Halloween With Friends

HEY EVERYONE! Happy Halloween from Texas !! I thought it would be fun to invite some of my recent guests for some Halloween Fun !!

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Angi on Amazon

"Zombies. Yeah, I know they aren't real, but they completely creep me out. "   
Traci on Amazon
~ Angi Morgan

"Pretty much any horror movie always scares me. Even if I've seen it before. I'm such a wimp. LOL."  
Amy on Amazon

"I am petrified of haunted houses and have been since I went to one when I was five years old!"Amy Vastine

"I am petrified of spiders. (Ask me about my trip to Hogwarts in Universal Studios Florida sometime.)" ~ Regan Black

Angi on Amazon

"When Disney's 101 Dalmatians was released, I painted my girls "Dalmatian" t-shirts. That year for Halloween we were all dogs. I think this was one of my favorite costumes...but there have been many. Including my "cat-tail waitress" when I worked at Pizza Inn during college." 

Beth on Amazon

"I loved making costumes for my kids for Halloween, and costumes that were big enough to go over a snowsuit worked best." 

~ Beth Carpenter
(Come back on 11/26 for Beth's first GLIAS interview)

Vicki on Amazon

"I loved dressing up as a princess for Halloween. And of course, one time I was Batman." 

Angi on Amazon

Susan on Amazon
"My favorite part about Halloween are the costumes." Angi Morgan

"My favorite part about Halloween is carving a Jack-0-Lantern." 
~ Susan Carlisle 
(come back Wed 11/07 for Susan's first interview!)
Rene on Amazon

"My favorite part about Halloween is the excuse to buy candy." Rene Webb

Linda on Amazon

"My favorite part about Halloween is the candy. A great excuse to buy candy otherwise barred from our house. A once-a-year treat!" 

Tara on Amazon
"My favorite part about Halloween is the candy, eating it or handing it out. Who doesn't love Snickers bars?" 
Donna on Amazon
~ Tara Randel
(come back in January for Tara's first interview!)

"My favourite part of Halloween is seeing how excited the kids get and seeing their costumes." 
~ Donna Gartshore
Nico on Amazon
(come back next year for Donna's first interview!)

"My favorite part about Halloween is the array of macabre decorations that suddenly appear on once normal streets." 
Laurie on Amazon

My favorite part about Halloween is the decorating! People in my neighborhood go all out and it's fun to walk around at night and see all the scary decorations." ~ Laurie Benson 

Angi on Amazon

"My favorite Halloween party was dressing up as Indi Anna Jones. I even had a whip." ~Angi Morgan
Michelle on Amazon

"My favorite  part of Halloween is the pumpkin carving and when my children were little, dressing them up in costumes I’d sewn. Halloween only really came to be big in the UK in the past 20 years, but I made sure I had brought some of the American traditions over.  My second Halloween over here (1989), I went looking for pumpkins and the local supermarket was selling pieces of cut pumpkin. They used scoop up rutabagas to make jack o’lanterns in the North East of England!" ~ Michelle Styles

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  1. Unexplained noises at night scares me the most.

  2. The fear of dying scares me the most.

  3. Falling, hate ladders and the ferris wheel... love rollercoasters though!

  4. I don't like Spiders and Snakes - just like the song!!

  5. I hate clowns. Can't think of anything scarier than that!

  6. Living a life full of regret..
    spiders are creepy too

  7. Spiders are my downfall! Gives me the shivers!!!

  8. Such a fun post. Thanks to all my friends for sharing it with me !!