Get Lost in the Caddo Book Trilogy

Get Lost in a Story Readers, what do you get when you combine a trilogy written by authors Ken Casper, Roz Denny Fox and Eve Gaddy?  You get a fabulous storyline surrounding an east Texas town of Uncertain.  And while the town might be called Uncertain, you can be sure to be mesmerized ~  Donnell

Shall we learn more?




Book 1 of the Return to Caddo Lake Trilogy
Previously released as The Millionaire Horseman, book 1 of the Return to East Texas Trilogy
Available in October from BelleBooks, at your favorite bookstore, at
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Book One:  Uncertain Fate by Ken Casper
Nineteen years ago, Frannie Granger disappeared . . .
Since then, the land at Beaumarais near Caddo Lake, east Texas, has hidden the secret of her fate. Now that secret is out, but a mystery remains: who is responsible for what happened on her last hectic morning so long ago?
The local sheriff is convinced Jed Louis, heir to the antebellum plantation house, breeder of Percheron horses, and the eldest of the three foster children Frannie raised as her own, is responsible for what took place.

Gwyn Miller, who leases land from Jed, is equally committed to proving the millionaire horseman was in no way involved.
She’s also determined to show Jed that nothing can ever threaten what they have with each other, not even his Uncertain Fate.

Ken Casper, aka K. N. Casper, is the author of more than 25 novels, short stories and articles. Born and raised in New York City, he’s now a transplanted Texan. He and his wife Mary own a horse farm in San Angelo. Along with their two dogs, six cats, and eight horses—at last count!—they board and breed horses, and Mary teaches English riding. She's also a therapeutic riding instructor for the handicapped.

     You can keep up with Ken and his books on his web site at http://www.kencasper.com

Book Two:  Uncertain Past by Denny Roz Fox 

Caddo Lake has finally revealed the bones . . .
Nineteen years ago, Emmy’s foster mother disappeared, tearing their fragile family apart. After years of lonely wandering, Emmy returns to Uncertain, Texas to support her foster brother Jed, who’s been accused of the murder, and solve another mystery from the past—finding the biological mother who abandoned her.
Riley Gray, her teenage love and now a successful attorney, is the only person who can help Emmy. The old sparks quickly reignite. The romance is as irresistible as before. They never stopped loving each other. But someone wants Emmy to stop asking questions, and is willing to threaten not only Riley but his young daughter, too.

Roz Denny Fox, (also known as Roz Denny) is the author of more than fifty romance novels. Part of her love for writing came in moving around with her husband during his tenure in the Marine Corps and after that as a telephone engineer. The richness of various cities and diversity in friendships make crafting stories about everyday people a pleasure. Visit Roz at www.Korynna.com/RozFox

 Book Three:  Uncertain Future by Eve Gaddy
When Texas Ranger Will McClain discovers that his foster mother's remains have been found in the East Texs town he left years before, Will returns to solve the mystery of who murdered Fanny Granger and why.

While investigating the murder he falls for the lovely Tessa Lang, the archeologist who discovered Fannie's bones.  He also connects with his foster siblings, Jed Louis and Emerald Monday.  But Will is a Ranger and must do everything in his power to find the murderer, even when his foster brother is the main suspect.

Will has returned to the only home he's ever known, but convincing Tessa that she can make it her home as well is a tall order.  For Tessa believes her career lies elsewhere, and that the love she's discovered for teaching as well as her love for Will are both temporary.

Eve Gaddy is the award-winning author of nineteen novels.  She lives east Texas with her husband of many years, and her incredibly spoiled Golden Retriever, who is convinced he's her third child.

Visit her at www.EveGaddy.net

Fun questions for Eve and Roz:

DONNELL:  What inspired the trilogy?

Eve Gaddy:  Ken Casper, Roz Fox and I are friends who see each other mostly at writing conferences. One conference we thought it would be fun to write a trilogy of books together. We wanted to set it in Texas but not in West Texas, where so many stories are set. We wanted something a little different. 
About that time another friend, Rosalyn Alsobrook walked by and mentioned the town of Uncertain, Texas on Caddo Lake in far East Texas.  We loved the name, so we all got together and visited Uncertain.  We took a ride on a riverboat that toured Caddo Lake and fell in love with the place.  The story goes that when the town first came to be the people were uncertain what to name it.  So they named it Uncertain.  Don't know if that's a true story but it sounds good, you have to admit.   

DONNELL:  Roz Denny Fox, why did you want to be part of this trilogy?
ROZ:    Ken, Eve and I had talked about working together on a story idea.  We always met at RWA and Ninc conferences, had a few glasses of wine and talked story ideas.
It's been a while since we did our research, but I think Ken tossed out the idea of writing about foster children.

He always wanted to put in a mystery--that's the guy in him.  I'm abominable at things like red herrings and clues, so any that are in my book probably came from Ken or Eve.

We decided readers liked books set in Texas.  Eve mentioned not many were set in East Texas, hence our choice of a general setting.  A friend of Eve's suggested "Uncertain" and some of our ideas fell into place and seemed to fit right in the spooky, swampy area around Caddo Lake. 

My husband and I picked up Ken and his wife and we four drove from San Angelo, Texas to Eve's area.  Along the way we visited the Monday Trade Days location where I'd thought might be a good place for my main character to have been found as a baby. 

We really did have a lot of fun driving around, choosing the homes we wanted in each of our books.  As we talked to people we met, someone referred us to a man who once put out the Caddo Lake Newspaper from his house  It was called "The Uncertain News".  He had a lot of great stories and took us for a ride through the swamp in his paddle wheeler. He had a great time and we did too.  It's an area that is more like Louisiana than what people think of Texas.  And for us it was the perfect place to set a 20 year old murder.
 GLIAS Readers, are you as intrigued as I am?  Today is your lucky day.  Since we have three authors, THREE lucky readers have a chance to win one of the books from the Caddo Book Trilogy.  All you have to do is answer Ken Casper's question.  Also, be sure to leave your contact info: 
What's the most unusual name of the town in your state? 

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  1. I used to live near a town called RISE AND SHINE.

    I can still picture it. A pretty place.



    1. Wow, Mary, what state, do you mind me asking. Sounds like a place in Texas, if you ask me. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Hey, you three, this trilogy sounds wonderful, and what a fun game!

    1. I've actually been to Truth Or Consequences as it was one place where my husband had to install a telephone exchange. They have great chile food there. And I had a reader once from Hell, Michigan. It's a small world, right? Roz

    2. Very cool, Roz! Welcome to Get Lost in a Story!

  3. Hell, Michigan - and no, I'm not swearing. LOL! Can't wait to read this trilogy set in my home state of Texas. Thanks, Ken, Roz and Eve, for sharing.

  4. What an amazing coincidence... I live on the coast of Texas so Uncertain is practically across the state from here. But one day I was flipping through unusual Texas names for cities and ran across Uncertain. I had to go there and see what was there. I met with a friend who lived in Louisiana and we drove to Uncertain. It is a fascinating place. I will definitely have to read the trilogy!!

  5. Hmmm... well... there's a Gotham City in my province! :) But no Batman in sight... :)

  6. Hi Roz and Friends!
    Not a town, but where I used to live there were two streets-- Quarantina and Indio Muerto--that are unusual names. Indio Muerto literally translates to Dead Indian.
    I love Roz' books and am happy to discover two new authors.
    Happy Holidays!
    (no contest)

  7. Love the names! I write down interesting names of towns and streets all the time. Only problem is, I usually can't find where I write them down!


    1. Oh, Eve, that is so me. We must have been separated at birth!

  8. Can only think of Death Valley


  9. I love some of these town names. I like Rise and Shine--think it would be fun to live there. In Arizona we have a Valentine, and one other I like, Tortilla Flats. Roz

  10. Here in Iowa, we have a town called Defiance. I keep thinking there's a potential story there somewhere... :-)

    1. Love this names, and I love the name Defiance. Story indeed, Sparkle Abbey!

  11. The books all sound great!

    Hi, Roz - I'm a big mystery fan so love clues and red herrings. I'm sure you've done a fabulous job.

    Donnell (waving hi!) has already mentioned my all-time favorite town name, Truth or Consequences.

  12. Barbara, so great to see you! We have to catch up!!!


    bn100, Shannon and May! Bell Bridge Books will be making attempts to contact you to send you your books. Thanks for blogging with Get Lost in a Story.