DOUBLE RITA NOMINEE Priscilla Oliveras

Matched to Perfection #2

The Fernandez sisters have always had big dreams, and the talent and drive to pursue them. And in this sunny, spicy new series, each one will discover that success is that much sweeter when love follows . . .
Rosa Fernandez doesn’t act on impulse—she’s the responsible one, planning her career with precision, finally landing a job as the librarian at conservative Queen of Peace Academy, confining her strongest emotions to her secret poetry journal. But she’s been harboring a secret crush on dreamy Jeremy Taylor, and after one dance with him at her sister’s wedding, Rosa longs to let loose for the first time. She deserves some fun, after all. So what if she doesn’t have a shot with Jeremy, not with his wealthy pedigree and high profile lifestyle. But one dance leads to one kiss, and soon Rosa is head-over-heels . . .
The adopted son of a prominent Chicago lawyer, Jeremy has a lot to live up to—especially with his birth father in prison—the perfect example of a bad example. With a big promotion and a move to Japan in the works, Jeremy is worlds away from settling down. But sweet, steady Rosa is a temptation he doesn’t want to deny himself, at least for now. Yet when their simple fling turns complicated, everything they’ve both worked for is threatened—except the red-hot intimacy they’ve found together. Can forever really grow from just-for-now?


PRISCILLA OLIVERAS is a 2018 RWA® RITA® double finalist who writes contemporary romance with a Latinx flavor. Proud of her Puerto Rican-Mexican heritage, she strives to bring authenticity to her novels by sharing her Latinx culture with readers. Her debut release, His Perfect Partner, and the second book in her Matched to Perfection series, Her Perfect Affair, both earned Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Since earning an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, she serves as English adjunct faculty at her local college and teaches an on-line course titled “Romance Writing” for ed2go. Priscilla is a sports fan, a beach lover, a half-marathon runner and a consummate traveler who often practices the art of napping in her backyard hammock. To follow along on her fun-filled and hectic life, connect on social media.
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THE Q&A   
ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
PRISCILLA:  The easiest answer would be “as often as possible.” :-D One of the best feelings is when the words for my current manuscript starts to flow and I’m in good rhythm with my characters. When that happens, all I want to do is get lost in their world and forget about real life responsibilities. When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying another author’s work. Reading other romance novels inspires me. When I read another novel that moves me, stays with me…it makes me want to get back to my work with the goal of hopefully eliciting a similar reaction in one of my readers.

ANGI: Who's your celebrity crush and why?
PRISCILLA:  Oooh, this question made me giggle like a teen with a secret crush…I’d probably have to say Nicholas Gonzalez, who happens to be the inspiration for Diego, Lilí’s hero in book 3 of my Matched to Perfection series, Their Perfect Melody.  He’s definitely someone I wouldn’t mind spending a little time with.  Maybe dinner and drinks, followed by a little salsa dancing.  Or, chatting over frozen yogurt.

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
PRISCILLA:  Is it okay to say Wonder Woman? I mean, she’s a cartoon, a staple in comic books, and a real life superhero! The Wonder Woman film with Gal Gadot ROCKED! She showed how a superhero can combine strength, heart, determination, and kick-butt tenacity to fight the bad guys and ensure that love and good wins. Just like our romance heroines do. And I mean, who wouldn’t wanna look that amazing in her outfit while beating bad guys? :-D

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
PRISCILLA:  Aw, Jeremy’s good heart and desire to make his family proud are two of my favorite traits about him. The way he notices the little things that make Rosa happy and makes a point to do them for her—like driving out of his way to get a cup of café con leche from her favorite place when he knew she had a long night of work on her masters thesis.

ANGI: High Heels or Hiking Boots?
PRISCILLA:  Hmm, probably running shoes with heels for dancing a close second. Exercise helps me stay sane; running helps me brainstorm or think through situations when I’m feeling “stuck” with a scene. Salsa dancing is a fun emotional well refilling activity that I rarely pass up or hate to miss because it gets me energized and burns calories while I’m laughing and having a great time with familia and friends.

ANGI: Got a favorite song? What makes it special?
PRISCILLA:  Right now I’m pretty much crushing on Ed Sheerhan’s duet with Andrea Bocceli, “Perfect Symphony”—it’s one of the songs that inspired me while writing Resort to Love, Sofia and Nate’s story for the Paradise Key series (out May 2018). The lyrics, the swell and fall of the orchestra…it’s like they fill my soul with a rush of emotion. Kind of how I envision my characters feeling when they’re with each other and all is right in their world.

ANGI: How did you come up with the idea for your sister series?
PRISCILLA:  Everything started with Yazmine. Then probably without me even realizing it on a conscious level, but because I have three daughters, as I started talking with Yaz she mentioned her two sisters. The more I learned about Rosa and Lilí, as well as the girls’ Papi and Mami, I knew I wanted to tell their stories so I could spend more time with their familia.

ANGI: Favorite inspiration
PRISCILLA:  When I’m writing, it’s music. I listen to a Pandora radio station I created called Luis Miguel Radio—it’s filled with romances/love songs that my parents and their parents listened to along with more contemporary ones. Putting on my ear phones, having Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Prince Royce, Mana, Juanes, Alejandro Fernandez, Ricardo Arjona and others crooning in my ear…let’s just say it definitely puts me in a romance writing mood.

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Can you show us your writing space? Why to you like writing here? 
PRISCILLA’S GOTTA ANSWER:  This pic shows one of my many writing spaces at home, thanks to my travel standing desk and a travel lap pad I have. It’s wonderful to go from our in-door office, to a beautiful writing desk my brother made for me that’s in our enclosed lanai, to this spot in our covered porch in the back yard. Being mobile allows me to feel like I’m not cooped up in one spot all the time. And on days when the whether is beautiful and I’m wishing I was outside having fun, but a deadline is looming, going out to our covered porch with my goldendoodle Addi and my characters (on the screen) is like going outside to play with friends.  :-D


Paradise Key series, #3
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Matched to Perfection series, #3
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Fern Michaels holiday anthology with 
Kate Pearce and Donna Kauffman
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Matched to Perfection #1
2018 RWA® RITA® double finalist

Three very different Latina sisters. Three dazzling talents with ambition—and passion—to burn. And in this warm-hearted, sexy new series, three chances to figure out if the path to success can also lead to lasting love . . .
Ad executive Tomás Garcia shouldn't even be thinking about his daughter’s alluring dance teacher, Yazmine Fernandez. Burned by a shattering divorce, he's laser-focused on his career—and giving his young daughter, Maria, the secure home she deserves. Plus, he's certain that with her talent, Yaz will be leaving Chicago and heading back to Broadway as soon as she can. But Yaz's generous spirit and caring concern are sparking a desire Tomás can't resist—and doesn't want to let go . . .
For Yaz, good-looking workaholics like Tomás simply can't be part of her life ever again. She owes it to herself to get back her confidence and fulfill the dreams her papá could not. She's glad to spend time with Maria—and taste the family life she feels she can never have. And she’s sure that she and Tomás can keep their attraction under control because there's so much at stake. But each unexpected intimacy, each self-revelation, makes the fire between them grow hotter with every step—and every risk to their hearts . . .
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