Renee Ryan talks about The Mistaken Bride

Hello Get Lost in a Story Readers.  Today’s our lucky day because my friend Renee Ryan has stopped by and it’s no mistake!  She’s here to promote her new release, THE MISTAKEN BRIDE.  Now Renee’s a personal friend of mine and so I’m really looking forward to our Fun Questions. But for now let’s read the Blurb and see what’s got people all excited.

The Wrong Bride...the Right Woman?

When William Black's mail-order bride fails to appear at the Boston docks, he's relieved when beautiful, vibrant Bridget Murphy steps in.  However, she has a surprise in store.  She will be a temporary nanny to his young twins...but she will not marry without love.

Faith Glen, Massachusetts, is worlds away from the poverty Bridget knew in Ireland.  And William Black couldn't be more different from her faithless ex-fiance.  Yet that integrity Bridget so admires binds William to a promise that could keep them apart forever.  In this new land of opportunity, does she dare to wish for a happy ending?

Let's meet Renee

DONNELL:  Renee, I generally ask people what their favorite room is in their house.  But in your case, I’m going to give you a harder one.  Where would you rather live, Nebraska or Georgia?

 RENEE:  My answer might surprise you.  Nebraska all the way!!!  Don’t get me wrong.  Savannah is a great place to visit, lots to see, great food, but I don’t think it’s the best place to live, at least not for mne.  The weather isn’t as spectacular as people assume.  It’s humid, humid, and, oh, by the way, HUMID.  The summers are stifling on a good day (like walking through molasses) and the winters  can be bone-chilling cold.  Give me a dryer climate any day.  Plus, I love snow.  Love, love, love it!   Not a lot of snow in southern Georgia

DONNELL:   Coffee or tea?
RENEE:    Ice Tea, unsweet, fresh-brewed, with lemon.  I’m drinking some now!

DONNELL:  Who’s easier to raise, a boy or a girl?

 RENEE:   A boy, hands down!  I don’t think boys even know what the word drama means.  Girls invented the word.  And doesn’t that say it all???

DONNELL:    What’s the last book you read that you thought about for days afterward?

 RENEE:  Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number.  Laugh out loud funny.  I’ve never been a chic lit fan, but Sophie Kinsella is a cut above the rest.  I can’t recommend her books enough, especially this one.  What a refreshing break from the same-old, same-old.   

DONNELL:   What do you want your readers to take away from your books?

 RENEE:  I can answer that in one word: HOPE.  I want my readers to know that we humans can never out-sin God’s love and mercy.  There’s always a way out, always forgiveness available, no matter our mistakes.

DONNELL:    How many hats do you own?

 RENEE:  RENEE: Get ready to gasp…30!  What can I say?  I’m a pony-tail and ball cap kind of girl.

DONNELL:   Tell us your writing schedule.

 RENEE:   I write full-time, Monday through Friday.  That means I get up early, exercise first, then I write all morning, stop for lunch and watch either Castle or Bones or White Collar, then I’m back at it for a few hours in the afternoon.  I don’t write in the evenings or weekends.  That’s family time.  Overall, I’m a slow writer.  I need every bit of the day to get my pages finished.

DONNELL:    You are known for writing historicals, contemporaries and suspense.  If you had to choose which one would you settle on?

 RENEE:   Well, if I lived in a perfect publishing world I’d say suspense.  (Did you notice my television viewing choices?)  My readers seem to like my historicals, though, so that’s where I will be focusing my energies the next couple of years. 
DONNELL:   What comes next for Renee Ryan?

 RENEE:  CHARITY HOUSE COURTSHIP, coming in August.  It’s the fifth book in the series, but the story actually comes first.  So I guess you could call it the prequel to my Charity House series or as I like to say: Where it all began.

DONNELL:   What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

 RENEE:   Finish manuscripts!!! 


What’s your favorite type of books to read? Historicals, contemporaries, suspense, or _________?

To learn more about Renee Ryan check out her website!

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  1. Good morning, all!!! Thanks, Donnell, for inviting me here. I'm on East Coast time, so it's getting late here (8:00 A.M.). Happy belated 4th to everyone. Hope you had a lovely Independence Day!


  2. Renee, good morning back atcha! I'm a suspense girl all the way. It's what I started my fiction career with and despite all the ebbs and flows of the market, it's what I've kept up with. I agree boys are easier to raise -- for me, that is.

    1. Donnell, I figured you'd go with suspense. After all, you're really good at writing in that sub-genre!!!! I'm a big fan!!!


  3. I do not have a favorite. Variety is the spice of life for me. I read Romantic Suspense, Historicals, Books that are steamy, Books that are sweet.

    1. Tammy, I'm with you. I love reading all kinds of fiction, too. You're my kind of girl. ;-)


  4. Hey, Renee! I, for one, are glad that you live in Savannah. :) But, yeah... I get the heat and lack of snow thing.

    I read all sorts, but I have to be in the mood for dead bodies in order to read suspense. Coincidentally, I'm reading mystery right now.

    1. Abigail, we're going to convert you...bwwhahahah :)

    2. You know, though, some have the dead bodies off the page, like before the books begin. Those I can read just fine (the problem is knowing when the dead bodies are going to appear). Books like, oh... I don't know... The Past Came Hunting. *grin*

    3. Waving frantically at you, Abigail. Yes, glad I'm living close to you, too. I agree. Dead bodies off the page, please. Hence Donnell being one of my favorite suspense writers. ;-)

  5. I like all the genres. Contemporary, historical, romantic suspense or even a mix of them. One of the thing I like best about historicals is being transported to a different time and experiencing what life was like then. I just finished a historical and now it makes me want to take a carriage ride.


    1. Na, yes, yes, yes, that's why I love historicals, too. I love getting transporting to a time when life was less complex.

  6. I like most types of books but historicals are my favorites. I love going to another world.

  7. Congratulations on the book! I like all genres.


  8. I love historical fiction and romance as long as there is not too much sex. :) I'd OK with a couple paragraphs, but more than that and I'm passing pages up...

  9. I love to read historicals and contemporary, mostly, but a good romantic suspense is always a nice change. I like to mix it up. I love that you have so many hats!

  10. I read Mistaken Bride as soon as it came out, although historicals aren't usually my first choice of a read. But a good story is a good story, and Renee Ryan always writes a good story! I strongly recommend all her books.

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