The Vikings are Coming

Viking Ships banner

What would you do if you saw three Viking Ships approaching your shore? 

Viking Mine excerpt

From the riverbank mere paces beyond them, shouts erupted. The undergrowth creaked.

The soft prickle of being watched by a predator raised the tiny hairs on her arms. Rovena spun about and froze.
One of the northerners pushed through the brush, double-bladed battle axe gripped effortlessly in his large hands.
The women behind her cried out in low whimpers.
The raider stared at them. Glacial blue eyes swept across the women, then onto Rovena and stopped, fastening onto her.
Unmoving, they took each other in. He was young, mayhap he’d seen a few winters more than herself was all. And tall. So very tall. She had heard the rumors of the great height of the Norse, yet seeing one so close, she felt incredibly small. The top of her head would barely reach his collarbone. He wore his hair long and loose, streams of pale gold lifting slightly in the sluggish breeze. Rovena held the steadiness of his gaze, forcing him to keep his attention upon her, instead of the other women behind her. A low tremor shuddered down her spine.
The clamor of men approaching claimed his focus. He looked back the way he came.
An icy clutch of fear squeezed Rovena’s throat. The women could possibly flee from one man, most of them would make it, but they could not run from so many. And two of the cooks were aged. Walking was difficult enough, let alone to attempt to run.
Unexpectedly, the raider before them placed a finger to his lips, signaling for them to be quiet.

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