Summer Bride

I've known Stacey Joy Netzel for a few years and we've become quite close over the past couple of years.  We have a lot in common, the joy of writing just one.  Our love of our military is another and since we both have children who have served or are serving now, we started Authors4Veterans last year where we gather 30 authors together, who all donate books, swag and comfort items and we bag them up and take them to Fisher House Milwaukee for the families of Veterans who are treating at the VA Hospital.

So, let's get started, shall we? Have you been on Get Lost in a Story before?

Nope, my first time.

How often do you get lost in a story?

Pretty often, but most times it's my own story that I'm currently writing. I don't get time to read as much as I'd like, but I absolutely love it when I do find a book I can read as a reader and not a writer. I stay up to the wee hours of the morning when I find one of those.

What's your favorite thing about your current book hero?

I'm writing Summer Wager right now, the final bonus story to my Romancing Wisconsin series. (TIP: if you want a FREE copy when I'm done, join my newsletter and you'll get a link to download it when it releases) Kevin Cain is cocky and a bit arrogant with the heroine because her confidence and smarts intimidates the hell out of him. But I like that he has a really good heart, he can laugh at himself when dripping wet after falling in a lake, and admit (grudgingly) when he's done something stupid because he's a dumbass. Plus, once he gives himself over to his feelings for Shanna, he's all in. And, of course, he's sexy as all get out, too.

 Do you have a favorite movie of all time? Tell me about it.

The Cutting Edge is my favorite movie. There are a number of others I watch over and over, but that one is at the top for the conflict between the two, and the romance of the whole story as well. Plus, I love ice skating. Close seconds are: One Fine Day, Every After, Music & Lyrics. (couldn't help naming some of my other favorites *grin*)

 Let's do some rapid fire questions.

Let's do it.

Favorite color?


Favorite meal?

Taco salad with guacamole

 Name something on your bucket list.

Visit Alaska

 Dream vacation?

Anywhere hiking in the mountains.

 Favorite book boyfriend?

To many to count.

 Favorite memory.

Family vacation in Colorado 6 years ago.

 Geek or Jock?


 The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?

You'd think it would be 2 years ago when I jumped out of a plane with my son who is an Army Airborne soldier, but I'd have to say it was when I got on a train at age 17 to go work in Colorado for a summer. I was shy, had never been out of WI, and didn't know a single person out there. Best thing I ever did. I believe it shaped me for the rest of my life.

Anything you want to share about your favorite shoes?

I love that they're easy to slip on and I like the pretty lace-like straps. I got them in FL when my one pair of flip flops broke in the sand two days into our trip. 

 Do you have a giveaway? If so, tell me about it.

Yes. 3 ebook copies of Summer Scandal, the book just before Summer Bride.

 Please tell me what readers should do to enter?

Just enter the Rafflecopter.


 Let's look at the blurb for Summer Bride.

"He has one month to make his bride fall in love with him before he deploys.

Kyra Sullivan has been left one too many times. If her father can walk out on his wife and children—twice—what’s to keep a man by her side? She doesn’t believe anyone will stay long enough to give her a happily ever after, until one night with Staff Sergeant Dane Owens opens her heart to dream.

But Dane has secrets. Obligations. Orders. Staying isn’t an option, and even worse, he has a feeling he’s not coming back alive this time. An honorable man would leave Kyra alone, but the moment he sees her again, walking away proves impossible. Can he convince her not being able to stay is different than leaving, or is he damned to repeat the past by once again ruining the life of someone he loves?"

You can read more by picking this book up here: 

iBooks: http://staceyjoynetzel.com/bklinks/SBride-iBooks
Nook: http://staceyjoynetzel.com/bklinks/SBride-BN
Kobo: http://staceyjoynetzel.com/bklinks/SBride-Kobo
Amazon: http://staceyjoynetzel.com/bklinks/SBride-AAmazon

A little more about Stacey.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel is an avid reader and loves all movies with a happily ever after (Ever After being a favorite). She lives in Wisconsin with her family, a horse and some cats. In her limited free time she enjoys hiking, canning fresh garden veggies, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North), at the family cabin on the lake. Her bestselling series include the Romancing Wisconsin Series, Italy Intrigue Series, Welcome to Redemption Series, and Colorado Trust Series. 


  1. Don't have this one yet. Thanks for this opportunity. I think it's great that you have gotten together for the military. A lot of military in my family including a brother who has ALS from Dessert Storm.