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Get Lost in a Story Readers, today we're pleased to bring you Shawna Thomas, Author of the Tribune Stones Series.  A bit about Shawna won Romantic Times Reader's Choice Award for her debut book Altered Destiny.  Since then she's added to more books to the trilogy.  You can read about them below.  Please welcome Shawna as she answers our fun, "get to know you" questions.
Journey of Awakening – A Legend’s Birth
After her grandfather's death, Sara inherits an ancient pendant and a near-impossible quest—master the mysterious pendant's source of magic. Driven to do so, she must find the other two stones of power, long considered lost, while preventing an unknown enemy from finding her first.

Unprepared and alone, she travels to where the keepers of the stones, the Siobani, were last seen. Along the way she meets Tobar, leader of the nomadic Heleini tribe. As Sara wrestles with feelings for this intriguing man, she is also invigorated with her grandfather's passion to find the ancient Siobani race.

After a rival tribe kidnaps Tobar's son and heir, Sara must harness the stone's healing magic to unite the tribes and save the boy. But as the dark power stalking her gains ground, will she continue on her quest to reach the Siobani or risk everything to save the warring tribes from eliminating each other?

What readers are saying ~
The characters, apart from the red man who stays on the fringes for this book, are extremely well drawn, and the relationships and motivations of the characters very realistic. The elegant prose is also an enjoyable aspect of the book. - - Tahlia Newland

Beautiful description and strong character development in this coming-of-age fantasy – Nicole Luiken

This book hooked me from the beginning, mainly because Sara is such an interesting character. – Angela C

It is a good story with a well-paced solid plot and the right balance of description, action and character development, but it is the wisdom in Sara and her mentor's approach to life that gives this book not only light, but also life.

DONNELL:  Shawna:  Welcome to Get Lost in a Story.  Altered Destiny.  The title sums up so much emotion in me.  You write paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and romance.  If you had to focus on just one genre, what would it be?

SHAWNA:  Oh that’s a tough question and right of the bat too! It’s hard because I tend to blur the genre line a bit. The Triune Stones series is definitely epic fantasy, but woven with a touch of romance. The last book has more than a touch. I’d pick fantasy if you made me pick one, but I need romance too. I’m a romantic, what can I say?

DONNELL:   World building is so important in fantasy and science fiction.  How do you shake up your worlds and make them truly a standout?

SHAWNA:  History. If a world feels new, it won’t feel real. Places, people, worlds need depth. I try to build my story and the world my characters live in on the bones of an ancient civilization.

DONNELL:  When you’re not in some amazing “out there” creation, where will we find you?

SHAWNA: At home with my seven children...probably playing with the baby—who is turning one the day this interview posts!, or playing badminton with older kids, ping pong with my husband. I love to bake and garden. Although you’ll find me less often in the garden during hot California summers.

DONNELL:  Are you athletic?  Have any hobbies?

SHAWNA:  Athletic... I’m active. Does that count? LOL. We play softball, soccer, badminton, ping pong. My husband and I go bike riding every chance we get, and he’s teaching me to wrestle (MMA style)but I’m not about to run a marathon any time soon! Hobbies. Well, reading isn’t a hobby, it’s a necessity. ; ) I love to garden. There is something so awesome in the consistency of flowers blooming year after year. We have eight fruit trees too. There is never any shortage of fresh fruit in the summer. My husband and I are also both foodies. He tends toward savory and I lean toward sweet but we make an awesome team.

DONNELL:  What’s in your refrigerator right now?

SHAWNA: Oh you would ask that! I so need to go grocery shopping. There is a little milk, a bunch of condiments from ketchup to Katza sauce. I have butter, cream cheese (staples you know) lettuce and tomatoes, apples and eggs and really, besides a left over calzone from my anniversary dinner last night—and my lunch today—that’s about it.

DONNELL:  Describe your best virtue, your worst vice. 

SHAWNA:  Why is it so easy to think of my vices, rather than my virtues? I guess because I don’t have to think about my virtues. LOL that makes me sound like a Victorian virgin, which I am not. I am loyal. Once you’re my friend, I’m your friend. That means no matter what you do, you’re my friend. I also try to see things through someone else’s perspective. I know my opinion or my way of seeing things isn’t all inclusive. Of course too much of that has led to one of my worst vices... I’m a pushover. I make excuses for people to treat me without the respect I deserve. I’ve learned though just because someone had a bad childhood or a bad day, it doesn’t mean he or she can take it out on me. Love the person, do not accept the behavior.

DONNELL:  What accomplishment are you most proud of (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be writing-related.)

SHAWNA:  My marriage. My children... I know I keep giving multiple answers to superlative questions but, yeah, I’m a rule breaker too.  And while I’m on a roll, I’m pretty darn proud of that RT Award for Altered Destiny.

DONNELL:  Who inspires you?

SHAWNA: My husband. If he were perfect he wouldn’t inspire me. In fact he’d irritate me because I am so far from perfect. But because he’s struggled and gets back up, because life has pushed him down often and he hasn’t become bitter, he is an inspiration. Less deep than that...music inspires me. But you said who not what so... ; )

 Shawna, terrific answers, now it's your turn to ask readers a question: 

SHAWNA THOMAS:   What is the condiment you must have in your refrigerator?

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  1. Shawna, welcome to get lost in a Story. Your books sound fabulous! And I think I mentioned to you, you look like your heroines on your covers. How cool. So, condiments. Close tie between mustard and catsup. Love them both equally!

    1. Wow, Donnell. Thanks. : ) That's quite a compliment. Mustard is something I use sparingly but wouldn't want to be without. I think my kids drink catsup when I'm not looking. ; )

  2. Good Morning Shawna ! And welcome to GlIAS. I love your cover. Excellent work.

    The condiment that must be in my fridge: Newman's Own Honey Mustard dressing & Valasic Bananna Peppers. Can't live without 'em.


    1. Hi Angi! It's nice to be here and thanks. : ) Oh... banana peppers. I love those too!

  3. salad dressing

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. My kids love ranch dressing and I've slowly stopped buying anything else.

  4. Hi Shawna, I definitely like the sound of your epic fantasy series. It's something I would pickup as it sounds similar in style to Elizabeth Vaughan's Warprize series. And I grew up I inhaled epic fantasy works by authors like Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey, as their stories had awesome world-building and very character driven plots.

    Seven children? No wonder you're kept active!!! LOL I also like reading and gardening. Here in Australia it's winter and I'm waiting for my freesias, jonquils and Jacobian Lily's to make an appearance. I love the scent of freesias filling the house.

    Now, onto your condiments question...hmm, I have oyster sauce in my refrigerator as I do like it with beef and vegies in a homemade stir-fry, and I also have fish sauce, to add to my home-made sweet-corn chicken soup. Yummo! (are you sensing a bit of an Asian theme here? LOL).

    Congratulations on your RT Readers Choice Award!


  5. 7 kids is kind of scary! :)

    I have honey mustard and that's my favorite! :)