Meet Lena Diaz

Everyone has secrets. Hers may get them killed.

Breaking protocol and going on the run with a protected witness wasn't in U.S. Marshal Ryan Jackson's plans. And even though Jessica Delaney's testimony nearly put away a crime boss, Ryan can't afford to trust her. Still, the duty-dedicated marshal will do whatever it takes to protect Jessica and uncover the mole leaking her new identity. But staying seconds ahead of the ruthless killers on their trail is easier than keeping himself safe from Jessica's unexpected vulnerability and irresistible determination.

Now, as the net around them tightens, Ryan's deepest loss may be the one danger he never anticipated.


Book’s location: Briefly begins in New York but moves to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for the bulk of the story.
hiking boots or high heels? hiking boots
dinner out or dining in? out! Dinner in means cooking - what’s that?
flowers or candy? flowers. Preferably carnations. My fave.
date dressed in a suit or jeans? Jeans - I’m all about comfort
texting or a real phone call? real phone call. I’ve never understood the allure of a text message. I guess that tells you something about my age.

What or who inspired the hero for THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS?
LENA: I love alpha-heroes and I had already written a book with a policeman as the hero, so I was trying to think of another alpha occupation that was a little different. Since I’ve always been fascinated with the Witness Security Program (WitSec), making my next hero a U.S. Marshal in charge of protecting a witness was a natural fit. And to make him even hotter, I made him a former Army Ranger. How cool is that?

What or who inspired the heroine for THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS?
LENA: I always come up with the hero first, so coming up with a heroine is a matter of deciding what kind of woman would be the hardest for my hero to love. For a U.S. Marshal, the answer was - a criminal! Yes, the heroine is a criminal. So when the hero is forced to go on the run to protect her, it makes for a truly compelling, emotional relationship. At her core, the heroine is a good person who got trapped in an untenable position and made choices she’s not proud of. It is a complicated, difficult, but exciting journey for these two people to learn to trust each other, and ultimately fall in love.

Is there a hero you’re just dying to write about for Intrigue? 
LENA: I want to write every kind of law enforcement occupation out there! So far, for Intrigue, I’ve written a U.S. Marshal, a bomb-squad technician, and a DEA Agent. All different but still sexy alpha heroes. I’ve been toying with writing a hostage negotiatior, but I haven’t figured out how to keep the action high in that kind of story since a negotiator’s goal is, well, to talk!

Where would your hero “pop the question” to your heroine (hopefully no story spoilers)?
LENA: Ryan is a tough guy, no mushy stuff, so he wouldn’t be all flowers and sunshine. He’d be matter of fact and honest. It would be the one time he bares his heart, and he would do anything to ‘make it right’ for the woman he loves. (I love a good grovel scene.)

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your characters from THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS?
LENA: Ryan would take Jessie for a ride on his motorcycle deep into the mountains. They would sit by a waterfall and watch the sunrise turn the water into millions of sparkling jewels.

GOTTA ASK: If you had to choose a movie to describe THE MARSHAL’S WITNESS, which would it be?
LENA’S GOTTA ANSWER: This is a toughie. I guess in a way I’d say The Fugitive, because both the hero and heroine are on the run, both from the good guys and the bad guys, because they don’t know whom to trust.

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Explosive Attraction
Harlequin Intrigue
April 2013


He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
Avon Impulse (Harper Collins)
August 2011

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Avon Impulse (Harper Collins)
March 2012

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  1. Welcome back to GLIAS, Lena! Loved the book. I'm so glad I had a break to read it. I love all kinds of RS...including those with a bit of comedy.

  2. Angi, and all the wonderful authors on GLIAS, thank you so much for hosting me today. It's going to be fun celebrating Intrigues all week! Angi, I'm so glad you enjoyed my book. I'm in the middle of yours and loving it immensely! DANGEROUS MEMORIES is your best work yet!

  3. Hi Lena!
    So happy to see you here, and I can't WAIT to get into The Marshal's Witness, cuz you KNOW what a big fan I am of your stories. I'm so glad my friends write suspenseful books with alpha heroes--I can live vicariously and then go back to writing my sweeter betas. You're much better at the tough guys than I am! Good luck with the book--I wish you even more success than ever!

    1. Hi Lizbeth! So nice to see one of my favorite beta hero authors here. (smile) Thanks for the good wishes. It's always so much fun celebrating a new release.

  4. I am not picky. I just need strong AND smart heroines. That's my favorite. Good luck with your new release!

    1. Thank you May. I strive to make my heroines strong mentally, not necessarily physically. So hopefully that qualifies. And my heroes are always sexy alphas, but never jerks.

  5. Lena~

    Great post. I laughed at your "good grovel scene." Sooo true.

    I also love an alpha with a tender heart. He's so big and bad, but just melts with his woman. *sigh*

    Best of luck with your newest release!

    1. Hi Lynda (big cyber wave). We are totally in tune with our alphas. I like mine to be big and strong and a little too protective in the beginning. Then the heroine has to teach them how to treat a modern woman and he has to back off a bit. And of course, grovel for her forgiveness at the end. Love it!

  6. Yay! Lena's in the house. Welcome back to Get Lost in a Story, Lena. Love your hero already. If he's no nonsense, then you know he's going to take care of your heroine. And a good grovel scene from an alpha male, well, I don't know about, but that's why I write :) What a great goal to write every position/occupation available in law enforcement. I'm thinking you'll never run out of stories to write. So glad you've signed with Intrigue-- what a tremendous start, Unsinkable Sister!

    1. Thank you so much Donnell! I am LOVING writing for Intrigue. Harlequin has been so good to me and they are so easy to work with. (Of course, I love my Avon/Harper Collins peeps too, don't get me wrong!). I have just been truly blessed in so many ways. This is a debut for me all over again and I'm enjoying it immensely. I have champagne for Tuesday when the print book gets shelved in stores. Am spending the day with my hubby touring our area's book stores, Targets, and Walmarts looking for sightings of my book! It's silly, but I'm totally looking forward to it.

    2. Not silly at all. What a great hubby to do that for you. Take pictures! And happy double debut day!!!

    3. Lena, Tuesday will be my 3rd book on shelves and *I* plan to hit bookstores. >>HUGE GRIN<< Just wish the hubby could take off to go with me. But, I talked him into taking Valentine's Day instead (and I'm in charge of the surprises).


    4. Thanks ladies. It's good to know I'm not the only one that gets this excited about a book release.

  7. I love the intrigue line of books and this one sounds fabulous.

    1. Hi Quilt Lady. Thanks for reading my post. It's so nice to meet a fellow Intrigue fan and I sure hope you try my book. I LOVE to hear from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of my first Intrigue. (www.LenaDiaz.com).

  8. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 3, 2013 at 5:06 PM

    I love the Intrigue line and look forward to your book Lena. I always enjoy a good alpha hero. I can't think of a type of Intrigues that I don't like! :) Everyone writes such wonderful stories.

    1. Laura, I totally agree! I love Intrigues. Fast paces, alpha heroes, and just the right length for a quick read. I got hooked on Intrigues several years ago when I met author Tracy Montoya. She's one of the best writers I have ever read. Sadly, she's not writing now (that I know of) but I have since then discovered other many favorites in the Intrigue line. I hope you think my book measures up!

  9. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 3, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    Anyone else having a problem find the Rafflecopter? I tried clicking on the link and it can't find the page.

    1. Here is the link, Laura: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/bec7a86/

      If you have trouble with that link, go to http://intrigue-authors.blogspot.com and page down to the February 1st post which has the Rafflecopter link embedded.

  10. Hi Lena,

    I found rafflecopter, but I won your book on the Just Romantic Suspense blog, so I do not need to win your book here. Looking forward to reading it.

    1. Hi Tammy! If you win my book on the rafflecopter, I'll happily send you a different book (one of my single titles) instead! I hope you check back on GLIAS all this week as different Intrigue authors and their latest releases are highlighted. You could win one of their books!

      Congrats on your JRS win. I'm mailing your book tomorrow!