A Boxed Set of Thrills and Chills from Morgan Hannah MacDonald


Beware the Sandman. He'll put you to sleep…forever. 

A serial killer on the loose, a woman being stalked, and a homicide detective who must find the connection before it’s too late!

He collects women. He imprisons them, plays with them, tortures them. Until they bore him.  Then he removes a souvenir. 

They call him the Sandman. 

Meagan McInnis is being plagued with late night calls, yet when she answers, no one is there. Then one night she makes a grisly discovery in her own backyard. 

The caller is silent no more. 

Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, realizes Meagan is the key to finding the Sandman. Now not only must he protect her, but he must find the connection between Meagan and the killer before she becomes his next prize.


No one will hear you scream. A serial killer terrorizing a small mountain town sets his sights on those hunting him.  

Cody Thomas is an FBI agent working with the Violent Crimes Unit in Los Angeles, California when he takes a week off to decompress in his hometown of Big Bear. 

He's watching.

Jilly Reid has left the Central Homicide Unit of San Bernardino and moved up the mountain to her hometown of Big Bear to get away from death and her cheating ex-husband. 

He's waiting.

No sooner does Cody arrive in town when he runs into Jilly, a girl he knew in high school. But there's no time to reminisce, she's in a hurry. An incoherent call came into dispatch. A fisherman down in Hunters Cove is carrying on about finding dead women.  A lot of them.

He's pissed. 

Cody rides along with Jilly on the call. What they find is an underwater graveyard. A serial killer is using the lake to dump his victims. Seven women, brutally tortured, are chained to cinder blocks, their long tresses waving back and forth with the current.  Their faces set in a silent scream for all eternity.

You're dead.

At first, Cody and Jilly think the killer is long gone, but soon they learn he's watching them. Taunting them. Then women start disappearing at an alarming rate.

Meagan McInnis and Jesse James Thomas go to meet his brother, Cody, at the family cabin for spring break. But relaxing is the last thing they get when Meagan's sister, Bridget, goes missing.

Now Jilly and Cody must stop a killer or die trying.


Each scream could be your last.  

He kidnaps them. Punishes them. Sends them to hell. Then he displays them so everyone will know they are sinners.

If he finds you

Texas Ranger William H. Thomas is called to a small town where the body of a mutilated woman has been found. She's kneeling and trussed to a tree, and her hands are tied together as if in prayer. Something horrific lies in her arms. No sooner does he catch the case, when the FBI swoops in to take it. 

He will never

Special Agent Savannah St. Germaine, from the Louisiana branch of the FBI, is working a case in which the killer leaves his victims nailed up in crucifixion fashion. A similar MO shows up in Texas. Certain it's the same killer, she heads to Austin to investigate further. Her suspicions are confirmed, but the powers that be aren't willing to hand over the case. If she wants to work it, she'll have to partner up with one of their own. 

Let you go.

Lorelei Hamilton finally gets the nerve to leave her abusive husband. Everything is well thought out. She’ll ditch her car, dump her cell phone, change her name and establish a new identity. But she hadn't planned on being abducted by a psychopath who makes her husband's violent outbursts look like child's play.

Now Will and Savannah are on the hunt for the most sadistic serial killer the South has ever seen. Can they catch him before he claims another victim?

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Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes romantic suspense, NOT for the faint of heart. And now, for a limited time only, this boxed set is available for $1.99.  (Price returns to $9.99 after January 17th.) 

Morgan has a question for Get Lost in a Story readers:  I write about serial killers, because I dated one. To read more about the story, go to my website www.morganhannahmacdonald.com Tell me about the worst boyfriend you've ever had!  


  1. Thanks for having me here on your fabulous blog! So no one but me has bad taste in men? LOL

  2. Holy crap! Did you really? That's not good, glad you survived the experience

  3. Welcome to GLIas, Morgan. The worst dating experience was a Dear John letter on Valentine's Day. Yes, it's in a story. LOL