No Foolin' Get Lost in a Story with Lisa Scott

Welcome back to Lisa Scott who joins GET LOST IN A STORY to talk about her fun-filled contemporary NO FOOLIN'.

Fooling the press they're in love is hard enough.  Fooling each other they're not is getting harder each day. 

Welcome to Willowdale, North Carolina, a small town where the folks are friendly, the romances are as sweet as the tea, and the biddies at the diner gobble up gossip like it’s peach cobbler. This may be their biggest scoop ever.

When sexy Hollywood bad-boy Teague “T-Rex” Reynolds comes to this quiet Southern town, he needs a fake girlfriend to hide the secret that brought him there. School nurse Kate Riley takes the job, but she won’t fall for a movie star, no ma’am. That’s fine with Teague. He hung a closed sign on his heart years ago.

Convincing the press they’re in love is one thing. Fooling each other they’re not is getting harder each day. Despite scandal, heartache, and misunderstandings galore, they might just find the sweet thrill of true love. Book one of The Willowdale Romances.

DONNELL:  Welcome back, Lisa, I love romances where the h/h are thrown together and especially if one has sworn off love.  What inspired this story?

LISA:  Hi, Donnell!  Glad to be back.  Thanks for squeezing me in on the last day of the world. J  I remember the very moment this story was born. I live in a small town in upstate New York.  Not as small is Willowdale, but not a metropolis.  One day I saw a gorgeous guy walk out of a restaurant by himself and get in a hot car with California plates.  You don’t see that around these parts every day.  What was he doing here?  Now most people would’ve said, ‘Hey, hot California guy,’ and gone about their day.  But being a writer, I kept turning it over and over in mind and came up with No Foolin’.

DONNELL:  Is Willowdale, North Carolina a real place?

LISA: No, I needed to create a little town that had certain specifications to fit my storylines, down to the number of traffic lights.  (Just one blinking one, for now. You’ll find out why in book #2.)  And for some reason, the voices in my head have a southern accent, so I had to place my town down south.

DONNELL:  You write such wonderful love stories.  So do you write what you know?

LISA:  I think I write what I wish for!

DONNELL:  Where do you write, how often and what comes next for Lisa Scott?

LISA:    I write while sitting in a recliner in my family room.  I’ve got a view of my koi pond from the window, so that’s nice.  I wish I had a cute little office or studio, but this is it for now.  I get most of my work done when the kids are at school or in bed.  Summer break was not very productive for me.   Book #2 in the Willowdale series, Man of the Month, will be out in March 2013.  Then I’ll be working on book #3, The Real Thing.  And I’m always in the middle of writing one of my Flirts! short story collections.  Reunion Flirts! is up next.

DONNELL:  What is something that not many people know about you, but you wish they could know?

LISA:   That I also write middle grade fiction, and my debut middle grade novel, School of Charm, will be published by HarperCollins in 2014.  Romance and kids’ fiction.  What a combination, huh?  But it’s so very easy for me to remember what it feels like to fall in love, and what it feels like to be a clueless preteen in middle school.

DONNELL:   With Pawn shops being popular these days, what is something you own that you would never pawn in a million years. 

LISA: Sadly, there is nothing I have that I couldn’t part with.  Or maybe that’s a good thing?  Although, I would be in a world of trouble without my laptop…


~~What’s the moment you knew you were in love with your significant other?~~

I’ll tell my story. I remember being in college, dating my hubby long distance, and thinking, I love this guy.  I cut out a little red paper heart and wrote down the date and time.  I gave to him later when I decided to tell him in person.  He still has that little heart in his desk drawer.

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 Here's what people are saying:
4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect vacation read! October 10, 2011

By Addie
Format:Kindle Edition

If you're the kind of person who has a hectic, stressful life and you just want a few minutes of peace, a few minutes to feel like you've been on vacation - read this. It's a cute, romantic-without-being-stupid account of two people who meet, and despite their misgivings, fall in love. There are enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages, but not so many that the very thought of keeping up with the characters tires you out. Highly recommended for chick-lit and/or contemporary romance fans!

5.0 out of 5 stars So sweet and cute!! October 13, 2011

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I loved this book. What a great contemporary romance involving a movie star and a small town girl. The plot was so well written and even the secondary characters grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

 Great reviews, Lisa, I've got my copy.  Happy Holidays and best wishes on all of your fantastic stories.


  1. Lisa, welcome to Get Lost in a Story. I'm always amazed at contemporary romance writers. I tried it once. A dead body showed up around chapter nine :) Off to buy No Foolin' and take lessons!

  2. Hilarious, Donnell! Thanks so much for hosting me today.

  3. I met my husband at work, I knew he was the one, after he brought me ice cream treats with cute little notes and left them on my desk. Also, he is generous, loves kids and animals, and truly gets me. We have been together 21 years, married for 18 years.

  4. Aww, very sweet, Tammy. Did you save any of the notes?

  5. I did - but after we moved 3 times, I have no idea where they are now. Our daughter just turned 14 and having a kid truly took over our space!