MC D'alton Dreams of Happy Endings

Today I'm delighted to introduce MC D'alton to Get Lost in a Story, to tell us about her latest novel, Memories of Love!

About MC D'alton

My first name is Michelle, but I decided to write under the pen name of MC D’alton. D’alton was the last name of my maternal great grandfather.

I am cook, cleaner, taxi driver and all around go-to person in my household. I make sure to spend at least an hour each day writing. I am currently attempting to get a degree in writing.

Born in South Africa, my husband and I packed up and moved to Australia in 2010. Besides being blessed with triplet boys, moving to a new country was both the greatest adventure, and adjustment of our lives. Raising three children of the same age left no room for my calling as a nurse and so I decided to concentrate on my second love – writing.

My passion for writing about the fantastical and love swept, started at an early age. I lose myself in daydreams and what if’s whenever life spares a free minute.

I am a huge romantic but also love drama, mystery, intrigue and the unknown.
My Goal — to create worlds where people can escape to for a few precious moments, places where magic is the order of the day, and love is served on a silver platter.

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Isabella Irish, an up and coming artist, wants to get on with her new life after a bomb blast robs her of her memories. Mark Cornwall, her manager, persistently pushes for more than a working relationship. The appearance of a stranger stirs lost memories and deep feelings she can’t explain. Roses, honeysuckle, and a brush with death, lead Isabella to uncover her past and the true love of her life.

Read a little...

A strong arm wrapped itself around her waist and pulled her up.

Her instinct took over and her mouth stretched open as her lungs drew in a mouthful of air.

“Shhh, Issi. Lie back, Ive got you.”

The words, like a magic spell, brought instant calm.

Issi… The name echoed through her drenched thoughts. She knew that name. She knew that voice. Strong and edged with a gravely base. Exhausted, Isabella gave in and leaned into the chest of her rescuer. Ripped muscles pushed into her back as he swam them back to shore.

“Who are you?” she croaked.

“Who are you, Issi?”

They reached the shore and the strong arm holding her close shifted as the other lifted her up. Her head still spun from being dunked and battered by the ocean, but she couldnt help feeling these arms were where she belonged. The sun blinded her and she couldnt make out his face. But it was him. The stranger from the other day. 

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Let's Talk...  
Avril: Where did the idea for Memories of Love come from?  
MC: A promise I made to Tristan and Isolde as a little girl – I will give the happy ending you deserve. While it’s not exactly based on the woeful tale of the star crossed lovers, it’s my version of a contemporary re-write 😊.
Avril: How do you approach writing a book – what comes first?  
MC: A dream (literally I dream of the stories I write) and then a blank screen. I don’t plan, can't, the moment I try I lose the thread.

Avril: What are your top reads of all time?  
MC: Anna KareninaTolstoy. OutlanderDiana Gabaldon. ZoyaDanielle Steel. The Girl With All The Gifts – MR Carey. 

Avril: Can you talk us through a typical day in your life?  
MC: Wake up, must have coffee! Sit down and browse Facebook. Get boys up and ready for school. Go to work or if I don’t have a shift, clean the house. Come home from work, cook and fade away on the couch until 9pm. Then I’m awake – and the creating begins. If I haven’t gone to work, or driven the boys all over the continent for sports, dentists and wot not, I get some writing time and marketing done during the day 😊. In between all of this, I am very active making the world aware of the senseless violence and corruption occurring in the country of my birth. I do this by writing short stories based on actual events.

Avril: What’s coming up next?  
MC: I’m busy with the second in a range of four romantic steampunk/historical novels written in collaboration with Melanie Page – Iron Fist (Iron Heart was the first), and slowly putting down words to Bees to Lavender, a romance based in South Africa and certain to rip your heart right out of your chest before putting it back in and leaving you smiling.

MC D'Alton is offering five review e-copies of Memories of Love
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  1. I love the title Bees to Lavender and thought the answers that you gave were so informing! I can't do an ebook so if there is a chance to a print I would love to read and review if not I understand . Take care peggy clayton

    1. HI ptclayton, if i ever do print this novella I promise to let you know and thank you :)

  2. Great interview. Love the Tristan/Isolde contemporary re-write idea! And Michelle/MC is the mother of triplets! Kudos to you for carving out the time to put wonderful stories on the page.