Are You Up For a Treasure Hunt?

Good morning! Welcome back to the celebration of my new treasure hunting book, Chasing Gold! Today I thought you might like a few peeks at the actual book. I'm sharing some one-liners with you and another excerpt. I hope you like them!

Holy mother. They were going to die over a treasure they couldn’t even find. (This is one of my favorites!)

I know what he hired you for, but I’m telling you you’re fired.

Simon was pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to hang upside down as he rode the horse behind his fearless leader.

Okay, yes, he was cute in his own way...But she needed someone rugged, tough, ready to slay dragons with her.

Needing to steady herself, she reached out to his arms. Beneath her fingers were muscles she hadn’t noticed before.

His fingers sifting through the soft strands of her hair had stirred much more than his protective instincts.

Desire flared to life, the need for acceptance, a gentle touch, a physical connection.

In the depths of his eyes lay a kindness she’d dismissed before as weakness.

He made her feel cared for, special, like a lass from an era past, guarded by her knight...Oh hell, no.

Between the sound of his voice and the feel of his hands, slow tingles of warmth moved through her, straight to the apex of her thighs.

Sounds good, huh? How about this excerpt:
“Grace!” He reached out to her just as her heels slammed into something hard. Her feet slipped out from under her. Stumbling over a big-ass boulder, she fell, slamming her shoulder hard against the ground. Pain shot down her arm, up her neck. Closing her eyes, she rolled flat onto her backside. Twigs dug into her skin. Wet leaves covered her limbs.
When she opened her eyes, he stood with one foot on the boulder she’d tripped over and his forearms resting on his knees. “Are you all right?” A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest.
Her cheeks heated. No, she’d just made a fool of herself. Um, what had happened to her being the expert? 

She pushed herself up on her elbows. “I’m fine.”
Still laughing, he reached out to her. “Will you take my help?”
For a few seconds, she debated. But in the few days she’d known Simon Andrews, he’d been nothing but a gentleman.
Just wait. Most of the men in the business didn’t give her the time of day, arguing she couldn’t be as good a hunter as they were.
She would ignore the demons whispering in her brain. When she slid her hand into his, he pulled her up. Needing to steady herself, she reached out to his arms. Beneath her fingers were muscles she hadn’t noticed before. Thick ones, well hidden underneath his shirt.
“You didn’t hit your noggin, did you?” His palm drifted over the back of her head. Shivers rushed through her, having everything to do with the feel of him surrounding her. Pulling away, she locked gazes with him, the shocking blue depths of his eyes shining through his glasses. She glanced at his lips. How would they feel against her own?

Okay, that's all you get! I hope it intrigues you! And you can always buy it here:

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  1. Ok, this is a bok I would read. I can hear her voice in my head. When she said
    "Oh hell, no" I feel like I can see and hear her. Thank you. I appreciate your giveaway.

  2. I am intrigued thank you. Love the pictures.


  3. Great excerpt, thank you.


  4. nice sneak peek

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  5. Loved the one liners and the excerpt. Chasing Gold sounds like such a great read.

  6. Thank you, everyone! Hopefully you see why I love Simon and Grace as much as I do!