Debut Author Jacqui Nelson

Can the pursuit of an old enemy lead to a new love?

In a race for riches, anything can happen. Five years after the Civil War, a Kansas railroad race heats up as former Rebel spy Adella Willows receives her mission from a Washington senator—play havoc with the Katy Railroad and derail its bid to win the race. The senator craves wealth. Adella craves revenge against the man responsible for her brother’s death. But her plans crumble into chaos when she matches wits with the railroad’s foreman, a handsome Irishman torn between two desires: winning the race or winning Adella’s heart.

Adella’s Enemy is a standalone novella and also one of three interlinked stories in the Passion’s Prize anthology. This anthology, written with Romance Writers of America Golden Heart sisters Jennifer Jakes and E.E. Burke, is the first in a new series, Steam! Romance and Rails.

   Adella’s fingers brushed the telegram hidden in her cleavage and she went as still as Cormac. Blast! She’d
forgotten about the telegram! She needed Cormac to stay in her hotel room, but she couldn’t let him see the telegram.
   “How do you know what I want?” she whispered, stalling for time.
   “I don’t. But this is what I want.” In two strides, he devoured the gap between them. Then his mouth claimed hers in a hot, heady possession.
   Pressed against the door, all she could do was kiss him back. She did so with abandon. Her skin tingled, and her blood raced as if her body had woken from years of sleepwalking. She didn’t want the feeling to stop. She wrapped her arms around Cormac’s neck and pulled him closer.
   He suddenly lifted his head. “I want more than one kiss,” he murmured against her lips. “And I don’t mean merely claiming everything that’s under this dress.” His hand slid up her ribcage to cup her breast.
   The telegram! With a gasp, she covered her cleavage with both hands. The corner of the telegram brushed her palm. Thank Dixie. It was still there. But had he seen it? She pressed back against the door.
   Cormac retreated as well, lifting his hand to rake it through hair that was already disheveled. Had she done that? He reached for the doorknob and she jumped aside.
   “Stay away from the worksite, Adella.” He opened the door without his customary restraint. It banged against the wall. “And, for God’s sake, stay out of trouble. Don’t provoke a man beyond his patience.”

Jacqui Nelson writes historical romantic adventures set in the American West and Victorian London. Her love of Western stories came from watching classic Western movies while growing up on a cattle farm. Her passion for Victorian London wasn’t far behind and only increased when she worked in England for four years and explored the nooks and crannies of London on her weekends. Jacqui currently lives in Victoria on the west coast of Canada where she works as a book seller. Her previous jobs have included animator, systems analyst and fundraising event coordinator.
Her debut release, Adella's Enemy, is part of the Passion's Prize anthology and the Steam! Romance and Rails series. She is a Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® winner and three-time finalist.

CLOVER: It was so fun to meet you in person in Atlanta. So tell us, how often do you get lost in a story?
JACQUI: It was wonderful meeting you in Atlanta as well, Clover! Can I say again how much I love your name? Okay, how often do I get lost in a story? Not as much as I’d like! I work in a bookstore and sometimes its torture shelving all the lovely books and listening to customers recommend their favorites. My ‘to be read’ list is huge! 

CLOVER: Working in a bookstore? Best job ever! I’d never get anything done. Okay, who’s your favorite villain?
JACQUI: I’m not sure if he is a villain, but he isn’t a hero either. He is so many things and for me that’s what makes him so fascinating. He’s Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane) in the TV series, Deadwood.

CLOVER: Aw, Deadwood. *grinning* You write about both Victorian London and the American Frontier. What about these time periods and places do you find fascinating?
JACQUI: I love the adventurous spirit of London and the American Frontier. And, even though they are both dramatically different places, they both feel like home. You see, I spent the first eighteen years of my life on a cattle farm. The fields, forests and barnyard were my playground. Then, not too long ago, I had the opportunity to work in England and make London my playground. 

CLOVER: It’s one thing to put your heroes and heroines in the past. If time-travel was possible, where would you want to visit and why?
JACQUI: I would visit the Western frontier. I think the land, with all its untouched beauty and abundance of wildlife, would truly be a sight to see. But then again, Victorian London would also be tempting…I have some story details I’d like confirmed.

CLOVER: Story details. That could get interesting. What’s the first book you remember reading?
JACQUI: I read so many books when I was kid that I can’t quite remember where the start began. At one point my mom started hiding my books because she worried I’d ruin my eyesight! But I do remember the first book that I fell in love with so much that it still sits on my bookshelf—Judy Van der Veer’s Hold the Rein Free. The price says $0.75 on the cover. For me as a kid, its worth was priceless.

CLOVER: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?
JACQUI: I don’t usually listen to music while I write. But on occasion I have a compulsion to listen to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and in particular the song “Bolero” from the closing credits. It has a build in tempo that really inspires me.

CLOVER’S GOTTA ASK:  What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?

I’ll pick from the books I brought home from the RWA conference in Atlanta…
Abigail Sharpe’s Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy?
Jennifer Bray-Weber’s Blood and Treasure
Lena Diaz’s Simon Says Die
Shea Berkley’s The Fallen Prince
Shelley Adina’s Her Own Devices

Much of my writing inspiration comes from watching movies and TV series. My current favorite is Hell on Wheels, but I also adored Deadwood. And then there was my fascination with Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and a series called Space: 1999. Oops, I think I just dated myself. Moving on! Do you have a series (old or new, and of any genre) that you love?

So what do you have coming up next?

Before the end of 2013, I plan to release two Western historical romance novels: my 2010 Golden Heart winning manuscript, Between Heaven and Hell, and my 2013 Golden Heart nominated manuscript, Between Love and Lies. In December 2014, I plan to release my Victorian London-set Angel Street Agency series.

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  1. WELCOME TO GLIAS, my Unsinkable sister, Jacqui !!!
    I've been waiting a long time to say that, having had the privilege of reading some of your work quite a while ago.

    Love your work! Love the cover! Can't wait to read my copy!

    1. Hi, Angi! It's been a few years, hasn't it? But my road to publication has been filled with the best thing -- meeting so many great writing friends like you! It always brings a smile to my face when I think of our Golden Heart year together in 2010 and then your day trip to Victoria the next year. Seeing you again at the RWA National conference this summer in Atlanta was the best. Can't wait to hear what you think of "Adella's Enemy" and the "Passion's Prize" anthology!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a great book! :)

    I love the first season of Gilmore Girls... Not sure about the later seasons... :)

    1. Hi May! Glad you like the sounds of my book. You know, I've never watched Gilmore Girls but I've heard many people say they loved the show. I think that today my shows-to-watch list will be growing as fast as my books-to-read list :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, May!

  3. Love your cover, Jacqui. It's gorgeous. The story sounds fascinating. I love space too. I was so addicted to Firefly, but anything Joss Whedon has a hand in blows my mind.

  4. Oh yes, Firefly and Joss Whedon! Great picks, Allison! Thanks for the compliments on my book cover. I love it, too. Kim Killion is the designer and does fantastic work. Thanks for stopping by my guest blog, Allison!

  5. Hi Jacqui!
    Just wanted to stop in :) Love the interview!
    And I know I've told you, but writing with you was great fun!

    1. Hello, Jenn, my amazingly talented anthology writing partner and super friend! Thanks for dropping by my guest blog with Get Lost in a Story and Clover Autrey.

  6. Welcome, Jacqui! So pleased to have you here :) My favorite series were Quantum Leap and Moonlighting... I need to write a historical about time traveling detectives who fall in love, apparently...Hmmmm.

    Great to see you and congrats on your new books!

    1. Oh! I'd love to read "a historical about time traveling detectives who fall in love" written by you! And yes, Quantum Leap and Moonlighting were great fun to watch. Thanks for sharing your favorites, Heather!

  7. I was just over at your facebook and saw what your mom was saying about your book. Sooo funny. Mom's make the best, but craziest fans.

    Thanks again for allowing me to introduce you to our GLIAS readers. They're a great group.

    1. Thank you, Clover, for inviting me to GLIAS and giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my story with your readers! Yup, my mom made my day today with her phone call and her reaction to ADELLA'S ENEMY. I'm so glad she's liking it!

  8. Love your FB Post. And I LOVE Hell On Wheels. Diehard fan girl. SO glad we worked on this RR themed anthology together. Adella's story is truly wonderful. Every mom should read it. :)

    1. LOL, Elisabeth! Now there is a marketing slogan. Love your style and your wit, Elisabeth, and love your novella, Kate's Outlaw, too. Every mom should read it as well :)

  9. like Arrow

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Haven't seen "Arrow" but will now have to check it out! Thanks for dropping by and entering the contest to win a copy of Adella's Enemy!

  10. the first tv show i got addicted to was "bewitched." my dad had borrowed a tv from the race track (it was off season) and that winter we lived on my parents bed finally seeing all the tv shows we'd heard about from friends.
    loved "adella's enemy" and can't wait for the london series to come out!

    1. Hi, Nora! "Bewitched" reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie" which reminds me of the "Six Million Dollar Man"... and so it goes! Glad you enjoyed "Adella's Enemy" and are looking forward to my Victoria London "Angel Street Agency" series...I look forward to writing book 2 & 3 in that series very soon... :)

  11. Yay, Jacqui's in the house. Jacqui congratulations on Adella's Enemy and on Passions Prize with E.E. Burke and Jennifer Jakes! What a great excerpt. Off to download my copy. I loved Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and I'll really date myself. Loved Laredo (Texas Rangers), Big Valley and High Chaparral. The series I love these days was NCIS (naturally) Longmire (love it) and so disappointed that CBS cancelled Vegas! Was hooked on that show. Best wishes on a fabulous sell through!

    1. Yes! I finally published a book and earned a guest spot on Get Lost in Story! Been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Thanks for the congrats, Donnell, and the compliment on my excerpt. You are so sweet to download a copy! Thank you! Those are some great classic Western TV series you listed as favorites. Perfect for me, because I love watching Westerns of all sorts!

  12. Great blog! I watch TV with my 14 y/o so we like Arrow & person of interest. Someone mentioned Joss Whedon, man's a genius. & castle,and I remember the shows you 'dated yourself' mom's just reading my ms now, its a new experience for us. So far, so goOd.

    1. This is the second mention of "Arrow" on this guest blog -- sound like a must-watch show. Cool that your mom is reading your manuscript right now and that you remember my "date myself" TV shows :) Here's to sharing new and old experiences! So glad you dropped by my guest blog, Dee!

  13. Always pleased to add authors to my reading list. I enjoyed the post thank you.

    I don't watch much television anymore. Opting instead to buy the DVD of favorite shows. I am a fan of Star trek the Next Generation.


  14. Hi, Mary! I'm a DVD watcher as well. Love to just be able to watch and not wait. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  15. And the winner of the free copy of ADELLA'S ENEMY is...

    Commenter" bn100"! I'm so happy to be able to share my novella with you!

    Thanks to all those who visited my guest blog with Get Lost In A Story. I had a great time chatting with you!