Live from RWA San Antonio…the RITA Interviews!

Marriott Riverwalk Hotel hosts the 2014 RWA national conference.

Once a year, Romance Writers of America holds its annual national conference. 

RWA members come from all over the world to network, line up for workshops and attend the final event of the week, the Golden Heart and RITA awards ceremony.

This year, Get Lost in a Story's own Liz Selvig is a nominee in the Contemporary Romance category. GO LIZ! So you know at least one of the authors we'll be rooting for!

We thought we might try something a little different for RWA Nationals week. Smart phone video interviews and/or candid snapshots of RITA nominees, live from the conference. And stand by for snapshots and comments from some of your favorite authors!


Meet the Get Lost in a Story Interview Team: 
Over the next week, GLIAS roving reporters will be snapping pictures around the hotel, outside conference workshops, doing mini interviews with RITA finalists in hotel bars/restaurants. And tin general having plenty of fun. This year, we're taking you with us! I suspect we'll even take you on a ride down the river in San Antonio. Check in daily for surprise video and new contests!  

Lizbeth Selvig
Find Lizbeth
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Lara Lacombe
Find Lara
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Angi Morgan
Find Angi
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Jan Schliesman

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Donnell Ann Bell
Hello, all!  I'm stuck in Colorado (okay, no one's ever really stuck in Colorado) on deadline, so I'll miss my peeps in San Antonio.  All is not lost, however, because I'm there with you in spirit, and my Roving Reporter Assignment is to interview the incomparable COURTNEY MILAN.  The Countess Conspiracy, the 2014 RITA nominee is Book Three in the Brothers Sinister series.  Not only is Courtney an accomplished author, be sure to check out her bio, and then be sure to check out her books. See the Courtney Milan interview posted on Thursday, July 17.
Find Donnell
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Hey GLIAS fans--the trip to San Antonio is underway! I'd like you to meet my traveling companions, fellow Minnesota authors, and truly fabulous storytellers Barbara Longley and Tamara Hughes. And check out how many times Liz can say "cool" in one video!  San Antonio or Bust!!!!
~ ~ ~

Mi Tierra Bakery & Cafe Sopapillas
Coming from a native Texan who travels the state and practically bleeds TexMex salsa....  These are the best sopapillas in the state. Absolutely, hands down. If you're in San Antonio...there's no excuse to miss out since Mi Tierra is open 24 hours a day.   ~Angi

Find E.E. Burke
I'm so excited to be reporting for GLIAS "live" from San Antonio. Already found the coolest store here for Western fans like me, The Wandering Cowboy. They have Justin boots, authentic Stetson hats, HUGE belt buckles, even a cowhide chair for us weary travelers.

I haven't bought anything--yet. But I saw a cool braided horsehair necklace has my name on it...

During my time here, I'm making an extra effort to catch up with authors who've been my guest for "Best of the West" interviews on GLIAS. 

Last night I had dinner with Jacqui Nelson, my most recent guest who just put out her latest Western historical romance, BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL. We avoided the heat by taking up strategic positions in front of an outdoor fan and ordering cold Sangrias. Haven't run into any RITA nominees yet, but they can't evade me forever. 

~ GLIAS "secret" reporter E.E. Burke

The WORST shot video ever--but a thanks to the awesome registration ladies at RWA!!

Check out my interview with award-winning author Sylvia Day. Hear what she plans to speak about at the RWA luncheon on Thursday!!
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  1. Go Liz! It looks like it will be a great conference.

  2. Hey, Liz! Nice to hear from you and Barb and Tammy! Sounds like a great trip already.

  3. Can't wait for you gals to get here !

  4. You can see more pictures from San Antonio on my blog and Facebook pages this week !! ~Thanks for the follows.

  5. This so cool, I'll be able to keep up with it all from Tassie ;)

  6. I hope you have a great time.

  7. Wish I could have made it to the Literacy signing. Unfortunately my chemo infusion for my severe RA was all day today so I just got home a little bit ago. I'm wiped out so you all have a good time.