Texas Brothers of Company B


Rangers. Brothers. Injustice will not win. 
Company B is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Northeast Texas, featuring the diversity of my home town...Dallas. #WhiteHatHeroes

She needed a miracle. She got a Texas Ranger.

"A possible case explodes into more than this Texas Ranger ever expected right before his eyes!" ~Thoughts of a Blonde 

"Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, standard thrillers, or simply gripping and intelligent storytelling, RANGER DEFENDER is the book to read this year." ~Monique D, Fresh Fiction Reviews

"Vivian and Slate were two people that I would love to meet. Slate is dedicated to his job, friendly and absolutely smitten with Vivian from the first meeting. Vivian was one of the strongest women that I have met this year. She is dedicated to freeing her brother from the murder charges. Together Slate and Vivian made an awesome team." JoAn

"I'm trying not gush all over this review but honestly, I don't care because I loved this story. It is unique, very creepy while putting the danger into a new level of scary. It is heart-wrenchingly sad with the exploitation of those we only should honor and respect, it is entertaining and heart-warming with the tight brotherhood the Rangers demonstrate with each encounter, and it is adorably sweet and sexy with the attraction and palpable connection between the hero and the heroine." Books & Spoons

She's a damsel in distress. He's the knight with a shiny white hat.

"The author captures your imagination and runs with it happily to the end. The plot was well worth the time." ~Irene

"Things start out with a bang and don’t stop moving for the entire ride." ~Toni

"Captivating from the first page! With her unique style of spinning a tale, author Angi Morgan brings us another set of Texas Rangers to fall for! This kick off to a new series is fresh and appealing as we meet the cast of characters and start our first case with them leading us into danger. The characters were fairly well developed, and the plot held my attention. Looking forward to more in the series." ~Thoughts of a Blonde

"A fast-paced, explosive, lively story with humorous banter and intriguing characters who have chemistry in spades. " ~Books & Spoons

"RANGER PROTECTOR is a solidly plotted suspense, very quick-paced, with appealing characters, and with just my kind of romance; this is a most excellent book! ~Monique D, Fresh Fiction Reviews

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