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When Jaclyn Sinclair researches the Fenian Invasion of 1866, a little known incident in US and Canadian history, strange things start happening, until she is flung back in time to the day the invasion began. Taken prisoner, she is questioned by Sean O’Dell, one of the invading Fenians. Now she’s stuck in 1866, in the middle of a historical event she knows far too much about, being interrogated by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever met….


Louise Clark
Get to know Louise Clark

Louise is the author of both contemporary and historical romance novels. These two genres are combined in Fighting Fate, a time travel story set in contemporary Boston with an 18th century time traveller who comes forward into his future, and Ridgeway, a historical time travel that takes place in post-Civil War North America. Ridgeway is available as part of the seven book time travel boxed set, Swept Through Time. In 2014 Louise was a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Please visit her website or Facebook page. She’d love to hear from you.

CLOVER: How often do you get lost in a story?
Louise: Every day, once I’m into a story. It’s getting started—developing the characters and plot, working out the scenes—that’s hard to get into.

CLOVER: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
Louise: I shred and recycle all the printed manuscript pages of my many drafts. I take my time, often reading snatches of the completed book here and there. It’s a way of saying good-bye so I can go forward.

CLOVER:  That's really interesting. I seem to save all my copies for years. Maybe I'll try the shredder. If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
Louise: Ancient Rome—if I could speak and understand Latin. Unfortunately I don’t, so until a universal translator is invented, I guess I’m stuck in the 21st century. Why would I want to visit the Roman empire? Our culture is built on what Renaissance and post Renaissance people believed Rome was all about. I’d like to know if they were right.

CLOVER: I'd like to know that too. From the comfort of my easy chair. Ha! I love that we are in a boxed set together with books focusing on time travel. Tell us a little about the book you have in this set.
Louise: University student Jaclyn Sinclair has a summer job researching the Fenian Invasion of 1866, a little known event in Canadian history. As she digs through the newspapers and personal papers from the time strange things start to happen. She hears the voice of a distant ancestor, feels the emotions of a stranger, imagines how it would feel to be on a battlefield fighting an invading force. Worried that she is losing it, she decides to visit the place where the invasion occurred.

On the morning of June 1, 1866, a thousand or more ex-pat Irishmen who call themselves the Fenian Brotherhood land on the Canadian shore of the Niagara River. Their goal is to free Ireland from British rule by forcing the citizens of the Britain’s Canadian colony to rise in rebellion. Sean O’Dell is one of them. A former Union cavalry officer, now demobilized, he can’t find a job and his life is a shambles. The Brotherhood has promised free land and a future for all once the invasion is complete.

Sean believes them, until he meets the strange Canadian boy who calls himself Jack. Jack knows everyone in the area and what they think, which makes him useful. But Jack also knows an awful lot about what is going to happen.

Then Jack becomes Jaclyn and everything changes …

Ridgeway is a sweet romance that leaves the door open for further stories from Canada’s past. 

Swept Through Time

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set 
7 books by Bestselling Authors Tamara Gill, C.A. Szarek, Brenda Hiatt, Callie Hutton, Clover Autrey, Laura Marie Altom, Louise Clark

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