Western Valentines from Cindy Kirk

Today's guest is Cindy Kirk, who is celebrating her 25th release from Harlequin with her new book, Jackson Hole Valentine. Welcome Cindy!

Simone: What was the inspiration for Jackson Hole Valentine?

Cindy: One of the characters in a previous book (Travis Fisher, the hero in If The Ring Fits) has seven siblings. For this book I brought one of his sisters back to Jackson Hole to be the heroine. The plot line (two former lovers get joint custody of a child when a parent dies) is similar to some movies (which I hadn’t heard of before I came up with this idea) but with a twist. I won’t say more about that…it’d give too much away.

Simone: What drew you to Wyoming as a setting for this series?

Cindy: I love setting books in the west! And Wyoming is a beautiful state. I went on a road trip with one of my critique partners through Wyoming, to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone (which I’d never been to before) and fell in love with it. But I didn’t want to do a cowboy book, so I started a series “RX for Love” about medical professionals in Jackson Hole. So far I’ve done several doctors, a nurse, a physical therapist and a medical social worker.

Simone: Describe your ideal reading spot.

Cindy: Sitting on my deck in a lounge chair, a glass of diet coke next to me!

Simone: You've also written Inspirational romance as Cynthia Rutledge. How have you found writing contemporary romance different from writing inspirational?

Cindy: Other than the level of sensuality allowed and the prominence of the faith issue I haven’t found it much different at all. Because Harlequin Special Edition is a Home & Hearth line, I’ve had some books with no consummated love scenes and others with two, depending on how it works with the plot. My characters in the Special Editions usually go to church and often something in a sermon will hit home and help them in their struggles.

Simone: What inspires you daily?

Cindy: I love to write. I love making the characters come alive on the page. No one has to make me write, it’s my passion.

Simone: You've written 25 (!) romances for Harlequin while working full-time. That's an incredible achievement! Any tips for busy writers (whether they work or not)?

Cindy: Make writing a priority. As with anything that is important to you, it shouldn’t be relegated to the “I’ll do it if I have time” pile. Carve out the time and get those pages written!

Simone: What is your favorite season and why?

Cindy: Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to go on long walks with my husband and our two dogs (a shih tzu named Ernie and a blue heeler named Shug). In the fall you don’t get too warm or too cold which makes walking pleasant. I enjoy seeing all the colors in the leaves and bushes. And, call me crazy, but I love the smell of the dried leaves and the crunch they make beneath my feet!

Simone: Name three of the best books you've read lately.

Cindy: I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, so that’s a tough question. There are so many good books out there. I’d have to say- This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros and A Duke of Her Own by Lorraine Heath.

Simone: What's next for you?

Cindy: I have another Special Edition out in April, The Doctor’s Not-So-Little Secret!

Cindy is giving away one copy of Jackson Hole Valentine to a commenter. So, let us know: If you could read a book set anywhere, where would it be?

Thanks Cindy!


  1. Welcome to GLIAS Cindy !!
    Have a marvelous day "getting lost."


  2. Hi Cindy,

    Great to see you here. Fall is my favorite time of the year too. I will say the perfect setting is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  3. Cindy, I so enjoy your work. I love that cover, the child is adorable.

    I love to read about small towns. As I live in one, the characters always make me smile. I love to read about Europe, too, as I've never been. It's like a mini-vacation.

  4. A Jackson Hole setting would be great.

  5. I love reading books set in the west. Westerns are my favorite read.

  6. Congratulations on the new release. Newport, Rhode Island would make an interesting setting.