This is my 30th Book For Harlequin!

The Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers - Book 5

Maddie Fortunado, heir apparent to her father’s real estate business, is stunned to learn that she’ll have to fight for the job she’d assumed was hers! Even worse? Her rival is none other than Zach McCarter, her secret crush. Only a makeover can transform “Maddie” into “Madeleine,” who can compete against her charismatic coworker. But when Zach meets Maddie 2.0, business is suddenly the last thing on either of their minds!

It’s been said that beauty is in the beholder. Yet, so often, society sets unattainable ideals and judges a person’s worth based on personal appearance. In Maddie Fortune’s Perfect Man, the heroine, Maddie Fortune, always thought hard work and dedication would help her get ahead, but she’s tested when the one thing she worked for her entire adult life ends up not being the sure thing she thought it would be. She ends up having to dig a little deeper. In the process, she learns about herself and hero, Zach McCarter as he helps her realize no one can make her feel bad about herself unless she lets them. And spunky Maddie decides she won’t let them. 

There's something else special about MADDIE FORTUNE'S PERFECT MAN.... It's my 30th book for Harlequin!  The paperback is available April 17, but you can PRE-ORDER it now!

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