future for them, she discovers a hidden letter from another woman…Jack’s first wife.



Livia Reasoner has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. Under her maiden name Livia J. Washburn, she received the Private Eye Writers of America award and the American Mystery award for the first Lucas Hallam mystery, WILD NIGHT, and the Peacemaker for her short story, Charlie’s Pie. Her website is www.liviajwashburn.com.

She lives in the small Texas town she grew up in with her husband, NY Times bestselling author James Reasoner, and a pack of rescue dogs.

Livia J. Washburn Website - http://liviajwashburn.com

E.E.: How did you come up with the idea for your story? 
Livia: I typically pick Texas to set stories, but I wanted a change, so I picked a place as far from Texas as I could, Alaska. And when you think of Alaska during that time period you naturally think of gold rushes. As for Lizzy, she is also very opposite of me. She can’t cook and is very fussy about her clothing. I love to cook and live in jeans and t-shirts.

E.E.: What is your hero's best quality? 
Livia: Flint McKinnon is a determined and honorable man. He wants to make things right. While he didn’t want to go against his family, he also didn’t want Lizzy having to make any choices that would ruin her life. Little did he know he would fall in love with a very determined woman.

E.E.: What drew your hero/heroine together and made them fall in love? 
Livia: Since Flint is an honorable man he had to chase down Lizzy and make sure she was all right. To let her know he wasn’t a part of the pact his uncle made with her stepfather. He stayed in Alaska to try and get his uncle out of the financial problems he found himself in. Of course, he falls in love with the spunky young lady who traveled clear across the country with her cat.


Award-winning writer Jacquie Rogers grew up in Owyhee County, Idaho, where many of her books are set. She’s the author of a dozen novels, including five books in the Hearts of Owyhee series, three books in the Honey Beaulieu – Man Hunter series, and others. She’s published over two dozen short stories and novellas in three genres. Under the house name Ford Fargo, she writes for the Western Fictioneers Wolf Creek series. She also co-wrote Nail It! The Secret to Building a Fiction Writer’s Platform, and Growing Your Audience: Workbook for Published, Unpublished, and Under-published Writers and teaches workshops on both writing craft and the writing business. 

More about Jacquie Rogers

How did you come up with the idea for your story?
Jacquie: I thought it would be fun to do a mash-up of the woman in peril and an arranged marriage.  Belle has to marry immediately to avoid the villainous man her step-father picked for her.  Cord has to honor his deceased brother-in-law’s contracts.  So the two of them are thrown together, but neither of them wants conflict.  Unfortunately, conflict finds them!

What is your hero's best quality?
Jacquie: Cord will go the extra mile to honor his word, and he’s loyal to a fault.  He’s not hard on the eyes, either.

What drew your hero/heroine together and made them fall in love?
Jacquie: Cord admires Belle because she’s both sensible and beautiful.  Even though she’s a city girl, she’s willing to learn to be a ranch wife and is a quick study.  Belle was a mite put off by Cord’s initial inebriation, but then, of course, she was drawn to him physically, and later because of his honor.  They both work hard to make the marriage that neither of them wanted into a love match.  But forces are working against their Happily Ever After.


Cheryl is a native Oklahoman with nine novels to her credit as well as numerous short stories and novellas. Founding Prairie Rose Publications with Livia Reasoner is a dream-come-true for her—there’s something new every day. Helping other authors is at the top of her list, and she enjoys every minute of it. Cheryl has served as past president of Western Fictioneers, a professional organization for western authors. She has two grown children and lives with her husband and her rescue dog, Embry, in Oklahoma City

Find out more about Cheryl's books:
E.E.: How did you come up with the idea for your story?
Cheryl: Livia and I wanted to write a boxed set about a mail order bride group, and we decided that having them be sisters and all having to scatter across the US would be a perfect angsty scenario.  I wanted to write about the youngest sister because I already knew what my hero was going to be like and knew they’d be perfect for one another.

E.E.: What is your hero's best quality?
Cheryl: Probably Cam’s best quality is his thoughtfulness of others. He is very careful about what he does—because he knows it will affect those around him. He puts his own happiness last because he wants what’s best for his sister, Emerald, and for his mail-order bride, Sabrina.

E.E.: What drew your hero/heroine together and made them fall in love?
Cheryl: Sabrina receives two offers of marriage and Cam’s letter to her sweeps her off her feet with the underlying current of his words to her. When they meet, Cam is enchanted with her. He loves her for her goodness and though he’s not sure at first what has led her to accept his offer, he knows he wants to protect her—and that’s something Sabrina desperately needs.


Celia Yeary, a native Texan, former science teacher, graduate of Texas Tech University and Texas State University, is mother of two, grandmother of three boys, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan. She has published ten novels, seven novellas, short stories, a bridal series and articles for a Texas Magazine-- Texas Co-op Power. She is a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), a local writing group called The Write Girls, and co-owns a group blog titled Sweethearts of the West.
Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university. Central Texas has been her home forty years.

Learn more about Celia's books at her Amazon Author Page

E.E.: How did you come up with the idea for your story?
Celia: As the oldest sister, I wanted Lola to “have it all,” but I also wanted her to grow into her new role. She’d read somewhere that “The west is not for cowards or idlers. This became her mantra…and her growth as a “Western woman.”

E.E.: What is Lola’s best quality?
Celia: She does not cower under danger or fear. She has an innate ability to save herself, and others if she must.

E.E.: What is the hero’s best quality?
Celia: Admitting when he’s wrong and attempts to correct his errors.

E.E.: What drew the hero and heroine together to fall in love?
Celia: He discovered Lola’s inner strength and loyalty.
She discovered his true nature—that of a loving man who wanted a home with a woman he loved—even though he didn’t know how to show it.

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  1. A nice looking man who was kind, honest & with a good personality.

    1. Hi Linda! I am so with you on this. Definitely someone who was honest(trustworthy) and kind. I always thought how awful it would be to go to a mail order bride situation and end up with a husband who was cruel. It would be a terrible situation. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A loving one woman man who is kind, considerate, respectable, hard working, but, has time for his family.

    1. Hi Linda--Oh yes, definitely a one woman man! I have wondered how, in a situation like a mail order bride scenario, the couple could ever truly be sure they were "in love" in the conventional way. It would take a lot of trust! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Elisabeth, thank you so much for having THE REMINGTON SISTERS here today (and us "writing sisters" who created them!) We had soooo much fun working on this set of books and really enjoyed comparing notes and the creation process of these characters and their situations! We appreciate so much you giving us the chance to spotlight our characters and give a little insight into what makes them "tick". Our characters are real people to us and we are always excited to be able to introduce them to the world. LOL

    Thanks again! You are the best!

  4. Thank you for coming to GLIAS Remington Sisters I loved all of your answers and love that you are giving a print block of books that sound so wonderful . I just love westerns and mail order brides books of those good old cowboys plus romance.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, but we are NOT giving the print books--only the digital. In these giveaways, we would not be able to give many prizes at all if we gave print books--they are more expensive than the digital ones. Wish we could though! I love all books, but prints are my favorites. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting!

  5. Well done, Ladies. Well done. I enjoyed the interview. What a nice way to tie this together by all of you responding to the same questions.

    1. Thanks, Kaye! I truly cannot remember a more enjoyable project--and participating with these three awesome authors was pure pleasure.

  6. I apologize for being late in reading this blog, but I had to comment as I so enjoyed this interview and I think all of you authors know I adored reading The Remington Sisters. I couldn't put it down and was so intrigued how each of your stories connected so wonderfully with the previous one. Terrific job ladies. Thank you for such a delightful read, each and every one of the stories.

    1. Bev, that's the great thing about the internet--you can NEVER be late! LOL I'm so glad to know you enjoyed this set so much. To hear that you couldn't put it down is a huge thrill--because I know how valuable time is and how many books there are out there. So thanks so much for stopping by to let us know how much you enjoyed these little tales of ours!