E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Mimi Milan gives us a sneak peek at the next Bride of Noelle

Say hola to a new arrival to the town of Noelle, where anything is possible...

Victoria Villanueva is a survivor—literally. When the French fought in her homeland, she was little more than eight years old. After losing both parents at the Battle of Puebla, she became displaced and roamed from one household to another until coming under the care of her cousin Ignacio’s family in America. So, she’s not only excited when he invites her to start fresh in Noelle, but eternally grateful. She’s determined to repay him for all the kindness his family has shown her and is eager to do so while pursuing her hopes of owning a bakehouse. However, dreams turn to dismay when the handsome man next door has similar goals.

Alejandro Vela is no stranger to adversity. Despite his parents fleeing their Caribbean island home amidst slave trade protests, he arrived in America only to lose his father during the New York City draft riots. Left to raise two small children on her own, Alejandro’s mother taught him how to hustle. Doing so put him in the position to meet interesting people, though, and one of them ignited a desire in him to become a great chocolatier. After his mother falls ill, Alejandro packs up his younger sister and decides to head out west to a place where dreams can still come true. There’s just one problem turning his sweet delight into a sour one… the diner owner across the street. Worse still, he’s falling for the man’s beautiful cousin.

Will the feud between the “Battling Bakers” fizzle—or sizzle—before the town’s Cinco de Mayo celebration?   

Victoria will be out on May 4, Cinco de Mayo, but Mimi has brought us a sneak peek excerpt!

“It’s complicated,” Victoria explained.
“How can it be complicated?” Nacho argued. “Did you or did you not throw horchata all over a paying customer?”
Victoria sighed. Was she ever going to live down yesterday’s fiasco?
“That’s not exactly right,” she explained. “He wasn’t a paying customer.”
“Any chance that might have something to do with the fact that you attacked him?”
“I did no such thing! It wasn’t an attack. I was provoked.”
Nacho crossed his arms, an expression of disbelief etched deep into his face. Victoria looked over at Josefina for help, but the newest Villanueva only shrugged her shoulders, her hands raised as if to silently indicate she wanted no part of this argument. There was no way she was going to choose between her husband and new cousin.
“I have to go check on the customers.” She excused herself from the kitchen and headed back out to the dining room. 
Victoria wasn’t about to back down, though. She had already made her apologies to Alejandro and things seemed somewhat squared between them. She mimicked Nacho’s stance, arms crossed in front her chest. “What do you know of this anyway? What occurred yesterday was between Señor Vela and myself. It’s nobody else’s business.”
“Well, it’s certainly my business when patrons are requesting their food to go because they’re afraid the staff might take their frustrations out on them.”
“A patron said that? How would they even know about what happened?” 
Prima, you’ve got a lot to learn about Noelle. News travels fast around here. The whole town is talking about ‘The Battling Bakers.’”
The Battling Bakers?

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More books from Mimi Milan can be found at her author site: https://www.amazon.com/Mimi-Milan/e/B011O65CQU

Meet the author

Mimi Milan is an award-winning, bestselling Latin American poet and author of both historical and contemporary fiction. The majority of her stories feature characters that resemble the melting pot of people she grew up with (from New Jersey to Mexico), as well as the languages she speaks (English, Spanish, and Italian). 

A candidate for the MFA in Creative Writing at Queens University, Mimi is thrilled to live the dream of playing with imaginary friends every day. She thanks readers for their support shown for her books and invites them to follow her on online.


E.E.: What is your biggest vice? 
Mimi: Probably food. That's why I keep writing about it! I have a peculiar to good scones. Oh, and I'm no stranger to chocolate. :D
E.E.: Is writing or storytelling easier for you?
Mimi: Definitely storytelling. In fact, I get so far ahead TELLING the story that I sometimes lose the momentum to right it once I've verbally put it out there in the world.
E.E.: If you couldn't be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up? 
Mimi: I'd go into film. That was my minor in undergrad and I still enjoy doing it now and then. I find it to simply be one more way to tell a story.
E.E.: Do you read reviews? If so, do you pay attention to them or let them influence your writing? 
Mimi: Yes, to both questions.
E.E.: How did you come up with the idea for your book?
Well, I knew I wanted to do something for Cinco de Mayo and I wanted to bring attention to the fact that to most Mexicans it isn't a "fun" holiday like it is here in the United States. Of course, I write romance. So, I wanted my heroine to struggle like people then would have. At the same time, I wanted her to live happily ever after. :)

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