E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Look what's new for Christmas! Carolyn Brown's newest Longhorn Canyon novel

Are you ready for Christmas with a Cowboy?

A rugged Texas cowboy gets into the Christmas spirit to prove himself to the woman he loves in this heartwarming fifth novel of the USA Today bestselling series. 

Maverick Callahan lives up to his reputation as a freewheeling cowboy. But a year ago he fell head-over-heels for an extraordinary woman he met while on vacation, a woman he was convinced he'd never see again. So when she appears on his doorstep like a Christmas miracle, Maverick is determined not to waste his lucky break.

Bridget O'Malley's world has flipped upside down. As the new guardian of her best friend's baby, she hasn't had a moment to think about the Texas rancher who broke her heart. He's just as sexy as ever, but she knows better than anyone that he's not the settling-down type. As the trees are trimmed and mistletoe hung, will some holiday magic help Bridget trust this carefree cowboy with her heart and her future?

Includes a bonus novella, "Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas" by Sara Richardson!


Maverick Callahan zeroed in on a tall blonde Irish girl playing darts in the Irish pub the minute he pushed through the door. He threw a little extra swagger in his walk when he walked past her and settled onto a bar stool. When he caught her eye, he tipped his hat toward her and then removed it, laid it on the bar’s polished wooden surface and raked his fingers through his dark hair. When she finished her game, he intended to ask her to dance.
“Jameson or Guinness?” asked the Irish bartender with a voice like honey.
His focus shifted from the blonde girl to the bartender. “I was thinking more of a shot of Jack Daniels.”
“You’d be in an Irish pub, not a honky tonk, cowboy,” she said with a sparkle in her green eyes.
He really wanted a pint of Guinness, but flirting was Maverick’s game and red heads—well, he’d always had a weakness for them. “Well, then give me a pint of what you suggested since y’all ain’t got good whiskey.”
“I didn’t say we don’t be havin’ it, cowboy. I just told you where you were.” She did a cute little head wiggle, and the dim light above the bar lit up her Christmas tree earrings. “And Mary Kate, the tall blonde you’ve got your sights set on is a married woman.” The bartender leaned over the bar. “And her husband, he’d be one jealous man. You don’t want him to catch you flirtin’ with her.”
“Why are you telling me this?” He almost reached out to touch the tiny shamrock topping the tree on her earrings. “How’d you know I was a cowboy?”
“I saw you swagger in here in those boots and that hat,” she answered. “I knew you had to be American.”
She went to the other end of the bar to draw the beer up in a tall mug. He glanced around the place. Some of it was the same as the Rusty Spur honky tonk in his home state of Texas—stools in front of a long bar, mirror behind the bar with shelves of liquor, beer mugs and shot glasses at the ready. But where the places in Texas had signed pictures of bull and bronc riders on the walls, along with old beer signs, the Shamrock Pub had dart boards and pictures of Ireland hanging on the walls..
The cute little bartender set a pint of foaming Guinness on the bar in front of him. “Where’d you come from, cowboy?”
“Texas, darlin’,” he flirted. “What’s your name?”
“Bridget?” she smiled.
“Bridget what?” He asked.
“Just Bridget, cowboy,” she said. “What your name?”
“Maverick,” he answered.
“Maverick what?”
“Just Maverick.” He gave her a dose of her own medicine.

Carolyn Brown is a New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly and #1 Amazon and #1 Washington Post bestselling author and a RITA finalist. With more than 90 books on the market, she’s a recipient of the Bookseller’s Best Award, and the prestigious Montlake Diamond Award, and also a three-time recipient of the National Reader’s Choice Award.
Carolyn and her husband live in the small town of Davis, Oklahoma, where everyone knows everyone else, as well as what they’re doing and when—and they read the local newspaper on Wednesday to see who got caught. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.

When she’s not writing, Carolyn likes to sit in plot new stories in her backyard with her tom cat, Boots Randolph Terminator Outlaw, and watch him protect the yard from all kinds of wicked varmints like crickets, locusts, and spiders. Visit her at www.carolynbrownbooks.com.

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I know it’s a little early, but the holiday books are on the shelves now, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas. I hope that you enjoy Christmas with a Cowboy, the fifth book in the Longhorn Canyon Series. This is Maverick and Bridget’s story, and I absolutely loved having these characters in my head all the weeks it took to get the story written. So I hear you’ve got questions to ask? Let’s hear them!! I’m always excited to talk about a new book or the holidays!

What is your biggest vice during the holiday season?

That would be food. I love holiday cookies, especially the sugar cookies that my son-in-law makes. I can eat a dozen of them, and of course we all know that Christmas cookies have no calories or fat grams. I only wish I could convince the bathroom scales of that.

Where do you spend Christmas Day?

My family gets together at my daughter’s house for Easter and Thanksgiving, and at my son’s for the 4th of July. When the grandchildren started coming along, Mr. B and I decided that the children should all stay at their own homes on Christmas Day. We didn’t want our precious grandchildren to grow up to hate us for taking them away from their toys that morning. As Ma on Golden Girls used to say, “Picture it…” They open up their presents and have all their Santa gifts, and then their parents say they can’t take time to enjoy them because they have to go to their grandparents’ house. So these days, Mr. B and I go to the beach for a week, or go on a week long road trip, and enjoy the holiday with just the two of us.

What’s the best holiday present you ever received?

A couple of years ago, my family joined me and Mr. B for our week (after Christmas Day) on the beach. We rented ten condos and had supper in our condo every night for the whole bunch of them. They’re still talking about how much fun we all had.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I have Irish DNA so I’ve always wanted to write about a book about an Irish lady. Maverick mentioned meeting Bridget in a previous book in the Longhorn Canyon Series. He’d met her on the very last night he was vacationing in Ireland with his grandmother.  That story played around in my head for a year before I finally got the opportunity to bring Bridget to Ireland, put them together and see what sparks might fly.

What’s your favorite holiday movie of all time?

The Home Alone movies. I’ve watched them dozen of times and still laugh until tears roll down my cheeks every time I see them.

What can we look for next from you?

The Family Journal, (my 100th novel), November 12
Cowboy Courage, Jan. 28
Wildflower Ranch (a novella), Feb. 4
The Banty House, May
Cowboy Strong, May

Thank you, again, to the folks who asked questions, and all y’all at Get Lost in a Book who were so kind as to ask me to visit with y’all again.

Now a question for readers. In your travels at Christmas, what has been your favorite memory?

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  1. wow - love Mz Carolyn's books!! Can hardly wait to read it!

    1. Thank you Miz Fordice, for commenting and being such an amazing fan!

  2. Wow my fav memory from Christmas was the 1st Christmas from the foster home to my grandmas house and everything was white her tree the ornaments were red but it was so neat to see her house and everything so white and christmas decorated as in the foster homes they never included me and this was so special. Also in that Christmas it was the only time i remember my mom and dad being there together and following that my dad passed and my mom went to drugs and drinking which ended her life 20 yrs ltr. I from that Christmas on my grandma had me every Christmas and all the pkgs were wrapped at the stores and they looked so pretty. Then 10 yrs ltr my grandma got me at 16 so I never lived in a foster home again and it was so fun to decorate with her after that as she went all out . I up until i was 49 lived in Ca and now live in Iowa and have another white which is snow when you are used to living 20 min south of SF there is no snow at Christmas so we took our kids up to Tahoe to the snow for the holidays. I love Ms. Carolyns books and would be honored to read this one and review also. P. Clayton ptclayton2@aol.com I can't instagram or tweet due to crippled fingers RSD throughout entire body

    1. What an amazing story of hope and love...just what Christmas is all about!

  3. Christmas with my grandparents was always the best...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Grandparents are pretty special, aren't they?

  4. My favorite Christmas memory is going to see my husband’s grandparents and driving them around looking at the lights. They were in awe. It was wonderful.

    1. Mama used to drive us kids around to see all the pretty lights. It's one of my favorite memories!

  5. Christmas in the Caribbean! It's truly a beautiful sight

    1. I'd love to do that sometime!! Been there in the summer but never at Christmas!

  6. I really don’t travel for Christmas but one of my favorite memories is every Christmas Eve me and my two sons would make chocolate covered pretzels, peppermint bark and chocolate Ritz. Even though they’re both in their 20’s now we still do it every year.

    1. Sounds like a great tradition! I love all those things you mentioned!!!

  7. We travel all the time, but we always travel and see family at Christmas �� My favorite memories of Christmas are always when my entire family gets together to open presents and my Grandpa makes a huge breakfast feast

    1. What fun!! I'd bet the spirit of the holiday and love is everywhere!!!

  8. I always have dinner with My Children and all their families!

    1. Family all around and lots of visiting. We have that at Thanksgiving and I love it!


    1. So sorry but I do believe that your comment lets you enter, also!!

  10. Simply splendid cover. My favorite Christmas memories were traveling to Canada to seeing my large extended family.

  11. I don't travel at Christmas Time 🎄
    When I was younger it was to My Grammas 👵🏼

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