Phyllis Humphrey & Carolann Camillo

Get lost in a high seas romance aboard the Southern Star!

Southern Star

Phyllis Humphrey and

Carolann Camillo

Avalon Press

Marilee’s inheritance, the yacht, Southern Star, is in default to the bank. To save it from the auction block, she decides to honor a Caribbean cruise planned for two couples. But with no captain available, she’s forced to approach Gary, a man she once loved but refused to marry. He agrees to skipper the cruise, but only if she comes along as crew.

In addition to the danger of succumbing again to Gary’s charm and good looks, she has other problems. Selling the yacht, the discovery of forgery, and the appearance of an unexpected visitor make the excursion anything but sea-worthy. Will the romantic but rocky voyage rekindle their love or scuttle it forever?

Carolann Camillo lives in the San Francisco Bay Area--talk about inspiration! She writes contemporary and historical romance, at times with her collaborator Phyllis Humphrey. Twice a year, she travels with her husband, a college professor. "We spend Christmas in New York where I have family, and in early June we go to Europe, usually France or Italy. Tough life!"

SOUTHERN STAR is Phyllis Humphrey's tenth published romance novel, but she has also sold a mainstream novel, short stories, articles and a non-fiction book during her 35 year writing career. She's a member of Mensa and listed in Who's Who of American Women.

Welcome to Get lost In a Story Carolann and Phyllis. Please feel free to co-author or trade off answering the interview questions!

Jillian: Besides getting lost in a story, what turns you on?

Carolann: I'd have to say my husband turns me on like nothing else!

Jillian: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?

Carolann: King Henry VIII's court--such intrigue!

Jillian: What's something you'd like to tell your fans?

Carolann: I always fall in love with my hero (don't tell my husband)

Jillian: What dreams have your realized as a result of your writing?


Jillian: What does it mean to love someone?

Carolann: To love someone means doing what you can to make them happy--if you do, they'll make you happy in return.

Jillian: If you could't be a writer, what profession would you take up?

Carolann: If I couldn't be a writer, I'd be an actor.

Jillian: What's your favorite movie of all time?

Carolann: Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson--humor and romance--it doesn't get much better than that.

Jillian: What was the first story you remember writing?

Phyllis: I started a book about a girl who was adopted and set out to find her real parents. (Not true in my case)

Jillian: Tea or coffee?

Phyllis: I'm a tea drinker, especially peppermint tea or Constant Comment. Comes from my English grandfather, no doubt.

Jillian: If you couldn't be a writer, what profession would you take up?

Phyllis: That's an easy one, because I'm also an actor and singer. I'd love to play quirky characters!

And now for the Gotta Ask, Gotta Answer question:

Jillian: Since you are co-authors of SOUTHERN STAR, I'd love for you to tell us how you met your writing partner, and a bit about how you work together.

Carolann: Phyllis and I met at a writing class. We lived a few blocks from each other and usually walked together 2X a week. We started kicking around an idea for a book, and voila!

Sometimes Phyllis writes the first draft of a chapter and I polish it. In our book, Eye Witness, there are some chapters we wrote individually.

We burn through so many e-mails when we conference--fortunately, we're usually on the same page.

Jillian: Any tips for teaming up with another writer?

Carolann: Write with someone who thinks pretty much the way you do and has similar interests and taste in books. Kick around a story idea--if you come up a plot that intrigues you, go for it! Not surprisingly, Phyllis agrees: A writing partner has to be someone as much like you as possible, and also someone whom you trust and whose writing you admire.

Jillian: Phyllis, would you like to add anything else?

Phyllis: I'm a story person and Carolann is a word person. SOUTHERN STAR is our first collaboration, the second, EYE WITNESS, has been accepted by Knight Publishing and will be released in January 2012. We're working on a rewrite of the third, but, thanks to e-mail, it's not that difficult!

Phyllis has a reader question: Have you been on a yacht, or a small cruise ship, or been to the Bahamas? If so, what's your favorite memory of it? A free book to the person who gives the best answer!***

Phyllis invites readers to visit her website: http://phyllishumphrey.com

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  1. We honeymooned on Paradise Island--we were supposed to go to Jamaica, but a hurricane hit two weeks before our wedding, so our travel agent moved us. We had such fun. Everyone else we met seemed to be from the East coast, and they thought two Midwest kids who had never travel anywhere were quite entertaining. :)

    Love your cover, I'd definitely pick that up off the shelf!

  2. Wow! Two for one today :) Welcome Carolann and Phyllis.

    Your story sounds so amazing...I'm in awe of writing teams, and how even when they write different chapters, the voice seems consistent throughout. I will definitely have to check your book out!

    I have been to the Bahamas, but the weather was awful during our trip, which made everything gray and drab so my best memories aren't there. I'd like to try the Virgin Islands, and I love the beaches of the Yucatan in Mexico.

  3. Carolann and Phyllis, fascinating about your corroboration. That must take a lot of setting egos aside. And that one of you is a member of Mensa. I would find that intimidating. Will you talk about that?

    Obviously, the other partner would have to be equally as intelligent. Sounds like a great story. Thanks for allowing us to get lost in it!

  4. Welcome Carolann and Phyllis!

    I was once on a ninety foot sailing ship/schooner/yacht? Got seasick the moment we were out of the channel and into the high seas. Not much of sailor, huh? LOL!

  5. Thanks for coming, ladies! And don't I wish I'd been on a cruise. Not so lucky. But my nearly 80 year old parents just did and they both went zip-lining. No joke.

  6. I went on a 7 day cruise. Big cruise ship. Back when I was single. Never told anyone my last name. It became quite a challenge for some of the guys. LOL

    Welcome to GLIAS Carolann and & Phyllis. Your book sounds terrific!


  7. Donnell:
    I don't often mention I'm a member of Mensa, which I did on a dare many years ago. But now I can enter my books in their Bulletin for a review, which is cool. Thanks for your comment, and, yes, Carolann is really smart.

  8. Gllian Layne:
    Wow, a honeymoon on an island. Way to go. Thanks for your comment.

    Sorry the weather was bad when you were in the Bahamas. Mine was better which made it easier to write about. Thanks for sharing.

    Sorry you were seasick on the yacht. I've been seasick too, just not on this particular trip. But I had "sea legs" when I got off.

    How great that your paren ts went on a cruise. We should all live like that. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Angi:
    What a great idea - no last name on your cruise. You must had had a blast! Thanks for the comment.

  10. Wow! Great interviews! :)

    I'm always in awe of writing teams... Congratulations on the release!

    Lisa :)

  11. Phyllis, great to hear you're a tea drinker and enjoy our Constant Comment Tea.

    Kathy for Bigelow Tea