Get Lost with The Rodeo Man's Daughter

Barbara White Daille knows how to tell a story. She also puts the "H" in Heartwarming. She’s here at GLIAS to tell us about her most recent release, THE RODEO MAN’S DAUGHTER.

His Rodeo Career Is Over...

When Caleb Cantrell left home as a dirt-poor teenager, he never thought he’d return as a wealthy rodeo star. As a matter of fact, he didn’t think he’d return at all. The accident changed all that. It ended his career, nearly ended his life and rekindled a bitterness he thought he’d left in the dust long ago.

But A New Life Begins

To rebuild, Caleb has to go back to where it all began—back to Flagman’s Folly, New Mexico, and back to his high-school sweetheart, Tess LaSalle. But a ten-year-old secret stands between them, one that could hurt everyone Tess loves, especially her daughter...their daughter...the one Caleb never knew existed.

No rodeo ever required the courage Caleb needs now—to forgive, to forget and to start over again...if it’s not already too late.

DONNELL:  Barbara, welcome back!  This story takes place in the Southwest.  You’ve lived back East.  The stories I’ve read take place in New Mexico.  Talk about why you don’t place a story, say in New York City.

BARBARA:  Hi, Donnell!  Living in their hometown makes life tougher for my heroes and heroines.  Everyone knows everyone else's business—and generally likes to have a hand in it, too. 

Small towns are great places to find the interfering neighbors, meddling matchmakers, and kids of all ages that appear in my stories.

DONNELL:  What makes a worthy hero?

BARBARA:  My heroes become willing both to sacrifice and (eventually!) compromise for the women they love. 

They're sometimes bad-boy heroes, which means they also face up to the wrongs they've done—and make them right.

DONNELL:  Got to ask our staple question, and you’ve been on deadline… So, what’s in your refrigerator right now?

BARBARA:  Leftover pizza, chocolate, leftover Chinese food, dark chocolate... 

DONNELL:  Rodeo participants often have broken bones.  They fall off bulls, after all.  Have you ever had a broken bone?

BARBARA:  No, but Caleb, the hero of THE RODEO MAN'S DAUGHTER, recently broke and punctured so many body parts, he'd come close to dying.  Reexamining his life sets him on the course he's chosen now.   

DONNELL:  What’s the most difficult position you’ve ever put one of your characters in?

BARBARA:  With Caleb coming close to death (see above), he's my best physical example.  But for a character with an emotional dilemma, I'd definitely choose Ben Sawyer, the hero of HONORABLE RANCHER (August 2012), the next Flagman's Folly book. 

Ben's in love with his best friend's wife.  He's had a crush on her since kindergarten, but though she's now a widow, the secret he's keeping puts her even further out of his reach.  

DONNELL:  If you’re not writing a book, where will we find you?

BARBARA:  On the couch, reading one.

DONNELL:  Who is someone, either alive or dead, you would’ve loved to have met?

BARBARA:  That changes constantly.  At this very moment...Alfred Hitchcock. 

DONNELL:  What does success mean to you?

BARBARA:  My stories have made a connection with readers.  Finding out a reader has put one of my books on her keeper shelf thrills me. 

Hitting the New York Times bestseller list, which means the books have connected with—and hopefully touched—many readers, would make me pretty happy, too.  (smile)

FOR OUR READERS:  Your turn:  In celebration of Valentine's Day, all menu items at all restaurants are zero-calorie.  What are you ordering for dinner?

Giveaway: an autographed copy of A RANCHER'S PRIDE, the first book set in Flagman's Folly.


Please stop by and visit Barbara at her website:   http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com

Look for her on Facebook and Twitter, too:  http://www.facebook.com/barbarawhitedaille and https://twitter.com/BarbaraWDaille

Originally from the East Coast, award-winning author Barbara White Daille now lives with her husband in the warm, sunny Southwest, where they love the lizards in the front yard but could do without the scorpions in the bathroom.

From the time she was a toddler, Barbara found herself fascinated by those things her mom called "books."  Once she learned the words between the covers held the magic of storytelling, she wanted to see her words in print so she could weave that spell for others.

Barbara hopes you will enjoy reading her stories and will find your own storytelling magic in them!

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  1. Death by Chocolate Cake; baked potato with butter & sour cream, bacon & chives; blue cheese dressing on my salad; serloin steak, and wine!!

  2. Barbara is such a fun interview. Welcome to GLIAS, Barbara. Wow, for Valentine's Day, I think I'd like to stay home -- don't like crowds. I'm make Rib eyes, sauteed mushrooms, baked pototoes and salad. And then of course something chocolate! Hope your send off of The Rodeo Man's Daughter is doing great!

  3. Hi Barbara,

    We are late planners - I will have my Valentine dinner plan on 2/11 while we grocery shop. Since it is a Tuesday this year, we will eat at home most likely.

    Great interview and your book sounds great

  4. Good morning, and a big "Thanks!" to Donnell for hosting me here today.

    It's turning into a crazy day. Duty called unexpectedly and I'll be on the run in a bit but will pop in before I go and definitely be back later in the day, so keep those questions and comments- and lovely menu choices--coming.

    You've got me hungry already!


  5. Donnell - sounds yummy--and yes, must not forget the chocolate!

    Thanks for the good wishes.


  6. Girlygirl - great menu.

    I'm so glad to see you have your priorities in order, too. LOL Love that chocolate cake!


  7. Tammy - thanks for your nice comment about the interview and the book.

    The restaurants are sometimes too crowded, so we'll probably eat at home on Valentine's Day, too, and celebrate another day. A double celebration, since THE RODEO MAN'S DAUGHTER offically releases Feb 7!!!


  8. I Love zero calorie entrees and I'm assuming infinite stomach capacity. :)

    King Crab Legs, fresh broccoli, hot bread, wine

    Dessert - Molten lava cake with ice cream.


  9. Cyndi!!! We could be twins.

    I could pass on the wine, but the cake--yes!

    And King Crab legs are my FAVORITE! That's what I have for a big celebration--like a new book coming out. ;)


  10. Awesome interview, Barbara !
    Congrats on another success!

    Did you base your rodeo hero on any real rodeo star? Just curious.


  11. Zero calories huh? Sounds great. I know I'll want chocolate cake for dessert! Haven't decided on the rest of the meal yet.

  12. My zero-calorie Valentine's Dinner would involve a starter of Sevruga caviar, an entree of filet mignon, lobster mac n cheese AND a loaded baked potato. For dessert it would have to be something chocolate. Maybe something with a name like Death by Chocolate. ;-)

    Congratulations on the new release! I love cowboy heroes.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  13. Hi, Angi - thanks a bunch!

    And to answer your question...

    With my new release, my birthday, and Valentine's Day coming up all in a row, I hereby proclaim that all my heroes are based on my husband. ;)


  14. Hi, Chey - good choice for dessert!

    And I mean, really...when you're talking chocolate cake, does the rest of the meal matter all that much? ;)


  15. StacieD - whew! You have good taste! ;)

    That would be a meal and then some. Death by Chocolate--yum.

    Thanks for the kind comment. If you check out my cowboys, I hope you like 'em.


  16. Oh I can go for that chocolate cake myself, any thing chocolate is awesome. Also could go for a big steak and bake potatoe with lots of butter.

  17. Hi, Quilt Lady - we seem to have a lot of steak lovers around here!

    Me, too, only trumped by King Crab legs. ;)

    And chocolate? But of course!

    Thanks for sharing your favorite meal with us.


  18. I adore American Romance stories. It's like coming home. :)

    I would order steak tips, a blooming onion, and french silk pie. And pickled beets. And fresh baked wheat rolls, still hot from the oven. And iced tea. Yum!

  19. Gillian - you picked up on one of my favorite things to write about--for all my characters, finding their hero/heroine is like coming home to them, too.

    Love your dinner! And dessert. AND that blooming onion--yum!

    It's a good thing all this is calorie-free! LOL

    Thanks for mentioning pickled beets, too. I love 'em, especially my grandma's. She used to make her own, and I've never tasted any to beat them. I used to take them on a ham sandwich for lunch when I was in high school, and by lunchtime, the white bread had turned purple. I was the talk of the cafeteria! LOL

    Thanks for all the good thoughts.