Millionaires I'd Like to Meddle...

Hi everyone! Heather, here. In celebration of Cat Schield’s release, Meddling with a Millionaire, I thought I’d do a fun post about rich, hot men I’d like to meddle with…

I know, I know…when you think of the richest men in the world, it’s not typically young, dashing men we think of. I mean, I’m sure Warren Buffett is a very nice man, but hot? Mmmm…not so much. And even though Hugh Hefner seems to get his fair share at 84…eeewww.

So, I perused the Forbes list of rich men. Not surprisingly, most of the men were 60-90, and sadly, not so hot. Maybe they were once hot…but probably not.* If I had to pick the real life zillionaire, I guess I’d have to go with Mark Zuckerberg. Okay, okay…maybe he did cheat the other Facebook founder type people out of their fair share (I wouldn’t know…I’ve been on deadline, people. I didn’t have time to go out and see The Social Network movie), but he’s definitely rich, tall—I like them tall—and kind of cute. And the only uber-rich man I could find under 39. Just saying.

Still, one Zuckerberg does not a blog post make. So I turned to fiction, as I often do, for my Meddling with a Millionaire list…

First, I was afraid all I would find was these guys:

Gomez Addams - rich, but creepy!

Jed Clampett -- rich, but questionable culinary habits, among other things

Thurston Howell, III -- rich, but...

Just when I was about to give up altogether, I remembered some sexy millionaires I’ve loved…

1. C.K. Dexter Haven

From the movie The Philadelphia Story (or High Society, if you prefer the swinging, jazzy musical version starring Bing Crosby—who though a little silly looking with those ears, you must admit, with those blue eyes and sexy voice is HOT HOT HOT)

My C.K., however, will always be Cary Grant.

How could you not love a sexy, good-hearted and secretly devoted millionaire like Dexter, who upon learning his ex-wife (who also happens to be his neighbor) is getting married again, comes home just to very helpfully make her to see that there was never anyone for her but him? Oh, and he’s CARY GRANT!!! With all of the snarky sexiness he could bring to the role.

2. Bruce Wayne

Whether you prefer the Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney or Christian Bale version, it’s hard to resist a mysterious, tortured, philanthropic millionaire hero who also happens to wear black rubber like it was painted onto him…

And for those of you who must…the Adam West version

3. Jay Gatsby

Really, who can resist a tortured millionaire who carries a torch for a woman he can’t ever have, and who is willing to sacrifice everything to save her when, arguably, she didn’t deserve his devotion? And who can resist the men who have or will play him?

Robert Redford as Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio will be the next Gatsby...

And because this is MY post, I am going to add Ben Affleck to my list…because he’s hot, he’s rich, and if he (and I) weren’t happily married, ultimately meddleable. (Yes, that is a word…because I say it is and it’s MY post, remember?)

Now, get ye forth to a bookstore to read all about Cat Schield’s Meddleable Millionaire, maverick businessman, Nathan Case. You’ll be glad you decided to meddle with him…

*This is a farcical piece of fluffy fun to celebrate a friend’s book. Author is really not a shallow flake who judges hotness solely on looks. Author does, indeed, know that hotness comes from within. Looks are nice, though ;-)


  1. I love Bruce Wayne. He's a playboy, but he also fights crime. What's not to love?

  2. Awesome post Heather. And Cat's Nathan Case is another millionaire I'd like to teach a couple of lessons (or even take a couple of lessons from).

    But of the ones you mentioned above...I think Michael Keaton as BATMAN was great. Don't know why, but he's my favorite in that role. Maybe I'm showing my age?


  3. Ha! Great post Heather. :)

    And that photo of Affleck? I'll never be the same again. ;)

  4. Fun post, Heather. I'm a sucker for a guy with class. Love that Bing! Congratulations on your latest release, Cat!

  5. Jane -- yes, Bruce Wayne...gotta love him

    Angi -- Michael is actually my favorite, too. Not the best looking of them all, but he did such a fabulous job.

    Maureen -- ah, Ben. I love all the phases of Ben. Well, maybe not the puffy Jennifer Lopez phase...

    Shelley -- yes, Bing is something else. And way fun in High Society, paired with Grace Kelley and Frank Sinatra. But that voice...heavenly

    Cat -- So thrilled for your release! Congratulations once again

  6. Hello All, my apologies for not making an earlier appearance but I've been in meetings all day and it seemed rude to be surfing the web on my iPad while other people were talking.

    Heather. WHAT A POST. I'm so inspired, I want to go get to work on my next book. WOW!

    Jane, I've always been a fan of the secret identity thing. Gotta work that into one of my stories.

    Angi, Michael Keaton was one of my favorite Batmans. I think because he's such a goofball as Bruce Wayne. You really like him. Then he's so sexy as Batman. Best of both worlds.

    Maureen, I'm with you on the photo of Ben. Might have to download that one for my "private" viewing.

    Shelly, I've always loved Bing Crosby in the movies. But Cary (fans self). He's got that certain something. I had in mind Cary's suave charm and charisma when I wrote Nathan.

    Chelsea B, thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hmm, Cary Grant is definitely one of my favorites. And since I've actually seen Adam West and he kindly gave me his autograph more than 40 years ago, I'd say I don't mind him either.

    Now that does age me, doesn't it?

  8. I am all over Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. And Leonardo DiCaprio as anything.

    But Cary Grant! A man who can make a pipe look that hot is something special!

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