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As soon as Matt Alvarez returns to his small Texas town, he knows the situation is worse than he thought. And yet the angry glares and muttered threats won’t keep Elena Weston from proving she’s innocent of murder.  Matt isn’t at all surprised. Elena is as stubborn as she was ten years ago, when their love seemed limitless—until circumstances tore them apart.

Now that he’s back, Matt has no intention of allowing Elena to face her troubles alone. But the passion that still burns between them is as tempting—and dangerous—as uncovering the truth.  And their only chance at survival means baiting a killer lying in wait…a killer more than ready to bury his secrets with them. 

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Book’s location: Texas 

Kerry's First Book

  • published 11 books.
  • began writing in 1991
  • hometown or favorite city: London
  • ice cream or cake? Both! 
  • hiking or biking? Hiking
What or who inspired the hero for HER COWBOY AVENGER?
KERRY: I wanted to write a reunion story about star-crossed lovers.  I had this idea of a man who, despite the years separating them, came back simply because he knew she was in trouble, which, to me, was both deeply heroic and highly romantic. 

Is there a hero you’re just dying to write about for Intrigue? 
KERRY: The story I’m working on now, the second in a series coming in 2013, is one I’ve wanted to write for years, and the hero is a big part of that, for multiple reasons. He’s the guy the heroine had a crush on in college who she never had the guts to speak to. Part of the fun of this story is giving her this man who actually turns out to be every bit as great as she once dreamed—and more. Plus, I love writing stories about people who aren’t what may be considered conventionally heroic but who are just regular people who rise to the occasion. This hero isn’t a cop or a soldier or a secret agent, but when he’s caught in a desperate situation, he does what he has to. I love that. 

What’s your favorite way you’ve killed someone (in your books of course)?
KERRY: One of my books opened with a victim having his throat cut and his tongue cut out. My first Intrigue of 2013 begins with a woman being pushed off a balcony in a tower of an old mansion. Both were scenes I had in my head for a long time before I finally got to write them and get them out lol! 

What’s your favorite thing about the Harlequin Party?
KERRY: I’ve never actually been, though I hear it’s a great time!

Where are some unusual places your characters have ‘made out’?
KERRY:  I don’t know if this is truly unusual, but I have an upcoming release where they get hot-and-heavy in a swimming pool, a scene that was a lot of fun to write! 

GOTTA ASK: If you had to choose a movie to describe HER COWBOY AVENGER, which would it be?
KERRY’S GOTTA ANSWER:  In a lot of ways, I think it’s like a contemporary version of an old Western: the loner hero arrives in an inhospitable small town to hand out justice for a lady in distress. 

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I was trying to think of the right Western movie/TV show to compare HER COWBOY AVENGER to and couldn’t choose just one. So what’s your favorite Western-set or -themed movie or TV show?


Alexa said...

OMG, I LOVE Kerry's books! Great to have you with us, Kerry! I was a huge fan of The Young Riders TV show in the 90s and Young Guns movies.

Jane said...

Congrats on the upcoming release, Kerry. I love "The Quick and the Dead."

Laney4 said...

I'm a big Bonanza lover. Can't/couldn't get enough of Little Joe, Hoss, Adam, Ben, and even Hop Sing!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks so much! I definitely remember when that show was on and when those movies came out, though I didn't get to see any of them. Sounds like I was missing out!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks, Jane! I haven't seen that movie in years (probably since it came out). Kind of makes me want to go back and revisit it!

Kerry Connor said...

Great pick, Laney!

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Hi Kerry,

Fun question. So many to choose from. I loved The Big Valley, Bonanza and Maverick back in the day. Also, the Wild Wild West even though it was more of a spy show. Can I say Justified since Raylan wears a cowboy hat?

Ingeborg said...

I watched all the westerns when I was growing up, Bonanza, Wagon Train, Rawhide, Maverick,I could go on and on. It is a shame kids nowadays don't have westerns to watch. But I guess they wouldn't be interested anyway.

Angi Morgan said...

Welcome to GLIAS, Kerry! I hope you enjoy your Saturday with us.

I'm a western girl. Raised on John Wayne...seriously, the only other movie my dad ever paid to take me to growing up was 101 Dalmations. We weren't allowed to mention the two movies that the Duke died in. LOL

Saturday night wrestling and HEE HAW, baby!! So all the wetern shows were a must view for us. I really enjoy MAVERICK the movie with James Garner and Mel Gibson. Awesome ending. I'd love to see those two together again.


Ruth said...

Loved all the western TV shows mentioned, but I must add Cheyenne and Sugarfoot to the list. And as Angi said John Wayne westerns.


TAMMY said...

i have been a fan for many years love your books hope i win tammy

Angi Morgan said...

I'm not kidding about this --John Wayne in the TRAIN ROBBERS just arrived yesterday from NetFlix and I'm starting up the blueray. Need a break from edits.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed watching Rifleman and Bonanza but I like humor in mine too...Catbalou, Blazing Saddles, and Apple Dumpling Gang. Brenda R.

Kerry Connor said...

Sure, why not? Close enough lol, and thematically, it certainly has a lot in common with the Westerns of old. Thanks for reminding me of some great titles!

Kerry Connor said...

Definitely a shame Westerns have fallen out of favor on TV and in the movies for the most part, but these things have a way of happening in cycles. They may just be ready for a comeback soon!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks for having me here, Angi! Enjoy the movie and a well-earned break!

Kerry Connor said...

I'm actually not familiar with those, Ruth (the TV shows, that is). I'll have to look them up!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks, Tammy! Good luck!

Kerry Connor said...

It's great that you mentioned some comedies, Brenda. Definitely some classics there!

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I thought of two more western comedies. Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gunfighter. Between Maverick and these movies, yes I love James Garner!

bn100 said...

The book sounds good. The Last Samurai was an interesting movie.


Loves 2 Read Romance - Laura said...

Hey Kerry! I love the sound of your newest book. I haven't really been into westerns but I love cowboys. I do however think I watched Bonanza with my Grandma but I was really young and don't remember that much of it.

StacieD said...

I love the mini-series Lonesome Dove. It is the perfect western.

geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

Kerry Connor said...

Who can blame you? Garner was so great in so many things!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks! Have to admit, I haven't seen that one.

Kerry Connor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerry Connor said...

Great pick, Stacie. Definitely a classic!

Kerry Connor said...

Thanks, Laura! Glad to hear you love cowboys, even if Westerns aren't necessarily your thing.

Angi Morgan said...


You’ve won a copy of HER COWBOY AVENGER by Kerry Connor.

A BIG THANKS to everyone who has stopped by to "get lost" during INTRIGUE WEEK. We appreciate all the great comments and the participation by the authors.


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