Top secret commando soldier Ryder McKay is shot and left for dead in South Texas. But when he comes to in a bedroom on Grace Cordero's remote ranch, he realizes the beautiful former army medic did more than save his life. She risked her own. Not that he can tell her the whole truth about his mission.

Ryder is sure dangerous thugs are using Grace's vast property to smuggle drugs, weapons—and people—across the border. But to prove it without blowing his cover, he has to let her ride shotgun on the investigation. And keeping his heart guarded against sexy, off-limits Grace will be the hardest part of all.

Related Books in Series: This is the first of a 6 book series.
Book’s location: Texas 
  • published 30 books
  • began writing in  elementary school
  • hometown or favorite city: Budapest
  • ice cream or cake? dairy and gluten intolerant (It so bites!) But I can still eat chocolate J
  • hiking or biking? hiking 
Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
DANA: My husband! He was a volunteer EMT for years, volunteer fireman, served in the Army. He truly believes in helping other people and going the extra mile. He is definitely my hero. When I lost my job 10 years ago, he offered to sell his SUV (his most prized possession) so I can stay home and give writing a true try at last. I don’t know where I’d be without his loving support. 

What or who inspired the hero for THE SPY WHO WORE SPURS?
DANA: You know that commercial for the military that talks about how certain people when they hear gunfire run toward it instead of away from it? That’s Ryder. He’s a pretty tough guy. He’ll stand up to any challenge to protect those weaker than him. But he also has a goofy side. He has this great ideal of a wife in his head, a petite blonde, and all that. Well, Grace fresh out of the Army, a wounded warrior, does turn that picture upside down in a hurry. Ryder doesn’t know what hit him! 

Is there a hero you’re just dying to write about for Intrigue? 
DANA: I always wanted to do a hero who has to overcome physical handicaps. I find it awe-inspiring how tough warriors don’t fall apart when that identity is taken from them due to severe injuries. They just fight their way right back. Jamie Cassidy is a secondary character in THE SPY WORE SPURS. He lost both legs overseas. He’s gone through a rough time, but he is now back in business. I just recently sold his story to Harlequin Intrigue, so he will be the hero of his own book soon. I’m very pleased about that! 

What’s your favorite way you’ve killed someone (in your books of course)?
DANA: quicksand J 

What’s your favorite thing about Harlequin?
DANA: Harlequin Books are my absolute favorite. They got me started reading and got me hooked. So this is like a smorgasbord. I’m marking down titles for my summer reading. Thank you for putting on this fabulous event!!!!!!! But my absolute favorite part is the readers! I have made so many friends through these types of events. I love every opportunity where I get to meet the wonderful people who keep me going every day.  

Where are some unusual places your characters have ‘made out’?
DANA: Top of an abandoned tar silo in Texas. On the back of a camel in the desert. In an ancient cave in the Middle East that had been used for rituals by pre-Islamic people. (That was a very Indiana Jones kind of story, and I loved it!) 

GOTTA ASK: If you had to choose a movie to describe THE SPY WHO WORE SPURS, which would it be?
DANA’S GOTTA ANSWER:   I’d have to pick one of the Bourne movies. Lots of action, and a heroine who is as tough as the hero. 

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How many books do you read during an average summer? What genres? Romance? Mystery? Non-fiction?


  1. i have well over 600 intrigue books i have read alot of yours are included i just love to read every one i get a hold of in anaverage summer i cant really giva a total i always have a book with me in my car and purse and ect.
    thank you so very much for this chance sure would love to win some of these drawing

  2. Hi Dana,

    I maybe read 30 books each summer - sometimes more. Always romances or romantic suspense. I like happy endings!

    1. I'm with you Tammy. give me a HEA any day. But like I've said before...romance needs the two main characters to grow emotionally. THAT really draws me to the genre. When there's no character growth--books or movies--I feel cheated since life is about constantly growing.


    2. I love a good suspense, but like you, I need that added romance and happy ending. So I read rom sups instead of straight thrillers.


    Hope you have a great day today. And I really wish I could read more than I have time for now.


  4. Angi, I'm like you. Always want more time to read. I've mostly given up TV so I can read more.

    1. Ditto. ;)

      Wow, I'm impressed with these readers reading 30 books over the summer, or so many they can't count. I'm excited that I've read 5. More than last summer.

      BTW, Dana, one of the books I read was your AGENTS UNDER FIRE novella trio on my Kindle. They really made me think I was reading Robert Ludlum's BOURNE books. Great romantic suspense! Loved the heroes!

    2. Thank you, Julie! I can't wait to get my hands on your Kansas City Cowboy! I'm so looking forward to a little downtime :-)

  5. Hi Dana, I read a book a week if I have time. I love romance novels. I have many of your books in my bookcase.

  6. I have read over 250 books/year since 1974. The majority are romances, including Medicals, Romantic Suspense, Blazes, Intrigues, Special Editions, Super Romances, Historicals, and various other lines. As long as they have happy endings, I want to read them (well ... I also read quite a few non-fiction books re organizational and household/office management tips, as well as biographies and recipe books, which obviously don't all require happy endings, LOL). Like others, I prefer the romantic suspenses so that I'm not up all night, not able to sleep. I love the thickness of the books (except for the Historicals), as I can usually read them in 1.5 hours or so. 250 divided by 12 = about 21 books/mth, but I would say I read less in the summertime and make up for it in the dead of winter.

    1. That's a lot of books, Laney! Winter is the perfect time to read. I like reading on the beach, too, but sometimes the sun reflects off the white page too much. But those long winter nights are perfect to catch up on reading.

  7. I read alot and average 2-3 books a week, I read romance, alot of intrigue, and Desire and fiction. so far just this summer-May since i live in fla. about 200 books...and thats just the summer..I read all year round...carolefiore@yahoo.com

    1. Sounds like a fellow book addict :-) Once I took a part time job with a publisher so I could have unlimited free books :-) Oh, the good old days.

  8. It's probably a book a week in any genre.


  9. That's where I'm right now. I read more when I'm on vacation.

  10. It takes me about 4 days to read a book...less if it is just so good that I can't stop and end up staying up way too late. Love your Intrigues Dana. They are full of danger, both physical and of the heart. Smile. And the Third Scroll was excellent. Looking forward to your next book. Brenda R.

  11. Between paper back and Kindle books, I probably read 3-4 a week. I like Intrigues, Blaze, Desire, Special Editions, paranormal, and science fiction books. I like contemporary romance books too but for some reason can't get into historical books.

    1. 3-4 books per week is amazing, Ruth!

  12. Depending on how much time I have, I usually read 10-15 books a summer. Mostly romance. Specifically romantic suspense and PNR.

    geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

  13. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJuly 16, 2012 at 11:22 PM

    Depending on my time I read 2-3 books a week. So probably close to 30 books in the summer. Most of it's some type of romance.


    You've won a book bag from Dana Marton.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made INTRIGUE WEEK such a success. And another special thank you to our participating authors and their gracious giveaways!


  15. Thanks so much, Angi! What a wonderful surprise!!