Get Swept Through Time with 7 Bestselling Authors

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Swept Through Time

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set 
7 books by Bestselling Authors Tamara Gill, C.A. Szarek, Brenda Hiatt, Callie Hutton,  Clover Autrey, Laura Marie Altom, Louise Clark

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I asked each author who their favorite character in their book within the boxed set is?  

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C.A. Szarek 

The hero of my story, Duncan MacLeod. He’s yummy, of course, but a caring family man who fights for what’s right, as well as what he wants. He’s tough on the outside, and mushy on the inside and he loves hard. I just love him. Oh, and he wears a kilt. What’s not to adore?

A Tumble through Time cover
Callie Hutton

My Favorite character is probably Marshal Shannon. He is so perplexed by this strange woman who dresses scandalously and doesn’t seem to know her place. Women should not be doing what this woman does.

Highland Sorcerer coverClover Autrey
(Okay yeah, I asked myself too. Awkward)

I'd have to say my heroine, Charity Greves. She's an out-of-the-box thinker who rolls with being a modern woman thrown into the 13th Century and is brave enough to admit when she's messed something up and then brush her borrowed kirtle off and figure out how to fix it. I also love the thoughts that sprout in her head. I mean, traveling back to mingle with dashing Scotsmen is romantic and all, but a gal is simply going to miss plumbing and Diet Coke.
Wouldn't you?

Bridge over Time cover
Brenda Hiatt

Probably the best friend Annette, in the modern parts of the story. She's the one who gets to live my fantasy of showing the girl from the past all the wonders of the twenty-first century. She's also loosely based on an actual friend of mine, which made her great fun to write!

Smooch cover
Laura Marie Altom

Wolfe!! At first, this bad-boy Medieval prince seems hopelessly overbearing and full of himself, but over the course of the story, he ends up being a sweetheart I fell in love with, and so does his heroine, Lucy!

Ridgeway coverLouise Clark

Jaclyn Sinclair, my time travelling heroine. I love that she’s up to the challenge of surviving in a world she’s only read about and how she manages to twist all the males she meets around her finger, even though she’s a modern, liberated female masquerading as a boy. I also admit to having a soft spot for Sean O’Dell, my Fenian hero.
Defiant Surrender cover
Tamara Gill

My heroine, Maddie (Madeline). She’s feisty and no matter how much she knows she should not, she doesn’t take any bullying from her medieval husband. I just love her gumption.

Swept Through Time

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set 
7 books by Bestselling Authors Tamara Gill, C.A. Szarek, Brenda Hiatt, Callie Hutton, Clover Autrey, Laura Marie Altom, Louise Clark

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  1. Love Time Travel. Sounds like a great set of books.

  2. Thanks Rita! It's been fun reading all the other stories in there...