Introducing Harlequin DARE ... Part 1

As a DARE author myself, I’m thrilled to be previewing the first-ever Harlequin DARE novels today and tomorrow! DARE is Harlequin’s newest line – a super-hot-hot-hot series, bringing readers Harlequin’s most explicitly sexual stories, so expect your reading experience to be a steamy one! Alpha men – bad boys, gritty antiheroes, billionaires. Empowered, independent, fearless heroines. Destinations from all over the world – a mix of glamorous cities and exotic holiday locations. 
 Avril Tremayne
Here's a little something to set the mood...

And now take a look at two DARE authors whose books are launching the new line - and make sure you come back tomorrow to check out the other two February reads!
JC Harroway * A Week to be Wild

Lifelong romance addict JC Harroway lives in New Zealand. Writing her very real obsession with happy endings and the endorphin rush they create. 

You can follow her via her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. at website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

A daring game of temptation

She’ll play his game-but only by her rules!

Alex Lancaster is an adrenaline junkie. He’s also a sexy British billionaire who should come with his own warning signs. When Libby insists she is done with men who live on the edge, Alex coaxes her out of her comfort zone-professionally and very, very personally. Libby’s taking a high-stakes gamble, but the pay-off could win her everything...

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‘You feel this insane chemistry too.’ His stare smouldered, his breath tickling her neck.

She practically sagged into him. She wasn’t alone. Wasn’t imagining this. But should she act on it? Did she dare?

‘I want you.’ He held eye contact, his stark statement hanging in the crackling air between them. ‘Physically, professionally.’

He spoke as if he was negotiating a business deal. Calm, collected, poker-faced.

A tiny shrug of one shoulder. ‘Stay.’

He made it sound so easy—a foregone conclusion. And she was sorely tempted.

All the time they’d talked he hadn’t touched her. His hands were still relaxed on the arms of the stool when all she wanted to do was slide her fingers through his silky dishevelled hair and angle his head until he kissed her. Kissed away the doubt. Kissed away the memories. Kissed away the loneliness.

She sat back, her hand slipping from the rock-hard muscles of his thigh. Time to wrestle this back under her command. Get a grip of herself and this situation. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

The trouble was, lust had robbed her brain of its usual quick wit and all the negotiating skills she’d bragged about. Every single comeback or demand had fled her mind like sand falling through the holes of a sieve.

Perhaps she’d transmitted her thoughts telepathically to him, because he said, ‘You need control?’

Could he see her that clearly? Were her fears, her hang-ups, so clearly displayed on her face?

He’d dropped the smile, his expression now serious, as if he understood the momentous battle raging inside her. She wanted him too—had spent the day thinking about him, about what it would be like to feel his touch, feel his mouth, feel him move inside her…

The urge to give in to that curiosity, that need, was overwhelming.

He dipped his chin, ensuring that she saw him—saw both the sincerity in his stare and the flare of the same battle inside him.

‘I’m man enough to concede it. What can I do to give you what you need so we can both win?’

A silent groan had Libby’s eyes drooping as she took in a long, ragged breath. What an intoxicating offer. Could she do this? Separate business from pleasure? Keep things casual between them? On her terms? Give him a concession or two and take what he was willing to concede?

She opened her eyes to his continued stare. The slight flare of his nostrils was the only sign that he too experienced the anticipation which fluttered in Libby’s belly, bringing her to life.

Until she spoke, she was clueless as to how she’d respond. ‘I’ll give you a week.’

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Anne Marsh * Ruled

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh began writing romance when she was laid off from her dream job at Pixar. In between sending out résumés, she entered an RWA chapter contest and subsequently sold that book to Alicia Condon at Dorchester. Since then, she’s written for Kensington and currently writes for Harlequin Dare and Berkley Intermix. She also indie-publishes smoking hot military and paranormal romance.

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The Rebel vs. The Princess

Complete opposites who share the same burning passion!

Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girly dresses Evie wears for her successful party-planning business. Their instant attraction is magnetic, and their lust keeps them glued to each other’s side…but is it a dangerous distraction?

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“I don’t do bikers.”

Something flashes across Rev’s face at my words. “You don’t get hurt on my watch. I promise.”
“You’re not an ax murderer?”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the wallet attached to his belt by a silver chain. Silently, he flips it open and holds it out so I can read his driver’s license. There’s a military ID underneath it, too, the kind of card that gets you into Nellis Air Force Base.

“Your name isn’t Rev.” According to the State of Nevada’s laminated plastic, he’s one Jaxon Brady.

“Road name,” he says tersely.

I examine the license again. He’s also turning thirty-three in four weeks. I bet he won’t be booking a celebratory princess party.

“Wow.” I hand back his wallet. “Former Navy?”

He nods, as if it’s no big deal. “SEAL. You’d be safe with me.”

He’s not big on talking. Or negotiating, asking, or sweet-talking. I’ve always trusted my instincts, though, and right now they’re on board with Rev Brady. Completely, totally, one hundred percent in favor of getting on this man’s bike and riding off with him.

Somewhere. Wherever he wants to go. He’s big and strong and tempting. He’s fought for our country and kept everyone safe.

How bad can he be?

The little voice in my head pipes right up. How bad do you want him to be?

That voice needs a gag.

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  1. Congrats Angie for sharing these but I am out on these as I think they are way to hot for me! I will share though.

  2. Compassion, strength of character, etc... Congrats on the Debut of this new line!

    1. It's a lot of fun to see the books out at last. And I agree on the compassion. No matter hoe tough a hero is, he has to have that.

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely - even if they try not to care, it has to be there.

  4. I'm fond of the gruff exterior, heart of gold contrast myself. And of course, a quick sense of humour.

  5. I like a hero who makes me laugh - that's sexier than anything.