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The stroke of midnight ushers in many things. From hijinks and mischief to danger and evil, romance is the magic that binds these paranormal novellas together. Join 12 bestselling and award winning authors as they explore the different shades of midnight in exclusive, never-before-released stories.

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by Shea Berkley
National Award Finalist

Being a hero is Ryan di Taro’s job. Eradicating the city of vampires and other monsters that hide in the dark is how he got the title. When an unknown woman appears and saves his life and then disappears, he’s not sure if he’s made a friend or enemy. Should he accept her help in hunting down the undead, or is she part of an elaborate plan the creatures of darkness have created to end his quest to see evil eliminated for good.

by Claire Cavanaugh
Golden Heart Finalist

In the first of the new SEAL Team Infinity Series, Navy SEAL Commander Alex “Ice Man” Winters vows to take down those responsible for killing half his team and turning him into a genetically-altered monster. Still, when an assassin strikes near his hideout, Alex can’t leave FBI Special Agent Samantha Gennaro to die…even if her missing father created the serum that altered his DNA. With only once chance to reclaim his humanity, Alex must trust her…even as betrayal stalks them from every turn.

by Darynda Jones
NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

A woman who claims she can drop back in time to solve crimes meets a special agent who believes her. Now, the one thing she’s been able to manipulate her whole life is the one thing she needs more of, as she races against time with a special agent hell-bent on saving the world.

by Jenn Stark
Award Winning Author

Magical artifacts hunter Sara Wilde can find anything - for a price. But though her cards predict her newest job will be nothing but trouble, she can't turn down the payday when so many are depending on her.
Still, play with the Devil and you're bound to get burned...

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full moon or no moon? full
favorite super power? super strength
blood moon or blue moon? My story is pretty violent so I guess, Blood moon

What shade of midnight is STONE COLD DEAD?
Shea: Silver
We heard that all the stories include "Max Midnight." Without spoilers, can you give readers a hint of where he is in Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead?
Shea: Max Midnight is a really fun concept we came up with that we hope our readers will like. And even though the name isn’t used the same in ever book, we think hunting for it adds a little extra to the reading experience. Look for Max Midnight near the end of my story.
What circumstances or who inspired the hero for Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead?
Shea: Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead is the first in the Dark Secrets series. The hero is young and impulsive, and he drives his older brother crazy. He’s not based on anyone I know personally, but he’s a combination of every younger brother I’ve ever known.
What's your favorite MIDNIGHT experience?
Shea: Hands down, making out on a blanket under the stars. Best.

full moon or no moon?  Full Moon. I have always loved the full moon, especially over the water. I remember watching the lunar landing and being in awe that we’d made it there.
favorite super power? Healing. There are people I would like to help with this power, and I wouldn’t mind a little of it for myself.
blood moon or blue moon?  Blood Moon. It’s such a cool, yet eerie, sight. It’s magical. I often wonder what cavemen thought of such phenomena.

What shade of midnight is MIDNIGHT RENEGADE?
CLAIRE:  My shade is indigo, a deep midnight blue that combines dark blue and violet. Indigo is the color of intuition, perception idealism and structure. Mental telepathy plays a big part in my novella and service to humanity, one of indigo’s strengths, is a core trait in both my hero and heroine. Devotion, wisdom, justice and integrity are all part of the meaning and those attracted to indigo will defend people’s rights to the end. The color is a critical element, especially in the hero’s story.
Without spoilers, can you share with readers your favorite scene in MIDNIGHT RENEGADE?
CLAIRE:  Hmmmm. My favorite has spoilers all through it. Actually, I have sections of two different scenes that I really like. One occurs at midnight and it’s the first time the hero lets himself hope for a better future with this crazy, wonderful, loving woman at his side. Believe me, he’s come a long way from Chapter One! That was not what he was thinking about her at all at the beginning! The second involves Samantha in a very poignant scene. She was supposed to be doing something else, then the story decided something different was going to happen. It worked out, but it’s funny when characters just take over and do their own thing.
What’s your favorite MIDNIGHT experience?

CLAIRE:  In 1989, I went to Peru to adopt my two children. At the time, the country was in upheaval and the revolutionary group, Sendero Luminoso, was terrorizing the entire country and blowing up all the electrical towers. (Among other things.) One night, around midnight, all the electricity went out in all of Limas and Comas, where I was staying with my sister, Joan, who was a missionary there. The two children awoke and didn't seem to want to sleep again. ’The day had been extraordinarily stressful and I think we all needed comfort at that stage. Joan told me to come outside. Curious, I followed her and gasped in amazement. I remember holding my infant daughter in my arms and looking up at a billion blazing stars. With no electric light to interfere, their brilliance was amazing. I had never seen anything like the magnificence of the sky that night and even the children seemed calmed by the view. The Southern Cross, a constellation I had never seen before, was huge in the night sky, as if to reassure us that everything would be all right. Miraculously, in the end, it was, and I cherish that very special memory of a beautiful night shared with people I loved.

full moon or no moon? Full! And preferably low on the horizon so it looms large in the distance. Heaven.
favorite super power? Indestructability
blood moon or blue moon? Blood. Of course.

What shade of midnight is the A LOVELY DROP?
Without spoilers, can you share with readers your favorite scene in A LOVELY DROP?
DARYNDA: Um, well, there’s a shower scene that's really fun. Yeah, I’ll go with that.
What's your favorite MIDNIGHT experience?
DARYNDA: My favorite midnight experience now is when my books drop and people pick up their kindles and their nooks and wait for it to download. I’m so grateful people are that excited to read something I wrote.

full moon or no moon?  No moon! Which is to say “New Moon” J
favorite super power? Ability to make time stand still
blood moon or blue moon? Blue Moon!

What shade of midnight is the GETTING WILDE?
JENN: Smoke
Without spoilers, can you share with readers your favorite scene in GETTIG WILDE?
JENN: Over the course of her adventure, Sara Wilde encounters the Devil himself—a member of the Arcanan Council. (For those who know Tarot, the Devil is the 15th card of the Major Arcana). Only this Devil is unlike anything she’s experienced, and he knows exactly how to push her buttons. 
What's your favorite MIDNIGHT experience?
JENN: On Midnight on New Year’s Eve, I have a fun celebration of all the dreams I have for the coming year. I make tiny ornaments representing these dreams out of paper to hang on my New Year’s Eve tree, and at midnight I take them off their branches and drop them into a small fire to release their energy. :) Reading this over, I realize… it’s possible I’m a little strange ;) .

Adult Paranormal
Nov. 2014
What if nightmares, best kept in the dark, refuse to stay hidden?

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a paranormal romantic suspense

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October 2014
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Early 2015

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  1. Awesome to have you ladies here with us !
    I always prefer a full moon unless I'm star gazing...

  2. So, these amazing writers have been awesome to work with! I'm so lucky to be part of this anthology! Thank you Angi, for hosting us!!!

  3. Hi, Angi! Thank you so much for having us here! It's fun to read over the different answers the others gave. I can't wait to finish all the stories in the novella. I'm reading them one at a time, so I can look for Max Midnight and the easter eggs for the next story.

    Last night's Twelve Shades of Midnight Shindig was a blast and your game was so fun. We have some bloodthirsty readers! Works out perfectly, but I wouldn't want any of them mad at me! That was some weaponry collection!

    1. Wasn't it though? I'll still stick with a flame thrower.

  4. Morning, Robin! You have been amazing putting so much of this anthology together. Angi, your super graphics and video were outstanding! Do you have a link for that to post here? I love, love, love watching it!

    When you're star gazing, Angi, can you do it where you are or do you have to travel a ways? I'm too close to San Francisco and other cities to see anything but the big ones. I'm heading to Disneyland today and will get to see some around midnight, while going over the pass on the way to LA. Stars are sooooo beautiful. I will have to check what the moon is up to tonight! Tomorrow night, too. We'll be trick or treating in Downtown Disney! I can't wait! I don't know if it can replace my favorite midnight memory, but it might come close!

    1. Thanks Claire. I can barely take credit for the trailer. I have a fantastic hubby for that !

      Book trailer: http://bit.ly/11E6k5j
      12 Strokes of Midnight: http://bit.ly/12StrokesOfMidnight

    2. Angi, he and the trailer are incredible! Give him a hug for me!

  5. Thanks for hosting us, Angi! I've been making my way through the anthology and so far, I love the stories. They're all so different, yet really fun to read.

  6. Hi, Shea! Love your story! Very cool heroine and, your right, the hero does drive his brother crazy. Coming from a family of eight, only one of whom was a boy, I don't have a lot of experience with brothers, but the crazy fun family dynamics are very familiar! Thanks for a great read! I can't wait to finish them all!

  7. Great post and giveaway! I love the way you ladies think. Love your answers. I only had one brother and he drove me crazy so I know where they are coming from. Thanks for the great giveaway! Entering under the name of Virginia

  8. Good luck, Virginia! Did your brother get to rule the roost?

    My brother was born first. My parents tried for another, but had 7 girls! By the time I married, my father said he'd paint the ladder any color I wanted and line up his car so that the headlights shone on it, so I could make it down safely!

    I was the last one, but I actually had a super wedding. Two big, Irish-Catholic families. There were 110 Cavanaughs in one town! My husband's family has a tendency to name people after each other. We had so many Michael J. Cavanaughs we had to resort to confirmation names on the guest list!

    But, what a party! So many people wanted to be invited, we were contemplating adding a cold virus to the response envelopes! We didn't, of course, but it was close. ;-) We just celebrated our 28 year anniversary in September and I think the wedding should be paid off soon. I hope....

  9. Thanks, Vicki Batman! You're a doll! We have had so much fun working together and getting to know each other more. This blog was eye-opening for us, since it's not things we've discussed before.

    There are a few more Twelve Shades events and blogs you might want to check out, too. Angi knows how to post links. I flunk whenever I try to do it. You would be redirected to Timbuktu if you followed my directions!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

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