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Lauren Canan--Debut Author

I'm so excited to introduce my friend, Lauren Canan!  Lauren and I have been writing buddies for several years and last year she SOLD her first book to Harlequin Desire. She also won the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Contest for Short Contemporary romance. And if that's not enough, Romantic Times Magazine gave 4 Stars to Lauren's February debut, Terms of a Texas Marriage.

Read an excerpt and buy the book.

 “What's the matter?” Alec asked, tilting his head in mock innocence.  “Wedding night jitters?”
            “No.”  Shea shook her head.  “No.  It's just that...well, we ah...we don't know each other.  I mean—” She took a step back from him, placing her just inside the bedroom.  
            “I think I know a way we can remedy that problem.”  He began to unbutton his shirt.  With his other hand, he reached out and flipped off the bedroom light leaving only the soft beams of moonlight streaming through the window to challenge the darkness that now surrounded them.  Through the dim glow, he watched her, his eyes focused on her lips.
            Shea slowly backed away but Alec advanced toward her, matching step for step.  With the last button released, his shirt fell open to reveal the muscular wall of his chest.  She hadn't realized he was so powerfully built; so solid.  Definitely not the body of a man who sat behind a desk every day.    
            “You surprise me, Mrs. Morreston.  I had expected you to come down the stairs wearing boots and jeans.  Instead, you walked into the room in that gown.”  The deep, velvety texture of his voice reached her through the dim radiance in the room.  “If that was for my benefit, to ensure I knew what a beautiful and desirable woman I was about to marry, you can rest assured, it worked.”  
            “No.  I was my mother's.”  
            “It's very nice.  Very elegant.”  He continued to advance toward her.  “But now it's time to take it off.”
            “No?” he mocked her.  “Why Mrs. Morreston, are you saying you intend to deny your husband on your wedding night?”
            “I...I just think we need time to—”
            “Don't worry, sweetheart,” he cut in. “We have all night, and I certainly intend to take my time.”
            “No?  Might I remind you, Mrs. Morreston, I paid a very high price for the...pleasure...of your company.  You’re now a very wealthy woman.  Why don’t you show me if this entire fiasco was worth it.”
            “Ah...there's that word again.”  Alec didn't even bother concealing his devious smile.  “Are you saying you want to have our marriage annulled and give up so soon?  I honestly believed your resolve to keep this place, no matter what, would last longer than the wedding night.”
            “And I hoped, as a gentleman, you would afford me an opportunity to get to know you before...before...”
            “Who said I was a gentleman?”
Biography:  Lauren Canan was born and raised in Texas, where her love of horses and propensity for telling stories came at an early age.  She credits her dad who regaled her mind with tales of the old west and Brothers Grim and encouraged her to let her imagination soar.  When she isn't writing sexy, modern day romantic stories for Harlequin Desire, Lauren enjoys jamming on the guitar, piano or dulcimer and grooming/showing her Wire Fox Terriers.  

Jan Schliesman: How often do you Get Lost In A Story?
Lauren Canan: Every chance I get.  I’m an avid reader and end most every day propped up in bed reading a good book.  I read when I travel, when I stop to eat… I can think of very few things I enjoy more than getting lost in a great book.

Jan: Terms of a Texas Marriage has an interesting premise: The heroine can’t be single or the land rights revert to the hero. How did you go about researching this?
Lauren: I love history and this area is rich with it.  They are still finding arrowheads and pottery from Native American villages; relics from Civil War encampments.  A tiny community named Tulip was the one of the first trading posts on the Red River.  Land was claimed and had to be protected.  It was life 200 years ago. The outlaw John Wesley Hardin was born and raised here.  So…it all just kinda came together.

Jan: Do you remember the first romance novel you ever read?

Lauren: Yes!  I 'discovered’ Linda Howard.  By the time I’d read four of her books, my dream was formed.  I knew what I ultimately wanted to do in this life.

Jan: As a new Harlequin author, can you share a word or two of advice about what finally helped you make that first sale?

Lauren: Don’t give up.  No matter how long you've been writing, no matter how frustrated you might feel at times- do not stop.  A wise person once told me- the only writers who don’t get published are those who give up.  Believe in yourself and your abilities.  Know you can do it.  Focus on your goal and keep writing.

Jan: I know you love your dogs and used to show Fox Terriers. Any chance that future books might include more furry friends?
Lauren: What a great idea!  Wish I’d thought of it!  Definitely a future consideration!

Jan: What other careers have you had?  Did any of them steer you toward writing?  Anything you would have done differently?
Lauren: I worked in the medical field, reading when I got a break and desperately wishing I could stay home and write!  With 2 kids, a barn full of horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a parrot named Casey- it just wasn’t gonna happen.  All I could do is get here as fast as I could!  But honestly, I don’t think I would have changed a thing.

Jan: Are you a neat freak or does your office look like a tornado went through? (Not that I have any clue what that would look likeJ)
Lauren: Two tornadoes and a hurricane would more adequately describe the appearance of my office.  What’s funny is all the mess has formed this weird kind of clutter system.  Usually I can go straight to any document I need.  Bizarre but true.

Jan: What has surprised you the most about being published?
Lauren: Everything.  Seriously.  I never realized how much my life would change and in so many different directions.  For me, it’s absolutely the best thrill ride one could ever hope for and one I hope never ends.

Jan’s GOTTA ASK:  
Lauren’s GOTTA ANSWER:  I love ice cream.  Any flavor that’s sugar free.

Lauren's next book, Lone Star Baby Bombshell, is a July 2015 release for Harlequin Desire.

Huge thanks to Lauren for sharing a bit of her world with us! Lauren is giving away a copy of TERMS OF A TEXAS MARRIAGE so be sure to scroll down and leave an answer in the comments section, along with your email:

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loved the excerpt thank you.

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Congrats on your book!

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CONGRATS, Lauren. I'm so glad I got to see you win that Golden Heart.

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Hi, Lauren, and welcome to GLIAS! So nice to have a good friend visit with us. Congratulations on your H Desire book and may you have many good things happen.

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Wow, a nice, sunny, warm day here in North Texas (In January!) Congratulations on the book and the award. I knew you could do it! I admire your spirit in putting that "little piece" of yourself out there to share with the world!
May all of your books (as I know there will be more!) win awards!

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Yay on the release! I'm also glad my office isn't the only one that looks like a tornado has been through!

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Thank you! I've always wanted to live in Canada- Got to go there once and it is beautiful beyond belief! Thank you for your answer! Have a terrific day!

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Lauren said...

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Lauren Canan said...

I would like to thank author, Jan Schliesman, for her kindness in hosting my first publishing party!! It was amazing!! And thanks to all who stopped by. We will be in touch with the winner as soon as possible to obtain your mailing address. I hope you will like Terms Of A Texas Marriage! Thanks again!!!

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Congrats Lauren! Good to have you on the blog today! :)

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