MEDDLE WITH A MILLIONAIRE and what do you get?

Harlequin Desire
ISBN: 0373731078

I thought we’d celebrate Cat’s release week with some inside views from Emma Montgomery and Nathan Case (without spoilers) and even from Cat herself.

CAT’s STORY: I ventured into the world of writing romance fiction while still in high school. It has been my passion ever since. Stories come easy to me. For every one I write, I plot 3 more. This can get distracting when I’m trying to finish one book and the characters from other stories clamor for my attention. Fortunately, I multi-task well.

Ten years ago I put my writing career on hold in favor of motherhood. I spent a couple years working two jobs and saving money so I could adopted a little girl from China. She turns eleven this year and these days she’s more inclined to give her mother some quiet time to write.

Another passion of mine is sailing. I used to do a bit of racing when I lived in Florida, but like writing, I haven’t had time to do much sailing. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to hook up with a terrific friend who is multi-published in technical and travel writing. Erik put together a crew of eight friends and we embarked on a sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands. With all the sailing I’d done, I’d never called a boat home before.

Living with seven other people lead to an article that I wrote for International Yacht Charters & Vacations. Getting published in a national magazine boosted my confidence. Pulling a series of novels off my old computer reminded me how much time I had devoted to writing and I began to think that maybe it was time to revisit my dream to be published.

In 2010, I entered the Golden Heart for what I hoped was the last time. The book, Fake Fiancée, Real Love went on to win. A month later, I sold a different book to Harlequin Desire.

So, here I am, 4 years later, living my dream of writing romances that will appear in bookstores around the country, and maybe even around the world.

ANGI: Who knew Cat first?


 That'd be me. She seemed pretty interested in my background and we spent a fair amount of time talking about my family and my problems with my half-brothers. I had no idea what she had in mind for me. Of course, now I'm as happy as I could be, but there were times, I really wanted to put her on a slow boat to the south pole.

ANGI: Is Cat an easy person to work with? Did she have trouble getting your story right? 

EMMA: Cat's great to work with. She had lots of ideas for us, but it did take her forever to get it right. Not that I minded. It gave me a lot more time with Nathan. He's so great. Sexy. Strong. Yet he takes care of me.

ANGI: What was Cat’s first reaction when she sold your story?

EMMA: Thrilled. She'd spent three years thinking about us. Never stopped believing we'd get our happily ever after. We're glad she got hers, too.

ANGI: What’s Cat’s favorite scene in your story? 


 She's very partial to the opening scene. Spent forever getting it right. First it happened in a hotel room. Then a bedroom. Finally the study. Let me tell you, it was great spending all that time getting Emma hot and bothered up against the door.

ANGI: Have either of you gone sailing with Cat?

 We both have. She talks about that crew of hers all the time and when we went with her it was as if we were old friends. She's mentioned another sailing trip in Europe, but I have a feeling she's got a different couple in mind to bring along.

“I want the fairy tale ending. What’s wrong with that?” Emma asked. 

“Women get rescued in fairy tales,” Addison pointed out. “Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty. All rescued. I thought you were trying to prove to your father that you can take care of yourself.” 

ANGI: Emma, Addison is your closet friend. Tell us what went through your mind when you heard those words. Everyone around you, including your father and brother, knew you wanted the “fairy tale.” Had you ever thought that all the women got “rescued” before Addison had that conversation with you? 


 Well, I got bailed out a lot when I was young. I guess you could say "rescued." Maybe I didn't have the best judgment when I was in my teens and early twenties, but with four older brothers always watching out for me, plus my controlling father, I knew no matter what happened, they would take care of me.

Still, it bugged me when Addison compared me to fairy tale princesses and took me to task about proving I could take care of myself. I guess I thought I was acting more responsible than I was.

ANGI: Be honest, before meeting him as an adult, did you ever have dreams that Nat was really your knight in shining armor?

EMMA: Ah, no. Nathan isn't really the knight in shining armor type. He's got a bad boy vibe going. Very hot. He's not what I would describe as a prince charming. More like his scoundrel younger brother. But he's all that I wanted.

“When their eyes locked, all casual thoughts went out of his head. He targeted her like a jungle cat sighting a leggy gazelle and had her out the door and in his car before an hour had passed.” 

ANGI: The attraction between you and Emma is obvious and amazing. Just reading about your first encounter as adults gives me goosebumps. Did you have any hopes of a relationship?

NATHAN: I'm not sure the word "relationship" was in my thoughts when we first reconnected. I wanted more of Emma. In bed. Out of bed. Wherever. It wasn't until later, when I realized she wasn't on board with marrying me that I started thinking I needed to be with her on a whole different level than just physical.

ANGI: When Emma’s dad put the condition of marrying his daughter onto the deal of your lifetime, what did you think? And why did you pursue her? 


 At first it pissed me off that her dad put both of us in that position, but it didn't take long for me to decide that deal or no deal, she and I were going to end up together. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to admit how much she meant to me.


EMMA: Nathan and I are pretty hot for each other. Do you like your romances sweet or sexy?


Cat’s debut Harlequin Desire MEDDLING WITH A MILLIONAIRE is a blast and I hope you’ll pick up or download your own copy soon. Come by tomorrow for MILLIONAIRES Heather would like to meddle with. Should be loads of fun. Stop by next week when I host historical author Margaret Mallory.

Cat's giving away another copy of Meddling With A Millionaire today and everyone who comments this week will be put into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card.


  1. Thank you Emma & Nat & of course, Cat. Those are terrific responses. To answer your question, I like plenty of sexual tension in my romances. Emma & Nathan definitely delivered!


  2. Hello Emma and Nathan,
    I like them hot, but I can appreciate a sweet story, too.

  3. Angi, thanks for the great interview. I know those two had a ball answering all your questions.

  4. Jane, I'm the same way. As long as the romantic tension is high, I can go either way.

  5. Enjoyed getting to know Nathan and Emma. Hope to pick your book up at the store this week.

  6. Hi Anne, glad you stopped by. I hope you enjoy their story. Looking forward to finally meeting you at Nationals!

  7. Hot and sexy! What a great interview.

    I like my stories either sweet or sexy - as long as the writing is good!

  8. Loved this interview! And I loved that glimpse into your interesting background, Cat.

    Congrats again!

  9. Cat!!!!

    You are a natural born sailor! Have you ever thought about moving closer to the ocean? LOL! I know, when your Harlequin career takes off you can buy a condo in the Virgin Islands!

  10. Abigail, Thanks for coming by. For me it's the writing AND the storytelling. I've read some fabulous writers that are so boring.

  11. Hey Simone! The interview was sure fun. Angi asked so terrific questions!

    Adopting my daughter was the smartest thing I ever did. She's such an awesome kid. Not sure what I did right to deserve her, but I'm glad I did it.

  12. Gjillian, I used to live in Florida mere blocks from the beach and hope to "retire" down there one day. I can't wait to get away from the cold Minnesota winters.

  13. Oh my gosh Cat I can't imagine what it was like to live on a boat. I grew up in landlocked Oklahoma so I've never really been on many boats. My experience is a pontoon boat on an OK lake and water taxis in Venice. It sounds so exciting. Thanks to you, Nat and Emma for the fun interview!

  14. I love character interviews! I really enjoyed reading this!

  15. I like my romances both ways sometimes I want to read something sweet and other times I want them to be hot! Love the cover of this books.

  16. StacieDM, it was kinda cool living on a boat for a week. It made me realize how much I love being on the water. It's become my favorite way to travel.

  17. Chelsea B, I loved how the interview turned out. It was way more fun than I expected.

  18. Virginia, thanks for your nice words about my cover. I was over the moon when I first saw it. And Emma's blue dress makes it a standout on the shelves.

  19. Very cute post! As for the romance, I like both hot and sweet. It just depends on the mood I'm in.