Stephanie Doyle

Two weeks in a row, I’m hosting one of my Drunk Writer Talk pals! How awesome is that? I’ve known Stephanie for several years through our mutual friend Molly O’Keefe. Stephanie’s always too modest about her career, so I’ll add to her bio below that she’s had twelve books and one novella published by Harlequin—across several lines—and is an incredibly talented writer and storyteller.


Stephanie Doyle is a dedicated romance reader. She began to pen her own romantic adventures at age sixteen. She began submitting to Harlequin at age eighteen and by twenty-six, her first book was published. Fifteen years later she still loves what she does as each book is a new adventure. She lives with her cat Lex and two new kittens who have taken over everything. When she’s not daydreaming about heading to the beach, she’s thinking about her next idea.


Fresh on the heels of their disastrous date, Dr. Camille Lawson is none too pleased to find Dr. Wyatt Holladay darkening her doorstep. But a mystery ailment is claiming her patients – and just maybe the gorgeous doctor can help her get some answers. What should be a simple investigation of medical causes quickly reveals a very real threat. Someone is targeting Camille by killing her patients, one by one.

Surrounded by suspects and unable to convince the authorities crimes are being committed, Wyatt is the only person who can keep the infuriating beauty safe. With everything on the line, he must protect her reputation, her life… and her heart.

Romantic Times – Top Pick – “Wonderfully wounded characters and edge-of-your-seat excitement make this a great read you won’t put down.” Page Traynor


MAUREEN: What’s your favorite holiday?

STEPHANIE: Thanksgiving… because I don’t have to cook. Which means none of the pressure of gift buying and all the fun of eating.

MAUREEN: Where do you most like to read and how often?

STEPHANIE: This might make a lot of wives and moms jealous - but one of the perks of being single and childless is I have all the time in the world to read. I have a chaise lounge, a couch and a leather recliner all designed for comfort reading. I can spend a Saturday or Sunday on the couch reading for hours and hours. I love it.

MAUREEN: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?

STEPHANIE: A good one. Just give me a great story and I will sink so far into it that I won’t move for hours.

MAUREEN: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

STEPHANIE: Beauty and the Beast. I’m not Beauty but I always saw myself with more of a “beast” type guy then a Prince Charming.

MAUREEN: Hiking boots or high heels?

STEPHANIE: High Heels.

MAUREEN: What sound or noise do you love?

STEPHANIE: Water. It’s crazy but I love all the sounds of water. A bath running, a faucet, the ocean, a creek. All of it.

MAUREEN: What was the first story you remember writing?

STEPHANIE: The first time I started writing was basically Star Wars fan fiction. I was obsessed with Leia and Han. But my first completed book was an historical about an Irish revolutionary fighting against the English… and of course she was a woman. All my stories feature really strong women.

MAUREEN: What really scares you?

STEPHANIE: Snakes. Snakes scare the hell out of me. Whenever I’m stressed about something or worried I’ll dream and then I’ll see a snake in the dream. It’s how my subconscious interprets anxiety. Crazy I know… but me and Indiana Jones. The difference is I NEVER would have gone into the tomb.

MAUREEN: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and why?

STEPHANIE: Oh wow… this is a tough one. If time-traveler was a position I would so apply for that. I would go back to Philadelphia in 1776. I would head for the American west in the 1800’s. I would love to be a Templar Knight – but before they started killing all of them…. So many times and places.

MAUREEN: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?

STEPHANIE: I would invite every one of my heroes – obviously I’m in love with all of them. Of course they would also probably tick me off… but still.

MAUREEN: What would you say is your most interesting quirk?

STEPHANIE: I don’t know how interesting it is but I mix up common sayings all the time… I say things like… “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it” or “He really threw a monkey at my wrench with that one…” My co-workers not only make fun of me for this but have started writing them down.

MAUREEN: Hilarious. I had a friend in high school whose dad used to say, "Black duck of the family." It became a thing with us.


What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon?


Sleep in until the crack of eleven… breakfast at the diner which includes eggs and pork roll (NJ delicacy). Followed by two hours of quality writing. Then a long walk possibly followed up with a nap. Then a couple of hours of reading followed by dinner, a glass of wine and a good HBO show or movie. Wait – that is “typical” Sunday. You wanted my perfect Sunday… nope, same Sunday.


Stephanie is offering a copy of THE DOCTOR'S DEADLY AFFAIR to one lucky commenter randomly chosen!

Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Stephanie!

Readers, make sure you comment for a chance to win, and stop by tomorrow when Jill hosts Carolann Camillo **UPDATE** Winner of THE DOCTOR'S DEADLY AFFAIR is.... Chicks of Characterization!


  1. Hello Stephanie!
    Your book sounds very suspenseful. Having a stalker that kills your patients is just plain creepy. Sounds like a book I would love!

  2. Hiya Stephanie!

    The Doctors Deadly Affair sounds awesome! Might make me less apt to make a trip to the hospital, but hey, I love a good suspense!

    You're interview was great, its so cool to get to know the face, & person behind the pen!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    And your perfect sunday- ordinary sunday, ahhhh, I wish! With a husband and three children that NEVER happens!!!! Jealous!!
    hee hee

    I wish you all the best!


  3. Hi Stephanie! Welcome to GLIAS :)

    And yes, you totally made me jealous...I miss the days when I could sit and read for hours on end. I still get in some reading, but I tell you...I have a zillion romances lying around the house, but my toddler has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly which one I am reading at the time and of course, that's the ONLY one he wants. Won't be bought off with another, even if the cover is the same color. Sheesh :)

  4. Hi Stephanie!

    The Doctors Deadly Affair sounds like a suspenseful read! Love your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon/evening! Something fattening, relaxing and entertaining. Lazing in bed with the Sunday paper/crossword puzzle is also another favorite of mine! LOL!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by, Steph. Your Sunday sounds perfect to me, too. Awesome.

    I lived in Philadelphia for a while. Is pork roll anything like scraple?

  6. THis book sounds good. Love a little mystery added to romance.

  7. Welcome to GLIAS, Staphanie. What an awesome career. It's wonderful that you still love writing and it's still an adventure.

    I have several of your wonderful books.

  8. Can I come spend next Sunday with you? That sounds totally delightful even if I don't know what a pork roll is.

  9. See - I knew everyone would be jealous of my Sunday's. This Sunday it was egg whites and pork roll (trying to be healthy) Eloisa James, writing, beautiful walk and really good red wine!

  10. Ha! We will burn that bridge when we get to it! Count me in the envious column - but I'm losing my ability to read during the day time, if I want to really get lost in a good book, I convince myself I'm going to bed at 8 pm and put on my pajamas, otherwise I just feel guilty.

  11. Oh and the book is incredible - deeply flawed characters trying thier best - loved it.

    what exactly is pork roll?

  12. The Doctor's Deadly Affair sound like my type of book. Loved your mixed up sayings maybe even better than the originals. A friend of mine and I were talking about how much we hate snakes just this weekend and we would both agree with you. Fortunately for me so far I have never dreamed of snakes.

  13. Drumroll... Randomly drawn winner of Stephanie's fabulous book is:

    Chicks of Characterization.