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Myla Jackson aka Elle James spent twenty years livin' and lovin' in South Texas, ranching horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, Myla is proud to be writing full-time, penning, sassy western romances, intrigues and paranormal adventures that keep her readers on the edge of their seats. She has 31 works with Harlequin, self published works under pen name Elle James, over many works with other publishers including Samhain, Ellora's Cave, Kensington and Avon and 19 works self-published under pen name Myla Jackson. Now living in northwest Arkansas, she isn't wrangling cattle, she's wrangling her muses, a malti-poo and yorkie. When she's not at her computer, she's traveling, out snow-skiing, boating, or riding her ATV, dreaming up new stories.


Elite Paranormal Investigative Agent Reggie Gallagher hates vampires. After thirteen beautiful women are kidnapped off the streets of Houston, Reggie and her sister set themselves up as bait to catch the kidnappers. The mission goes sour, her sister vanishes and Reggie is surrounded by a rabid pack of vampires only to be rescued by the most desirable vampire she’s ever encountered. Captivated by his incredible magnetism, Reggie can’t deny her body’s response to Yuri’s nearness. When the sexy beast insists on providing protection and assistance in finding the missing women, Reggie can’t refuse.

After the woman he loved turned Yuri Kovac into a vampire four hundred years ago, he swore he’d never trust another woman with his heart. Then he saves a sensuous hellcat from a band of vicious vampires only to find himself mesmerized by her curvaceous body, hot temper and fierce love for her family. Together, Yuri and Reggie seek Reggie’s missing sister and face down the evil behind the disappearances while fighting their growing attraction for each other.
Q: What made you decide to save Reggie Gallagher from Ceasar and his gang of rogue vampires?
Yuri: She put up a good fight. She was outnumbered. And she was beautifully determined to take on all of them single-handedly. How could I resist?
Q: Did you know Reggie hates vampires?
Yuri: (a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth) I love a passionate woman. Love? Hate? What is it, but passion? And it burns brightest in Reggie.
Q: Since Reggie is human and you are a vampire, how do you keep from killing her?
Yuri: (sitting forward, his eyes darkening) In four hundred years of being a vampire, I have learned. And if my own desires turn dark, my friends will remind me of my place.
Q: What are your hopes of finding Reggie's sister alive?
Yuri: (standing) If Reggie believes her twin still lives, I believe. I have wasted enough of my time. I must continue my search, less Madison and the other die needlessly. If you have daughters, lock them up. Keep them safe. Whoever is taking these women has evil in his heart.
Samhain Publishing
She wants no strings…but he wants it all.
After her philandering husband left her, Lacey Lambert found sanctuary, and a better class of friends, at the Ugly Stick Saloon. She learned that the best revenge—against her ex, and the “friends” who kicked her out of the Temptation Garden Club—is to live life to the fullest.
Now that her best friend is moving out of her apartment building, she’s feeling a little lonely. And more than ready for a little commitment-free sex with the hot new downstairs tenant.
Freshly divorced, Nick McBride isn’t looking for another failed relationship. But when the luscious brunette offers no-strings sex—with him and his brother—he can’t come up with a good reason to refuse.
After he gets over the shock that she likes it loud, long, and in front of an open window, he finds himself wanting more time with her. Maybe even on a permanent basis. But it’ll take every ounce of his cowboy charms to convince her to let him sweep her off her feet.
Warning: Contains a motorcycle-ridin’ cowboy, a wild-and-free woman who doesn’t care what the town biddies think, and semi-public sex loud enough to set tongues a-waggin’!
As a writer you're given all kinds of advice. No head-hopping, use strong verbs, start in the action and write what you know, among other sage guidance. I love the "write what you know" adage. How many writers know a vampire? How many are vampires? If you're writing what you know, how can you write a vampire or a space alien or a witch?
You write what you know. You know emotions like anger, grief, passion and happiness because you've experienced it. How many people have lost someone they've loved, felt wronged or experienced the absolute joy of being loved? Most adults. So when I write, I try to instill in my characters those feelings my readers can relate to like the overwhelming intensity of passion, the anger and disappointment of betrayal and the joy of coming home to the one you love. Emotions are what carry the reader to another place and make them want to be the hero or heroine of a story, to get lost in a story and want it to go on even after THE END.

ALEXA: Thanks so much for joining us today, Myla! Now, before you go do you have a question you’d like to ask your fans?

MYLA: What is your favorite emotion to experience? Leave a comment telling me what your favorite emotion is for a chance to win a download of THAT VOODOO YOU DO.

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  1. Be My Vampire~I adore that title so it must be a good read!

    And you're right. I can't imagine not drawing on emotions we all know while writing...and reading.

    My favorite emotion to write with is HURT. I get so much thinking about how to come back from that emotion and overcome it. But my favorite emotion to experience is LAUGHTER. Absolutely, hands down... I love to laugh.


  3. happiness


  4. Happiness, I think... and love... :)

  5. Myla, who can resist that interview with Yuri. What a great twist on your vampire protag. Welcome back to Get Lost in a Story.

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