RITA Nominees in Inspirational Romance

In honor of the Romance Writers of America® national conference, we're featuring the different nominees for their highest published honor, THE RITA®, by category each day. We hope some of the authors will be able to join us, but remember they're getting ready for their big night July 28th. We'll celebrate the winners here on the 29th along with our celebration drawings from their gracious donations.

And the nominees are...

The Christmas Child
by Linda Goodnight
Harlequin Love Inspired; Allison Lyons, editor
In Redemption, Oklahoma, a young boy is found huddled in a Dumpster, clutching a Christmas book. Scared and refusing to speak, he captures undercover agent Kade McKendrick's guarded heart. Kade brings the child home until he can track down his family - and his story.

All Kade has is a name, Davey, and the boy's trust of sweet, pretty teacher Sophie Bartholomew. With her kindness and faith, Sophie helps both the boy and the battle-scarred cop to smile again. And as they uncover the mystery of a very special child, a family is formed - just in time for Christmas.


Deadly Pursuit
by Irene Hannon
Revell; Jennifer Leep, editor
 As a social worker with the Department of Social Services, Alison Taylor has a passion for protecting children and seeing that justice is served on their behalf. But now it seems she needs protecting. Someone is making harassing phone calls and sending her bizarre gifts.

When her tormentor’s attentions take a violent turn, she calls in reinforcements. Her brother, Cole, comes to her aid, along with his new partner, Detective Mitch Morgan. As her relentless stalker turns up the heat and the danger intensifies, Mitch takes a personal interest in the case. Because protecting Alison has become more than a job; his future depends on keeping her safe.


Katie's Way
by Marta Perry
Berkley Publishing Group; Ellen Edwards, editor
Hoping for a distraction after a personal heartbreak, new arrival Katie Miller sets up her quilt shop on Pleasant Valley’s Main Street, where Amish and Englisch intermingle. It’s not long before a quilting circle forms and women from both worlds are crafting together and sharing their secrets, turning the store into a lively spot for socializing…much to the consternation of the furniture craftsman next door. Caleb Brand has kept to himself since he lost his betrothed under scandalous circumstances, and he could do without all the feminine chatter—and Katie Miller’s carefree attitude.

When Katie becomes involved in promoting Pennsylvania Dutch Days, some in town appreciate the new business it brings. But others are upset about the flood of outsiders it attracts. Katie turns to Caleb for comfort, and despite his resistance, a fragile friendship forms. Then, when acts of vandalism suddenly threaten Katie’s shop—and the peace of Pleasant Valley—Caleb must decide whether to stand by the young woman who has brought a spring thaw to his frozen heart, and Katie must question whether her cherished independence may deprive her of one more chance at love…

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The Ladies' Room
by Carolyn Brown
Avalon Books; Lia Brown, editor
 Secrets told in the church ladies' room are supposed to stay in the ladies' room. But that doesn't mean that what Trudy overhears there during her great-aunt Gertrude's funeral won't change the rest of her life.

Trudy has a daughter in the middle of a major rebellion; a two-timing husband who has been cheating for their entire married life; and a mother with Alzheimer's residing in the local nursing home. She doesn't really need a crumbling old house about to fall into nothing but a pile of memories and broken knickknacks.
Billy Lee Tucker, resident oddball in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, lived next door to Gert, and in her will she leaves him the funds to help Trudy remodel the old house. That's fine with Billy Lee, because he's been in love with Trudy since before they started school. And just spending time with her is something he'd never ever allowed himself to dream about.

A beautiful home rises up from the old house on Broadway, and right along with it rises up a relationship. But is Trudy too scarred from what she heard in the ladies' room to see a lovely future with Billy Lee?

Love on the Line
by Deeanne Gist
Bethany House Publishers; David Long and Julie Klassen, editors
Is her curiosity dialing up love - or a whole mess of trouble?

Rural switchboard operator Georgie Gail is proud of her independence in a man's world ... which makes it twice as vexing when the telephone company sends a man to look over her shoulder.

Dashing Luke Palmer is more than he appears though. He's a Texas Ranger working undercover to infiltrate a notorious gang of train robbers. Repairing telephones and tangling with this tempestuous woman is the last thing he wants to do. But when his stakeout puts Georgie in peril, he realizes more than his job is on the line.


The Measure of Katie Calloway
by Serena Miller
Revell; Vicki Crumpton, editor
The Civil War in America is over and former northerner, Katie Calloway, must flee for her life from Georgia, where her husband, an abusive Confederate officer, is waging war in their own home. Not only does he taunt her about her father and brother dying for the Union army, but she discovers that he is planning to kill her in order to be free to marry a local widow whose still-intact plantation he covets.

Katie and her little brother escape north and find refuge in a Michigan lumber camp where she allows the camp owner to believe she is a widow. The camp owner, Robert Foster, wonders if the lovely woman he's hired has the grit to survive the never-ending work and harsh conditions of a remote pine forest in winter. Katie, worried that Robert will fire her if he discovers she is not the grieving widow she pretends to be, fights to keep her past a secret from this good man she is growing to love.


My Foolish Heart
by Susan May Warren
Tyndale House Publishers; Karen Watson, editor
Unknown to her tiny town of Deep Haven, Isadora Presley spends her nights as Miss Foolish Heart, the star host of a syndicated talk radio show. Millions tune in to hear her advice on dating and falling in love, unaware that she’s never really done either. Issy’s ratings soar when it seems she’s falling in love on-air with a caller. A caller she doesn’t realize lives right next door.

Caleb Knight served a tour of duty in Iraq and paid a steep price. The last thing he wants is pity, so he hides his disability and moves to Deep Haven to land his dream job as the high school football coach. When his beautiful neighbor catches his eye, in a moment of desperation he seeks advice from My Foolish Heart, the show that airs before his favorite sports broadcast.

Before he knows it, Caleb finds himself drawn to the host—and more confused than ever. Is his perfect love the woman on the radio . . . or the one next door?

Save the Date
by Jenny B. Jones
Thomas Nelson; Natalie Hanemann and Jamie Chavez, editors
You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom. Save the date . . . and say your prayers.

When funding for Lucy's non-profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why. Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir to Sinclair Enterprises-the primary donor to Lucy's non-profit organization.

Both Lucy and Alex have something the other desperately wants.
Alex has it all... except the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition: pose as his fiancee in return for the money she desperately needs. Bound to a man who isn't quite what he seems, Lucy finds her heart - and her future - on the line.

Save the Date is a spunky romance that will have readers laughing out loud as this dubious pair try to save their careers, their dreams... and maybe even a date.

To Win Her Heart
by Karen Witemeyer
Bethany House Publishers; Karen Schurrer, editor

A blacksmith with a criminal past. A librarian with pacifist ideals. Do they have a fighting chance at finding love?

Having completed his sentence for the unintentional crime that derailed his youthful plans for fame and fortune, Levi Grant looks to start over in the town of Spencer, Texas. Spencer needs a blacksmith, a trade he learned at his father’s knee, and he needs a place where no one knows his past. But small towns leave little room for secrets. . . .

Eden Spencer has sworn off men, choosing instead to devote her time to the lending library she runs. When a mountain-sized stranger walks through her door and asks to borrow a book, she steels herself against the attraction he provokes. His halting speech and hesitant manner leave her doubting his intelligence. Yet as the mysteries of the town’s new blacksmith unfold, Eden discovers hidden depths in him that tempt her heart.

Levi’s renewed commitment to his faith leads Eden to believe she’s finally found a man of honor and integrity, a man worthy of her love. But when the truth about his prodigal past comes to light, can this tarnished hero find a way to win back the librarian’s affections?


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