First Friday with the Crew

GLIAS is welcoming new crew members Vicki, Kathleen & Jan. Be sure to check out their personal pages. It's wonderful to have new faces and new interviewers. We hope you'll enjoy all the authors we have lined up and the extra special RWA RITA specials coming soon.

But today's ALL ABOUT the Fourth of July and PICNICS !!  

Our question for July: 
What’s your favorite picnic food or picnic memory or picnic activity?

I am so fortunate to live near a great park where Shakespeare's plays are featured every summer. Shakespeare is meant to be acted out, not read in a classroom. We go with friends and have a nice picnic before the show begins. We bring something small for appetizers like cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts. Sometimes, we stop for sub sandwiches. I've been known to bring a pasta dish or chicken salad. Just depends on what moves us. And there is always a fun dessert--cookies, turnovers, cupcakes. All is accompanied by a great wine or beer. Just depends. Nothing fancy, just a nice simple meal with friends. The show is a wonderful bonus.

My friend brings Almond Tea. Poured over ice, it is incredibly refreshing. I have at least four glasses. If you are interested in the recipe, go to my blog for July 2: http://vickibatman.blogspot.com


Everyone loves a Picnic! 

I certainly do! 
Yum and fun...

Roasting hot dogs. Watermelon. And smores!! Gotta love smores. Here's a photo from back in the dark ages of me with two of my little brothers roasting something over a fire. Aren't they cute? My baby brothers, I mean, not the sizzling hot dogs. 

It's great being part of the Get Lost in a Story crew. These are a great group of authors. I'm happy to be here.  Waving hello!!!  

I come from a long line of Fourth of July picnickers! My family still gets together every Independence Day at a picnic grounds, a park, or someone's backyard around the grill to eat, play games (good Scandinavians playing bocce ball anyone?)
and eat. The best part of July 4th picnics is the company--family all together. The next best thing, however, is going to fireworks after the pigging out is done.
I've missed very few displays over the years and set off my share of contraband fireworks before they were legal in Minnesota. But some of the most memorable were the ones we watched while living in Alaska. In Alaska, July nights are not dark (twilight comes about 1 a.m.) and fireworks take on a completely different look against a light sky. Here's a picture from July 4th, 2006 in Sitka, AK taken at midnight.

Wherever you're picnicking and celebrating this year--I wish you a wonderful, joyous Fourth of July! 

There is so much to love about July 4th! When I was really little, my father and I would sit and watch fireworks. From where we were, we could see fireworks from three different cities. It was spectacular! Today I'm off to celebrate the holiday with a couple of my brothers and some friends. Have a great holiday and stay safe!  


My most memorable Fourth of July picnics have been eating on a houseboat while watching fireworks in the canyon bay of Lake Powell. 

Totally breathtaking! 

Moon & Stars watermelon, sparkers… 

and fresh strawberry pie.

Happy 4th of July everyone!  

I love picnics and fireworks. In fact, we just went to a free concert and firework show last night. Cold fried chicken, kettle corn, and cool fruit. We were normally at the lake for the Fourth of July while I was growing up. My foundest memory is shooting fireworks on the shore with my cousins and watching them all along the horizon.

Yesterday, we made a fruit flag (you can see the picture on my facebook page) and dipped these strawberries for a Red, White & Berry fruit.

We also saw an amazing fireworks show in our small home town. We had front row seats, loud, and brilliant. 

Happy Independence Day!

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WE'VE GOTTA ASK... What's your favorite picnic memory?


  1. Happy Fourth everyone! Be safe in whatever you are doing today!

  2. Great posts, everyone! Enjoy the day--the entire weekend!!

  3. Happy fourth of July! Not only do I celebrate a wonderful holiday, I celebrate my kitty's 21st birthday. Wonderful to be here. Hugs!

  4. Happy fourth of July everybody !!

  5. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! :)