Maureen Grills Cat

Today is my day to help celebrate Cat's first release, MEDDLING WITH A MILLIONAIRE.

I just LOVE this cover!!!

MAUREEN: How did you feel when you first saw a copy of your book?

CAT: Since I'd already seen the cover, I thought it wasn't going to be a huge deal to hold the book. Was I wrong. No electronic image compares to holding the book and flipping to the middle and reading the words I slaved over for years. While my daughter twirled around the living room yelling that her mom was a published author, I got all teary.

MAUREEN: How did it compare to learning it was going to be published?

CAT: That was more like exhaling after holding my breath for 8 months. It was a huge relief. I was so stunned that it took me almost an hour to get giddy.

MAUREEN: What do you think it is about the Harlequin Desire line that appeals to so many readers?

CAT: I think the sexy Desire alpha males draw you in and the fast pace and passionate conflicts keep you engage right to the end.

MAUREEN: Nothing quite like an alpha man with money... ;) What’s the most romantic thing that anyone’s ever done for you?

CAT: There was a guy I dated that drove hours through a snow storm so we could spend Christmas Eve together. That was pretty amazing.

MAUREEN: That is pretty amazing. :) What’s coming up next for you?

CAT: I just sold my third book to Desire and contracted for book four so I'm going to be working on that story.

FABulous. I'm so excited to celebrate your debut release week!!

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Angi will be here tomorrow with special interviews of Meddling's Emma & Nat. AND Heather will be back Thursday with a special Millionaires she'd like to Meddle with column. And check out HER SECRET MILLIONAIRE, Cat’s free novella and prequel to MEDDLING WITH A MILLIONAIRE. Cat will be around to answer any questions you may have.


  1. Congrats on the book deal, Cat.

  2. Thanks Jane. I'm excited to tell all three Case brothers' stories.

  3. Morning Cat. I hope you're enjoying the release of your book. Take it all in sistah! Don't forget to smell some of that coffee you're drinking to keep you awake to work !

    Hugs and again, congratulations.

  4. I opened this and read: Maureen Grills Cat and imagined a newspaper headline and a whole different meaning for cat... And laughed for about 10 minutes.

    Guess I should have thought that blog post heading through... ;0

    Congratulations, Cat!!!!! (hope the grill marks are healing)

  5. Cat, I have a great idea. We'll set up a Lamaze session for Debut Authors... What do you think? We'll get so rich, we can join the ranks of millionaires. So great about holding your book in your hands. I feel this way, too. Kindle is so nice and convenient. But there's something special about turning a book over, reading the blurb, studying the cover and seeing the author's name up close and personal. I hope you're having a fabulous Debut week!

  6. Congratulations on the release of your book. Going out to buy it today!

  7. Angi, I'm loving the whole release thing. My wonderful friends have bought out six of the Barnes and Noble stores near by. I'm so happy!

  8. Maureen, I saw the header and laughed. I LOVE it by the way. It's definitely an eyecatcher.

    Thanks for the great interview. It was fun thinking back to those turning point moments. The call and holding my book for the first time. The joy is still so fresh.

  9. Donnell, I like the way you think. There are so many debut authors these days, we'd be rich in no time!

    What was so cool about holding the book was that I flipped to a page and read what I'd seen so many times but it looked so different in a book with the familiar typeset. Very cool.

  10. Elle, thanks so much for joining us today and for buying my book. I hope you enjoy it!

  11. Congrats on your book deal, this is awesome!

  12. Virginia, thanks! I can't believe it's all happened so fast. Everyday I wake up and think how lucky I am.

  13. Congratulations, Cat!