Friday, April 3, 2015



Instead of buying an egg dying kit for Easter eggs, go to the wedding decorating aisle. Grab some concentrated food coloring (like for cake decorating). Just a little dab in a plastic cup (that you can throw away) will dye eggs beautifully bright. THEN you'll have food coloring all year long (or longer). You can also get many more colors.

  • Buy eggs in a cardboard container
  • Use a knife to add a dab (color is concentrated) to a half-full plastic cup of water
  • Stir
  • Drop in egg
  • Walk away for a couple of hours or until you have the color you want
  • Use the cardboard egg crate to dry eggs
  • take pictures and send to Angi   :-)

Interested in an on-line egg hunt?  The Harlequin Reader's Service is featuring 24 authors who have hidden eggs on their sites. Find the eggs and sites here and follow #HQeggHunt on Twitter & Facebook.

Janie Crouch wants to know which of the egg designs you like best. Enter her rafflecopter giveaway for your choice of one of her Omega Sector books.  #FavoriteEgg

YIKES...there's a missing egg. One of the 24 eggs got left out.  Enter Angi's rafflecopter drawing for an autographed copy of THE RANGER (or something from her TBR pile). #TheMissingEgg

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Colleen C. said...

Oooh no smelly vinegar! I like this idea! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter! :)

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Happy Easter Angi - Great tips.

Angi Morgan said...

Happy Easter, Colleen.
You can use vinager...but it really isn't necessary. :-)

Angi Morgan said...

Hasppy Easter to you, Tammy !

Angi Morgan said...

This contest is open through Friday APril 10th