Four Romances in one Exotic Set

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Love blossoms under the exotic desert sun 


Can love work the second time around?

Bea Morgan-Young always had excuses for her outrageous behaviour. In spite of Bea’s supportive brother and loving foster family, trouble just kept finding her. Even when Nigel Ashworth—Ash to his friends—had defended her, she’d only lashed out at him. When she runs into him ten years later, she’s settled down a bit, but still loves being the scandalous party girl, clubbing, and being the centre of attention. Though they’ve fallen in love, even his marriage proposal isn’t enough to make her compromise and move to Israel for Ash’s lucrative new job. Then one empowering weekend changes everything for Bea. Ash may be gone, but Bea’s determined to win him back. 

Ash is a master at solving problems for the hotels he works for, but he’s never solved the problem of Bea, the reckless wild child he’d fallen for. Now she’s back a year later, swearing she’s changed. Has the uncompromising party girl really grown up at last? Or is it just another lie when she tells him she wants a second chance at love?


When everybody’s got secrets, can love discover the truth?

All Tilly Walker wanted was a bit of independence from her overprotective family and small town life. But a high-profile scandal has turned her dream job into a nightmare, and Tilly's face is splashed over the front pages of the papers.

Now Tilly's on the run from the press. Her only ally is a handsome stranger, and Nate Morgan-Young quickly becomes the only one person she can rely on.

So what will happen when she learns Nate's secret? He’s a reporter. 

How will Nate convince Tilly he’s after more than just a smutty scandal? And for Tilly, why does it feel so right to be falling for Mr Wrong?


When falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love.

Australian project manager Kiara Lonsdale is career focussed and determined to provide and care for the grandmother who raised her. Taking time off work to vacation has never been high on her agenda, but this year she’s made an exception. She’s helping her gran fulfil a life-long dream by accompanying her on a Christmas to the Holy Land tour.

Jacques Lenoir and his extended family run tours in Israel and he’s committed to their business. Jacques feels responsible for his grandparents’ welfare since they risked their lives, and others’, as operatives in the French Resistance, during the War.

But over romantic dinners in the desert, camel rides, and mud baths at the Dead Sea, sparks fly between Kiara and Jacques. Will this only be a holiday romance or will a touch of Christmas magic make it last a lifetime?


He never wanted a family. She can’t live without hers. Can a dash of Christmas magic bring them together?

For Lucie Lenoir, being a tour guide in Jerusalem is part of the family business. And nothing means more to Lucie than family. She craves a child of her own, in spite of her infertility. Lucie has another secret desire: to be a romance novelist. But following that dream would be too disruptive to the family she adores.

Australian Tom Connor has come to Israel to attend a friend’s wedding and to pray for the healing of the one person he considers family, a woman who grew up with him in the foster care system. Along with surfing every day, Tom finds peace in helping troubled teens like he used to be.

The attraction between Lucie and Tom is instant and sizzling. In spite of their warm welcome, Tom finds Lucie’s big Christian family overwhelming. And he never wanted a child of his own. Can a man who never had a family and a woman who craves one write their own real-life Christmas romance?


Multi published, award-winning Australian author, JOANNE DANNON, writes to give her readers the experience she loves to savor--indulging in a sigh-worthy-happily-ever-after, being swept away from the everyday by diving into a delicious romance novel. 

Joanne is a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training who loves spending time with friends and family. She can be found on Facebook and her website www.joannedannon.com chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.



ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
JOANNE:  This set has four heroes and they’re all unique and, devastatingly handsome. I love all my heroes but I have a soft spot for Tom Connor who’s a loner but able to overcome adversity, in such a positive and caring way. He’s just a to-die-for-romance-hero, and not because he’s handsome, stunning blue eyes and a hot bod from all the surfing he does ;)

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
JOANNE: I don’t have one favourite movie, but I do love When Harry Met Sally, Casablanca and Gladiator.

ANGI: What’s your perfect day?
JOANNE: Any day that I don’t have to cook, clean, do laundry or grocery shopping ;) if I get taken out for a meal, see friends, or spend time with my family then I’m super happy J

ANGI: Salad or soup?
JOANNE: Salad J I love soup too but love salads, especially with roasted vegies, spices and quinoa.

ANGI: Would you put yourself in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
JOANNE: Action adventure, especially if I had awesome fighting skills.

ANGI: Favorite TV rerun you watch every time you channel surf? 
JOANNE: Friends
ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home? 
JOANNE: I work from home, so definitely a fancy night out, either as a family or date night with hubby!

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
JOANNE:  Champagne :D

ANGI: Geek or Jock?
JOANNE: Geek…because it will complement my inner geek ;)

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
JOANNE: I’m quiet and definitely not a party animal. For me, moving cities to date my boyfriend, who I later married was a massive step for me. I moved from my family and friends to a new city not knowing anyone.

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Where is your favorite writing space & why?
JOANNE’S GOTTA ANSWER:  We’ve just renovated our home and just moved back in after 6 months. After years of writing on the kitchen table, I now have my own writing area and I love it. For Valentine’s Day, hubby bought me a wing-backed chair which is so beautiful and is the perfect place to hide away with tea, chocolate and a romance novel J
August 2018

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JOANNE WANTS TO KNOW: DO YOU PREFER TEA OR COFFEE? I love both but drink coffee in the morning and endless cups of herbal team during the afternoon and evening.
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  1. Hi, I have always loved marriage of convenience stories. So much fun to journey through the trials and tribulations to the HEA.

    1. Hi Mary - I agree :) I've been toying with an idea for a MOC trope for awhile, would like to write it one day :)

  2. No Coffee for me so it'd be Tea or Mt Dew with a 5 hr energy shot LOL
    I'm glad you asked IF we had one instead of What one it was
    I love any that are Extremely Hilarious (I want people to look at me weird because I'm Laughing Out Loud and they have no idea why because I read my books with a Bluetooth and the Kindle reading to me with the Free Text To Speech option LOL) or Ugly Cry
    I like ones too that are Childhood BFF's or Total Enemies and Then they GET Married and THEN have Kids

    1. Your reply cracked me up - how brilliant to "read" with your Bluetooth - I love it!

      I also love romances with childhood BFFs :)

  3. I love marriage of convenience stories. I love coffee, tea and coke zero. I love to win a free book so I get the chance to read an author I've never read before. A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list and I haven't read one of your books yet. I just started reading again 16 months ago after decades of not reading. I'm now read over 12o books and being disabled with MS and being home almost 24/7/365 I'm aways up for a new adventure.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, for your reply and sharing :) I'm glad to hear you're reading again but sorry that you're at home because of your ms. I have a couple of readers like yourself who've zoomed through all my books as they read one/day, and keep asking to write quicker. I'm trying - LOL :)

      I give away Bidding on Love, a full standalone romance, so that readers can try me out. You are signing up to my newsletter when you get the free book but it gives you a chance to see if I'm your new favourite author or not. And the book is yours even if you don't stay on my newsletter.

      Spend some time with a sexy Argentinian, perfect way to enjoy the weekend ;) Happy reading x


  4. I like a clean romance that after i am done reading i feel good. I also like a standalone as then i am not looking for the books that followup it is like having one piece of dk choc you can't stop at just one you have to have another. That is why i like print standalones! peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com also love to review books

    1. Hi Peggy - thanks for dropping by. It's lovely to hear that you read standalones. I write both and I also read both :) Nice way to compare to chocolate!

      In my reply to Stephanie, I mentioned about Bidding on Love......

      "I give away Bidding on Love, a full standalone romance, so that readers can try me out. You are signing up to my newsletter when you get the free book but it gives you a chance to see if I'm your new favourite author or not. And the book is yours even if you don't stay on my newsletter.

      Spend some time with a sexy Argentinian, perfect way to enjoy the weekend ;) Happy reading x


      Bidding on Love is a standalone, and I hope you'll love it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

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  6. I love just about all romance troupes.

  7. Current favorite is the single dads

    1. Thanks AC :) I haven't written one on these but I've seen heaps on Amazon, it looks like it's a very popular trope :)

  8. Hello Joanne & Angi I love reading romances with HEA & No cheating�� Whether its Contemporary Historical Erotic or Paranormal and it doesn't matter if its a long story as long as its good and well crafted��

    1. Me too :) I also don't like cheating.

      However, in my latest book, Falling for the Best Man, I do have the heroine kissing someone when she's engaged. And then she has the difficult decision of who to marry - the one she loves, or the one who will provide stability and security to her :)

  9. My current favorite is probably friends to lovers, but with a good storyline I'll read just about anything once. I am a sucker for HEAs in any genre, whether it's a standalone or in a series.

    1. I've always loved friends to lovers and have used this trope a few times. It's probably why I love the movie, When Harry Met Sally :)

    I love both too - Vanilla Latte in the morning and endless cups of tea afterwards :)
    Thank you for the interview!

    1. Hi Natalya - you sound like me. Coffee and tea :)

  11. I wanted to comment that I enjoy most romance tropes, but my two favorites are paranormal romance and shifter romance.
    Jean DeNio

    1. Hi Jean - I'm not a huge fan of paranormal or shifter romance however, if it's a good story, I'll read and enjoy it :)

  12. I really don't have any favorites!! I like all types it just depends on the book!

  13. Me too - I tend to like almost all romances. I'm not a huge fan of erotica/menage but in saying that, if it's well written with an engaging story line, I'll read it! :)

  14. I like going from enemies to lovers. It's fun to see people fall in love.

    I like tea. Coffee is too bitter tasting for me unless I put a LOT of sugar in it.

    1. I agree May, I do like a good enemies to lovers read :)

  15. I love romance in pretty much all forms..sometimes I willy shy away from INTENSE erotica but I like a little heat. Speaking of heat, I love my hot coffee..with plenty of heavy cream and sweetener!

    1. I agree - I'm not in to menage or erotica but in saying that I have read good erotic romance which I enjoyed :)